May 1 Negative productivity and learning from oopses geek, productivity, tips, work
May 2 Thoughts from marriage: Learning together learning, life
May 3 Cucumber, Capybara, and the joys of integration testing in Rails geek, rails
May 4 On people changing companies career, work
May 5 Tweaking married life for everyday happiness life
May 7 Rails: Exporting data from specific tables into fixtures geek, rails
May 8 Condensing requirements into use cases ibm, learning, work
May 9 On kids and the learning of tangible things life
May 10 Rails: Paperclip needs attributes defined by attr_accessible, not just attr_accessor development, geek, rails
May 11 Back from the Netherlands family, life
May 12 Weekly review: Week ending May 6, 2011 weekly
May 13 First foray into community-supported agriculture cooking, kaizen, life
May 14 Cattus Petasatus learning
May 15 Weekly review: Week ending May 13, 2011 weekly
May 16 Rails: Preserving test data development, geek, rails
May 17 Finding the bright side of business travel travel, work
May 17 Walking outside my comfort zone – bike? push/kick scooter? analysis, decision, kaizen, travel
May 18 Ordered a Kindle with free 3G geek, kaizen, travel
May 20 Travel updates: GPS, Pearl Street, Vibram toe shoes geek, kaizen, travel
May 20 Waiting for my Kindle geek
May 21 Presentation draft: Mentoring on the Network mentoring, presentation, speaking
May 21 Notes from the airport: Missed my flight; not the end of the world after all travel
May 22 Victoria Day weekend: back to the garden gardening
May 23 Gardening: Horticultural investments, social dividends connecting, gardening
May 25 Experimenting with standing desks geek, kaizen, life
May 25 The flow of opportunities in a large company ibm, work
May 26 Taking a break while working on presentations speaking
May 27 Developing a workflow with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro drawing, sketches, speaking
May 29 Weekly review: Weeks ending May 20, 2011 and May 27, 2011 weekly
May 30 May 29, 2011: bagels, banana bread, bok choi, bath stuff, and books life, sketches
May 30 Dealing with a bad calendar week geek, kaizen, life
May 30 Made a kitty soap holder sewing
May 30 Seasons and salad days cooking
May 31 Learning from Mr. Collins: Practice, conversation, and what to do when someone says something mean communication, life