June 2011

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Jun 30Context-switching and a four-project day 2 drupal, geek, rails, work
Jun 29Meaning and acknowledgement 1 book, education, learning, teaching
Jun 28Drupal notes from helping a client improve her development environment 6 drupal, geek
Jun 27Learning from the speeches of grade seven students learning, speaking
Jun 26Writing your way past “What have I been doing with my life?” blogging, kaizen, life, reflection, writing
Jun 25Strawberry rhubarb baking 1 cooking
Jun 25Weekly review: Week ending June 25, 2011 2 review, weekly
Jun 24Mindful spending, experiments, and living in line with your values 2 analysis, decision, kaizen
Jun 23Portal 2 geek
Jun 22Portal 2 and teachable moments in argument 1 communication, life, teaching
Jun 21(500) days of salad cooking
Jun 20Switching back to Linux as my development host 2 development, geek, work
Jun 19Thinking about speaking topics 1 braindump
Jun 18Weekly review: Week ending June 18, 2011 review, weekly
Jun 18An abundance of cilantro, now freezing in cubes; strawberries and peas cooking, gardening
Jun 17Gardening notes: Cut-and-come-again lettuce gardening
Jun 16Getting the hang of community-supported agriculture 1 cooking, cookordie
Jun 16Personal projects 6 decision, kaizen, life, productivity
Jun 15Make-ahead meals 1 cooking
Jun 14Kaizen in the little things: The way the door opens 4 kaizen, sketches
Jun 14Cook Or Die Season II: Community-Supported Agriculture 1 cooking, cookordie
Jun 13Decision review: Kitchen counter computing (ad hoc standing desk) decision, geek, kaizen, review
Jun 13This is what my blog looks like on paper 7 blogging, life, reflection, writing
Jun 12Getting things ready for the next week: cooking and gardening 1 gardening, kaizen
Jun 11Weekly review: Week ending June 11, 2011 review, weekly
Jun 10Managing configuration changes in Drupal 3 development, drupal, geek, work
Jun 9Sketchnotes from Democamp Toronto 29, June 2011 6 democamp, geek, sketches, sketchnotes
Jun 9Drush, Simpletest, and continuous integration for Drupal using Jenkins (previously Hudson) 8 drupal, geek
Jun 8Thinking about our development practices development, geek, kaizen
Jun 7Negative optimization geek, rails
Jun 6Made a stuff sack for J- life, sewing
Jun 6Plans for summer: Relationships, work, gardening, biking, drawing and photography, making, and finances 2 planning
Jun 5Weekly review: Week ending June 3, 2011 review, weekly
Jun 4Bike ride in the rain 1 Uncategorized
Jun 4Decision review: calendars, development, standing desks, toe shoes, Kindle, bike, CSA, Autodesk Sketchbook, blogging 1 decision, kaizen, review
Jun 3Monthly reviews: April and May 2011 monthly
Jun 2It’s Bike Month in Toronto! 1 Uncategorized
Jun 1Hungry hungry compost and other garden updates gardening
Jun 1VMWare, Samba, Eclipse, and XDebug: Mixing a virtual Linux environment with a Microsoft Windows development environment 14 development, drupal, geek