Jul. 1 Four-day weekend ahead planning
Jul. 1 How I organize my personal finances finance
Jul. 2 Getting a grip on a large database migration drupal, geek
Jul. 4 Fifty kilometers on my bicycle
Jul. 4 Embracing Pollyanna happy
Jul. 5 Organizing my digital life geek
Jul. 6 Hacking Drupal views and taxonomy: looking for 100% matching of terms drupal, geek
Jul. 7 Planning for summer education, life, planning
Jul. 8 In an imperfect world life, reflection
Jul. 9 Thinking about activities to share with others analysis, kaizen, life, reflection
Jul. 10 Weekly review: Two weeks ending July 9, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 11 Monthly review: June 2011 review
Jul. 12 On cherry tomatoes, frugality, and wanting life
Jul. 14 Love, web development, and imaginary friends geek
Jul. 14 The first blueberries from our garden gardening
Jul. 16 A zucchini a day keeps the vegetable drawer okay cooking
Jul. 17 Cake was not a lie cooking
Jul. 17 An elephant love story: Real stories of Manila Zoo life
Jul. 19 Piano lessons life
Jul. 20 Dealing with web development and stress work
Jul. 20 Weekly review: Week ending July 16, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 21 Dealing with a heat wave in Toronto life
Jul. 22 Starting piano again learning
Jul. 23 Rhetoric and the Manila Zoo; reflections on conversations and a request for insight
Jul. 25 Public transit day life
Jul. 26 Weekly review: Week ending July 24, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 27 Cats in high places cat
Jul. 28 Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto meetup: Conferences, pollution sensing, and growing old at home quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Jul. 29 Piano lesson week 2 learning
Jul. 30 Long weekend ahead sketches, work
Jul. 30 Mornings at our house cat, sketches
Jul. 31 Software and making pots geek, sketches, work