August 2011

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Aug 31Getting rid of the “I can’t draw”s 9 drawing, sketches
Aug 30Batch cooking 3 cooking, kaizen
Aug 29Drupal debugging story: Rules defined in multiple Features drupal, geek, story
Aug 28Weekly review: Week ending August 27, 2011 review, weekly
Aug 27Code and circuit for a six-function Arduino-based USB footswitch 5 geek, sketches
Aug 26Practising drawing 1 sketches
Aug 26Mailing non-Emacs users your Org notes 8 emacs, org, tips
Aug 25Re-setting up my computer 3 geek
Aug 24How to set up more frequent merge replications in SQL Server 2000 geek, work
Aug 23Built a USB foot pedal using the Arduino Uno 9 geek
Aug 22“Hello, Monday!” comic series launched on IBM intranet home page; now I’m a comic artist! 5 ibm, sketches
Aug 22Thinking about outsourcing transcription or doing it myself 9 analysis, decision, kaizen, speaking
Aug 21Weekly review: Week ending August 19, 2011 review, weekly
Aug 20Kids’ cartoons and learning piano learning, life
Aug 19Git bisect and reversing a mistaken patch 6 development, geek
Aug 18Thinking my way through a tough MS SQL Server 2000 replication problem 1 geek, ibm, work
Aug 17Session follow-up #1: Discovering Yourself through Blogging 2 blogging, presentation, speaking
Aug 16Discovering Yourself through Blogging (free teleconference Aug 16, 6 PM PDT, 9 PM EDT, 9 AM Philippine time) 4 blogging, life, sketches, writing
Aug 15Volunteer notes: Free Geek Toronto 3 geek
Aug 14Reflections on creativity 3 life
Aug 13Weekly review: Week ending August 12, 2011 review, weekly
Aug 12Living an awesome life as a 27-year-old: a year in blog posts 16 blogging, review, yearly
Aug 11Thinking about blogging and planning ahead blogging, planning, writing
Aug 10Lessons learned from project M 1 drupal, ibm, kaizen, review, work
Aug 9Decision: Piano lessons? 3 analysis, decision
Aug 8Drupal: Overriding Drupal autocompletion to pass more parameters 26 drupal, geek
Aug 7Jalapeño jelly cooking, life
Aug 6Weekly review: Week ending August 5, 2011; thoughts on discretionary time 1 review, weekly
Aug 5Drupal, HTML Purifier, and embedding IFRAMES from YouTube 18 drupal, geek, work
Aug 4Drupal and JQuery 1.5: Fixing the JSON encoding of ampersands 4 drupal, geek, work
Aug 3Learning by imitation: getting inspired by Exploding Dog sketches
Aug 2Rhetoric and advocacy: the value of a different approach 12 Uncategorized
Aug 1Looking back at life as a 27-year-old 6 review, yearly