September 2011

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Sep 30Converted my Arduino foot pedal into a Teensy foot pedal! geek
Sep 29Transcript: Blogging (Part 5): Getting started blogging, tips, writing
Sep 28Getting better at working at the office 4 kaizen, work
Sep 27From the feeds: entrepreneurship, teaching, biking, riding 1 Uncategorized
Sep 26Quantified: How I spent seven weeks 8 analysis, geek, quantified
Sep 25Weekly review: Week ending September 23, 2011 review, weekly
Sep 24Batch cooking, community-supported agriculture, and gardening cooking, gardening
Sep 23Working with the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress; on scheduling posts 2 blogging, geek, tips, wordpress
Sep 22Transcript: Blogging (Part 4): Parenting blogging, tips, writing
Sep 21Planning for currency conversion 5 decision, travel
Sep 20Update on typing: Added AutoCorrect hotkey script, now clocking in at 118wpm kaizen
Sep 19IBM Comic: Watson on helpdesk duty; variants 7 ibm, sketches, work
Sep 18Weekly review: Week ending September 16, 2011 review, weekly
Sep 17Monthly review: June, July, and August 2011 monthly, review
Sep 17Back to school, back to study groups life, teaching
Sep 16Learning new tricks about learning: maps and history 2 learning, life, sketches, teaching
Sep 15Transcript: Blogging (Part 3): Blogging and other social tools blogging, tips, writing
Sep 14Free Geek Toronto: Notes from the build session geek
Sep 13Deliberate practice, typing faster, and Emacs 8 emacs, geek
Sep 12Thinking about getting better at decisions analysis, decision
Sep 11Weekly review: Week ending September 9, 2011 review, weekly
Sep 10Tweaking the fingerprint settings on my Lenovo X220T 4 geek, laptop
Sep 9Dusting off my Sony Vaio U1 1 geek
Sep 8Transcript: Blogging (Part 2): Growing into blogging 1 blogging, tips, writing
Sep 7Decision: Not getting an Ontario Science Centre family membership 6 analysis, decision, life
Sep 6Drupal: Finding nodes through autocomplete drupal
Sep 5Thinking about improving our freezer use 5 cooking, kaizen
Sep 4Weekly review: Week ending September 2, 2011 review, weekly
Sep 3Starting up my experiments in delegation again; the difference between what I want to do and what I want to see 1 delegation
Sep 2Notes on transcription with and without a foot pedal 3 analysis, decision, kaizen, review
Sep 1Transcript: Blogging (Part 1): Blogging and introverts 1 blogging, tips, writing