January 2012

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Jan 31Mapping out what I’ve learned at IBM work
Jan 30My CSS theming setup 2 development, drupal, geek, tips, work
Jan 29Weekly review: Week ending January 27, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 28High school application season life
Jan 26Fourteen kids and an impromptu pie party 1 life
Jan 25Setting things in motion 12 career, work
Jan 24Getting ready for my next experiment! 12 career, experiment, ibm, sketches
Jan 23Thinking about Quantified Awesome, meetups, and DemoCamp planning, quantified
Jan 22January 22, 2012 life, sketches
Jan 21Weekly review: Week ending January 20, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 19Quantified Self Toronto #9 quantified, sketchnotes
Jan 18Emacs: Telling external processes about terminal capabilities, and watching over other people’s shoulders emacs
Jan 17Brainstorming breakdowns, assumptions, and possibilities Uncategorized
Jan 15January 15, 2012 2 life
Jan 14Weekly review: Week ending January 13, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 13January 13, 2012 life
Jan 12Work, extracurriculars, and measuring time: an epiphany 1 decision, quantified, reflection, time, work
Jan 11Tip: Use visibility to motivate new habits 1 kaizen, life, tips
Jan 10Things I want to learn more about through work planning, work
Jan 9Making good progress on theming the site work
Jan 8Moving time around reflection
Jan 7Weekly review: Week ending January 6, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 6LEGO and Indiana Jones: nuking the fridge got a lot more fun geek
Jan 5Thinking about reviewing archives geek, kaizen
Jan 4Quantified Awesome: Squishing my excuses 2 analysis, decision, development, planning, quantified
Jan 3CSS theming, magnification, and foot pedals development, geek, kaizen
Jan 2Quantified Awesome: Community-supported agriculture with Plan B Organic Farms, fall 2011 8 analysis, cooking, quantified
Jan 1Weekly review: Week ending December 30, 2011 review, weekly