December 2011

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Dec 31Figuring out my CSS workflow development, geek, kaizen, work
Dec 30Learning from CSS tweaking development, kaizen
Dec 29Yay more food containers! cooking, organization
Dec 28Reducing clutter in the kitchen 1 kaizen, life, organization
Dec 27How I used the 5-day holiday quantified, review
Dec 26Quantified Awesome: Building my own time tracker 4 quantified
Dec 25Weekly review: Week ending December 23, 2011 review, weekly
Dec 24Getting through the beige days 1 life
Dec 23Investing in awesomeness 3 life, reflection
Dec 22Comparing Plan B Organic Farms with Cooper’s Farm CSA 2 cooking, decision, review
Dec 21Getting ready for the next project work
Dec 20Rails experiences: Things I learned from project O development, geek, kaizen, rails, work
Dec 19Decision review: Decision review decision, review
Dec 18Monthly review: November 2011 2 monthly
Dec 17Weekly review: Week ending December 16, 2011 review, weekly
Dec 16Emacs, artbollocks-mode.el, and writing more clearly 13 blogging, emacs, writing
Dec 15Learning plans and time budgets: packing things into 2012 analysis, learning, planning, quantified, time
Dec 14Growing as a developer: Automated tests 5 development, kaizen, work
Dec 13Reviewing my archives blogging
Dec 12Quantified Awesome: Thinking about what I want to build next 6 development, geek, quantified
Dec 112011 in review 2 review, sketches, yearly
Dec 10Weekly review: Week ending December 9, 2011 review, weekly
Dec 9Blog analysis for 2011: 173,363 words so far; also, using the Rails console to work with WordPress 1 analysis, blogging, geek, review
Dec 8Transcript: Blogging (Part 15): Tools to help you get started 1 blogging, tips, writing
Dec 7Geek tidbits: Postfix configuration for development and testing 2 development, geek, ibm, rails, work
Dec 6Busy, busy, busy week 2 work
Dec 5Quantified Awesome: How I’m starting to use Tap Log for Android 2 android, geek, quantified
Dec 4Clearing out the basement life
Dec 3Weekly review: Week ending December 2, 2011 4 review, weekly
Dec 2Upcoming decision: Considering different cellphone plans for J- 1 decision
Dec 1Transcript: Blogging (Part 14): Writing for yourself and writing for others blogging, tips, writing