April 2013

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Apr 30How I got started in investing 1 finance
Apr 29Quantified Self: a year of grocery data 3 quantified
Apr 28Sunday 1 gardening, life
Apr 27Weekly review: Week ending April 26, 2013 weekly
Apr 26Why and how I’m (re)learning Japanese 9 japanese, learning
Apr 25How I use Evernote to support my sketchnoting practice 5 process
Apr 24Things I learned from sketchnoting the FITC design conference business, drawing, kaizen
Apr 23Emacs chat intro 6 emacs
Apr 22Squishing my excuses: idea edition 1 planning
Apr 21Crossing worlds 1 life
Apr 20Weekly review: Week ending April 19, 2013 7 weekly
Apr 19Impatient for spring 1 gardening
Apr 18Practice Perfect: Calling your shots 2 kaizen, learning, tips
Apr 17Towards wonderful new normals 1 life
Apr 16Building bridges to geekiness 4 geek
Apr 15How to present using Org-mode in Emacs 19 emacs, org
Apr 14Time enough for friends 2 connecting, life
Apr 13Weekly review: Week ending April 12, 2013 5 weekly
Apr 12Things I’m learning about sharing other people’s knowledge, or why you should show me what you’ve been meaning to teach others 1 kaizen, learning
Apr 11Emacs Conference 2013 videos 1 emacs
Apr 10How I read books and do visual book reviews 3 reading
Apr 9Visual book review: The Culture Blueprint (Robert Richman) 3 business, visual-book-notes
Apr 8Emacs Conference 2013 Sketchnotes (also, PDF!) 11 emacs, sketchnotes
Apr 7Weekend cooking life
Apr 6Weekly review: Week ending April 5, 2013 1 weekly
Apr 5Monthly review: March 2013 monthly, review
Apr 4Understanding my procrastination 3 kaizen, reflection
Apr 3Analyzing my London trip decisions: What worked well? What can I improve? 3 kaizen, travel
Apr 2Brainstorming ways to help build the Emacs community 19 emacs
Apr 1Weekly review: Week ending March 29, 2013 1 weekly