May 1 Learning how to deal with mild panic kaizen, reflection
May 1 Sketchnote: Solving Wicked Problems with Dialogue Mapping (Chris Chapman, Toronto Agile Support Group) sketchnotes
May 2 Keeping in touch
May 3 Visual book review: Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation (Debra Kaye with Karen Kelly) visual-book-notes
May 4 Weekly review: Week ending May 3, 2013 weekly
May 5 Thinking about movies decision, finance
May 6 Sketchnoting: Finding a balance of details and diagrams, and calibrating your writing to time drawing
May 7 Hacking my motivation for workouts life
May 8 Quantifying my habit of writing, and things I’ve learned along the way blogging, quantified, writing
May 9 Use the weekly review to give yourself permission to do things you want to do planning, writing
May 10 Monthly review: April 2013 monthly, review
May 11 Weekly review: Week ending May 10, 2013 weekly
May 12 Cherry blossoms in High Park, and playing with digital watercolour in Artrage 4
May 13 Stepping sideways into Alternate Universe Sacha family, kaizen, life, sketches
May 14 Learning update May 2013 learning
May 15 From cats to keystrokes geek, life
May 16 Poll: How often would you like to receive e-mail updates? Also, quantifying my blog posting history blogging, quantified, wordpress, writing
May 17 Thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go with this blog blogging, sketches, writing
May 17 How to Learn Emacs: A Hand-drawn One-pager for Beginners / A visual tutorial emacs, sketches
May 18 Emacs, drawing, and blogging: Week ending May 17, 2013 weekly
May 19 Slice of life: Home improvements family, life
May 20 Emacs Chat: Bastien Guerry emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 21 How I use Feedburner to give people the option of different blog update frequencies blogging, wordpress
May 22 First impressions of Artrage 4 drawing, review
May 23 Visual book review: The Visual Marketing Revolution (Stephanie Diamond) marketing, visual, visual-book-notes
May 24 How to make a hand-drawn highlighted web page header drawing, sketches, wordpress
May 25 Home improvements, drawing, blogging; Weekly review: Week ending May 24, 2013 weekly
May 26 Things I’m learning about semi-retirement experiment, life
May 27 How I set up Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for sketchnoting drawing, process
May 28 Thinking about a pro-bono policy; being deliberate about what I do for free, discount, or barter business, life
May 29 How I draw presentations drawing
May 30 Sketchnote: Visual Thinking (Patricia Kambitsch) drawing, sketchnotes
May 31 On blogging and platforms, and experimenting with Google Hangout blogging, writing