April 2014

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Apr 30Thinking about my TODO keywords 2 emacs, org, productivity
Apr 29Quantified Self: Analyzing 32 months of clothing data quantified
Apr 28Reflecting on 10 episodes of Emacs Chats 7 emacs
Apr 26Weekly review: Week ending April 25, 2014 2 weekly
Apr 25How Org Mode helps me deal with an ever-growing backlog 5 emacs, org, productivity
Apr 24Planning ahead for the stories experiment
Apr 23Reinvesting time and money into Emacs 25 emacs, experiment
Apr 22How I use Google Chrome custom search engines for quick access 3 geek, productivity, tips
Apr 21Emacs Chat: Jānis Mancēvičs emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr 21Emacs ABCs: A is for Apropos 3 emacs
Apr 20Weekly review: Week ending April 18, 2014 weekly
Apr 18Started gardening – April 2014 gardening
Apr 17Rethinking my time categories: the blurring of business and discretionary activities business, experiment, quantified, time
Apr 16Reflecting on goal factoring and akrasia productivity, reflection
Apr 15Lion cut 2 cat
Apr 14Emacs beginner resources 4 -Uncategorized, emacs
Apr 13Weekly review: Week ending April 11, 2014 2 weekly
Apr 12Monthly review: March 2014 1 monthly, review
Apr 11Working fast and slow experiment
Apr 10Emacs Chat: Tom Marble 1 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr 10Digging into my limiting factors when it comes to interviewing people for podcasts 1 kaizen, podcasting
Apr 9Raspberry Pi LitterBox Cam and quantified cats 14 cat, geek, quantified
Apr 8Notes from Visual Thinkers Toronto: Sketchnoting with others drawing, meetup, sketchnotes
Apr 7Emacs Chat: Iannis Zannos – Emacs and SuperCollider 3 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Apr 7Emacs Basics: Customizing Emacs 2 emacs, emacs-basics, podcast
Apr 6Weekly review: Week ending April 4, 2014 weekly
Apr 4Experiment update: Mid-term pre-mortem check experiment
Apr 3More Emacs drawings: Dired, moving around 1 emacs
Apr 2Figuring out a fair price for outsourcing work delegation
Apr 1Frugal Fire 003: Dealing with Pushback Frugal FIRE, podcast