June 2006

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Jun 29Dan Zen, Mad Inventor Uncategorized
Jun 29Kensington poi video health
Jun 28Hey! Toastmasters! =D toastmasters
Jun 28What’s your story? story
Jun 28Tiny laptop = conversation starter geek
Jun 26Gingerly -Uncategorized
Jun 26Gingerly -Uncategorized
Jun 26Nomad reflection
Jun 26Testing signature -Uncategorized
Jun 25What I want to do with my life: tell stories life, purpose, reflection
Jun 25Ego surfing -Uncategorized
Jun 25Listening life, reflection
Jun 25Congrats to Hrbs and Krisette! friends
Jun 25What’s the value proposition of a student? connecting, life, reflection
Jun 25A taste of politics Uncategorized
Jun 25Blog visualizations blogging
Jun 25Epiphanies life, reflection
Jun 24More decisions life
Jun 24Catching up with my del.icio.us inbox -Uncategorized
Jun 23A little too optimistic -Uncategorized
Jun 23First taste of the Canadian medical system friends
Jun 21ARGH -Uncategorized
Jun 20Thoughts from the Social Tech Brewing org meeting women
Jun 19Niagara -Uncategorized
Jun 17Women in technology: things to think about women
Jun 17Sampaloc -Uncategorized
Jun 17Business blogging blogging, business
Jun 17Notetaking -Uncategorized
Jun 17Writer’s block? Read! writing
Jun 16Rube Goldberg -Uncategorized
Jun 16Wireless presentation remote -Uncategorized
Jun 16Welcome to the world, Daniel Karl Johnston! emacs
Jun 16Summit was absolutely fantastic! conference
Jun 14Sugar high -Uncategorized
Jun 14Treo on Linux geek
Jun 14Alienware -Uncategorized
Jun 14Looking for GNOME geekettes! geek
Jun 14Awesome! -Uncategorized
Jun 14Next slide, please speaking
Jun 13Linen spray -Uncategorized
Jun 13Not a stranger -Uncategorized
Jun 13Yay, back online -Uncategorized
Jun 13ARGH -Uncategorized
Jun 11Questions for informational interviewing -Uncategorized
Jun 11Stains clothing
Jun 11Home family
Jun 11Hurrah for cat power! cat
Jun 10The Alchemist love
Jun 10One-thought life
Jun 10More conversations friends
Jun 10Centre Island friends
Jun 9Wisdom teeth life
Jun 8Camels -Uncategorized
Jun 8My family’s moving Uncategorized
Jun 8Carnivore Night XXXVII: Magdalo at Magdiwang party
Jun 8Ruby ruby
Jun 6Quote for the day -Uncategorized
Jun 6Toastmasters: Persuasion project 1 toastmasters
Jun 6Quote of the day -Uncategorized
Jun 6Just realized something really cool! happy
Jun 6And lest you all think everything’s going pfft… life
Jun 6ACK! David Crow, heart attack! friends
Jun 5Antidote -Uncategorized
Jun 5Blah ibm, research, writing
Jun 4Typing when I’m asleep life
Jun 4Happy birthday, JM! friends
Jun 4Fond memories of fondue friends
Jun 3BBDB pinging code bbdb, connecting, emacs
Jun 3Anxiety blogging, purpose
Jun 3Blackberries and such emacs
Jun 3David Crow 2.0 Uncategorized
Jun 3Reading list reading
Jun 2Life on the A-list blogging
Jun 2On the way home after a late night ibm, research
Jun 2RIP, PDA Uncategorized
Jun 2Social Tech Brewing Uncategorized
Jun 2It’s alive! Reviving my iPaq Uncategorized
Jun 2Tagging blog posts blogging
Jun 2Blackberry goodness connecting
Jun 1Wow, what a blogger! blogging
Jun 1Impromptu barbecue cooking, friends
Jun 1Interesting people, interesting conversations connecting, ibm
Jun 1Blog hiccup blogging