January 2008

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Jan 31When it rains, it pours: query letter on personal finance accepted by Linux Journal 3 writing
Jan 31Microsoft Excel – Alt-Enter 1 geek
Jan 3110 tips for new bloggers 6 blogging, tips
Jan 30Sketch: Editing sketches
Jan 30You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 30Passed it on! blogging, connecting, social, story
Jan 30Blogging works in mysterious ways blogging, connecting, story
Jan 30From Lifehack: How to Make Yourself INSANELY Useful tips
Jan 29I love open source Uncategorized
Jan 29Changed to excerpts on the main page – What do you think? 7 blogging, wordpress
Jan 28Windows Live Writer and blogging 3 blogging
Jan 27Time management and work boundaries 2 book, career, time
Jan 27Speech recognition – a month of fun Uncategorized
Jan 27Taking it Offline 1 weekly
Jan 27Library book reminder script – Perl geeking required 5 geek, library
Jan 27Yak shaving with OpenOffice.org 4 Uncategorized
Jan 26You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 26You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 24Today 2 work
Jan 23Sand and snow sketches
Jan 23You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 22You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 22More books 3 reading
Jan 21Editing writing
Jan 21You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 21You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 21On second thought… writing
Jan 20Weekly review 2 weekly
Jan 1910 Terrific WordPress Plugins 1 blogging, wordpress
Jan 19What gets measured gets managed writing
Jan 19Book notes reading
Jan 19Reading Isn’t Dead Yet! 2 reading
Jan 19Donated $110 through Kiva, a microcredit site 2 Uncategorized
Jan 18Outlining Your Notes with Org 31 emacs, notetaking, org, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 18Fast-forwarding through small talk 2 sketches
Jan 18Glasses, glasses 4 decision
Jan 17social networking 8 connecting, social
Jan 17Emacs: Searching your notes 4 emacs
Jan 16Inching away, 1000 words at a time 4 writing
Jan 16Mike Moran: Writer, Search Marketing Expert, Distinguished Engineer! 1 work
Jan 15Planning a talk! =) “”Networking 2.0: Blogging Your Way Out of a Job… and into a Career” connecting
Jan 15 geek
Jan 15Not much writing today… writing
Jan 15My head is buzzing 3 life
Jan 14(In the presence of) Mentors 1 mentoring
Jan 13Weekly review: Week ending January 13, 2008 weekly
Jan 13Capturing Notes with Remember 8 emacs, org, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 13Lego Star Wars 4 geek
Jan 12How I got hooked 8 emacs, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 12Someday like seas sketches
Jan 9Yes, I write too much writing
Jan 9The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence 5 Uncategorized
Jan 9Note-taking: Random notes, journal entries, outlines, and hyperlinks 10 emacs, notetaking, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 9Writing plans for the chapter on managing notes emacs, org, planner, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Jan 8Quick book notes 1 book, entrepreneurship, writing
Jan 8Caag yaaa daawaamee life
Jan 8Maybe people really are generous with their wisdom blogging, story
Jan 7You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 7Book triage reading
Jan 7January – Chapter 7: Taking Notes 1 emacs
Jan 6Teaching the attitude 1 teaching
Jan 5You have received a painting from sacha 1 sketches
Jan 5zomg, another chapter up! 2 writing
Jan 4Working two jobs 2 writing
Jan 4Tagging in Org – plus bonus code for timeclocks and tags! 15 emacs, org
Jan 2More progress writing
Jan 2Projects in Emacs Org 2 emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 1Working on section on Org and projects life