November 2009

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Nov 30Visual notes from Remote Presentations That Rock 1 leadership, notetaking, presentation, sketches, speaking
Nov 30Lotus Notes tweaks: Toolbar buttons to file mail 3 lotus, productivity
Nov 29Weekly review: Week ending Nov 29, 2009 (and website redesign!) 5 weekly
Nov 29WordPress tweak: Proper navigation for date.php 1 blogging, geek, wordpress
Nov 29Process: How to ask communities for help 2 process
Nov 28Figuring things out on the fly 1 ibm, learning
Nov 27Drawing by Seeing, and some reflections on life 4 book, life, reading, reflection, sketches
Nov 26Oh, the library… 2 learning, library
Nov 25Learning how to write 7 delegation, learning, sketches, writing
Nov 24Reflections on the Innovation Discovery workshop in Boston ibm, kaizen, reflection
Nov 23Trying out visual notetaking at a workshop 4 sketches
Nov 22Weekly review: Week ending November 22, 2009 weekly
Nov 22Thinking about my personal learning environment 3 learning, reflection, sketches
Nov 21Drawing is about seeing the magic in everyday things 4 sketches
Nov 20Book: Leading Out Loud book, communication, leadership, presentation, reading, speaking
Nov 19The luxury of making sewing, sketches
Nov 18WordPress: Older posts, newer posts 3 geek, wordpress
Nov 18Cambridge stories from the past and future 2 connecting
Nov 17Automating tedious wiki editing tasks with Emacs and w3m 5 emacs, geek
Nov 17How I learned to stop worrying and love the webinar: Part 4: Taking the next steps presentation, sketches, speaking
Nov 16Fleece blankets and seasons 4 canada
Nov 15Weekly review: Week ending November 15, 2009 weekly
Nov 15The shy connector’s schedule: making time to breathe 4 connecting, productivity
Nov 14Reflecting on how I can create value blogging, connecting, delegation, presentation, speaking, writing
Nov 14Reflecting on 8 years of blog posts blogging, sketches
Nov 14Lucas 2 family
Nov 13Thinking about how I can make the most of editing; The world is an amazing candy-store of talent delegation, presentation, speaking, writing
Nov 13Wild success and social networks 1 connecting, ibm, social, web2.0
Nov 13How I learned to stop worrying and love the webinar: Part 3: Reading the room presentation, speaking
Nov 12My talks in 2009 presentation, speaking
Nov 12How I learned to stop worrying and love the webinar: Part 2: From audience to participants 1 presentation, speaking
Nov 11How I learned to stop worrying and love the webinar – Part 1: The best seats in the house speaking
Nov 11Libraries 2 library, life, reading
Nov 10Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant? Eat like a bee! blogging, book, reading
Nov 9Weekly review: Week ending November 8, 2009 weekly
Nov 8Made a sofa wrap! sewing
Nov 7Five types of coaching book, leadership, reading
Nov 6Garden plans for 2010 gardening
Nov 5My Inkscape settings sketches
Nov 4Thoughts from “Remote Presentations That Rock”, changing dynamics leadership, presentation, reflection, speaking
Nov 4Compfight: Search Flickr for CC-licensed images 1 geek
Nov 3Working on not misplacing things 2 kaizen, productivity
Nov 3Thinking about Planner/EmacsWiki versus WordPress 9 blogging, emacs, wordpress
Nov 2Book: Closing the Innovation Gap book, reading
Nov 1Weekly review: Week ending November 1, 2009 4 weekly
Nov 1Comedy and self-promotion 1 entrepreneurship, marketing, social, web2.0
Nov 1Connecting in a large organization 1 connecting
Nov 1Halloween canada, life