October 2011

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Oct 31Quantified Awesome: Data from waking up 3 hours earlier than normal 4 kaizen, life, quantified
Oct 30Stories from our trip: Furry caterpillar family, life, travel
Oct 29Weekly review: Week ending October 28, 2011 1 review, weekly
Oct 28Decision review: Switching from Rackspace Cloud to Linode 14 decision, geek
Oct 27Transcript: Blogging (Part 9): Learning from others blogging, tips, writing
Oct 26Practising drawing: variations on a theme drawing, kaizen, sketches
Oct 25Thought roundup: Podcasts, drawing, cats, and towels 1 Tidbits
Oct 24Geek travel update: Mostly as planned geek, quantified, travel
Oct 23Weekly review: Week ending October 21, 2011 review, weekly
Oct 22Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto Oct 21 2011 quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Oct 22Stories from the trip: Making my peace with endings life, reflection, travel
Oct 21Figuring out how to plan for a month kaizen, life, planning
Oct 20Transcript: Blogging (Part 8): Slow life down and speed it up blogging, tips, writing
Oct 19Jetlag-assisted early days life, travel
Oct 18From the feeds: Writing, more writing, journalism, and automation Uncategorized
Oct 17Monthly review: September 2011 monthly
Oct 16Passioneer survey (Submit your answers by Oct 18) 1 passion
Oct 16Weekly review: Weeks ending October 7 and October 14, 2011 review, weekly
Oct 15The joys of development with Selenium web-testing 1 development, geek
Oct 14Decision review: Working at IBM 4 career, decision, ibm, review, work
Oct 13Transcript: Blogging (Part 7): Learning how to write blogging, tips, writing
Oct 12Working with FTP sites 2 geek, linux
Oct 11From the feeds: Ramen, personal assistants, productivity, co-schooling, and being yourself 5 Uncategorized
Oct 10Geek travel: Planning outfits using matrices 3 geek
Oct 9Monitoring multiple WordPress sites for comments using Yahoo Pipes blogging, geek, wordpress
Oct 8Tweaking my Windows 7 setup more: Emacs on all virtual desktops! 2 emacs, geek
Oct 7Decision review: Marrying W- 7 decision, life, review
Oct 6Transcript: Blogging (Part 6): Looking back 2 blogging, tips, writing
Oct 5Learning browser-based testing with Selenium development, geek, work
Oct 4From the feeds: Saving money, making money, balancing life, reading books, and making rainbows Uncategorized
Oct 3Tracking and organizing my clothes: substituting mathematics for fashion sense 10 analysis, clothing, geek, organization, photography, quantified, rails
Oct 2Weekly review: Week ending September 30, 2011 1 review, weekly
Oct 1It turns out that “I suck” moments are more negotiable than I thought 2 happy, life