August 2012

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Aug 30Taking a month off from consulting experiment
Aug 29Process: Keeping notes of conversations 3 connecting, kaizen, process, sketches
Aug 28Process: Reading nonfiction books 4 process, reading, sketches
Aug 27Thinking about a visual process library 4 drawing, kaizen, process, sketches
Aug 26Paint-the-shed weekend life
Aug 25Weekly review: Week ending August 24, 2012 2 weekly
Aug 24Making myself create space business
Aug 23Sketchnotes from #torontob2b (antispam, mobile websites, marketing programs) 2 sketchnotes
Aug 22Coverage-mapping business models, or thinking of this like a business tasting menu business
Aug 21Thinking about how to learn how to manage others 2 business, delegation, management
Aug 20Learning how to tweak my Android devices to fit me 3 android
Aug 19Getting together Uncategorized
Aug 18Weekly review: Week ending August 17, 2012 weekly
Aug 17Thinking about ways to help people who are in between 2 life, work
Aug 16Thinking about what wild success at 29 looks like 1 life, planning
Aug 15Discovery: I like making sketched animations drawing
Aug 14Centre for Social Innovation – Small Business Network meetup at the Toronto Reference Library sketchnotes
Aug 13Sketchnotes: Girl Geeks Toronto – Adventures in Arduino meetup, sketchnotes
Aug 12Twenty-nine; life as a 28-year-old 9 review, yearly
Aug 11Weekly review: Week ending August 10, 2012 1 weekly
Aug 10Submitted my application for Canadian citizenship! 2 canada
Aug 9Backyard updates: New shed, garden happiness gardening
Aug 8Learning more about Android development 5 android
Aug 7Monthly review: July 2012 monthly, review
Aug 6How to build MobileOrgNG for Android android, emacs, geek
Aug 5Building MobileOrg for Android 6 android, emacs, geek
Aug 4Weekly review: Week ending August 3, 2012 weekly
Aug 3More gadget changes 3 geek
Aug 2No longer worried about flat tires 4 Uncategorized
Aug 1zomg, Evernote and Emacs 31 emacs