July 2012

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Jul 31Slowly figuring out how to use my tablet 1 geek
Jul 30Breaking down something that’s intimidating to learn 4 learning
Jul 29524 wontons 1 cooking
Jul 29Tablet adventures: Using my TF700 as a second monitor with AirDisplay 5 android
Jul 28Weekly review: Week ending July 27, 2012 weekly
Jul 27Sketchnotes from MobileDevTO: Android development, social apps 1 sketchnotes
Jul 26Sketchnotes: Marketing in the Round, Gini Dietrich marketing, sketchnotes
Jul 2580% and tweaking kaizen
Jul 24Work is love made visible 2 life
Jul 23Learning from the basics 2 learning
Jul 22Things I would like to see fixed 1 business
Jul 21Weekly review: Week ending July 20, 2012 weekly
Jul 20It’s okay if you don’t do everything 5 life, reflection
Jul 19Sketchnotes: Custom Post Types & Custom Fields (Wes Bos, #wpto) blogging, meetup, sketchnotes, wordpress
Jul 18Trusting myself with making time business, time
Jul 17Experience report: Editing, formatting, and publishing an e-book 1 business, writing
Jul 16Waiting for technology 1 geek
Jul 15Building the foundation for a shed life
Jul 14Weekly review: Week ending July 13, 2012 weekly
Jul 13Thinking about pricing and consulting business
Jul 12Helping startups business
Jul 11Quantified Self Toronto: July 11, 2012 meetup, quantified, sketchnotes
Jul 10Sketchnotes: Christine Steiger, Christine’s Fitness and Personal Training @ Small Business Network, Toronto Public Library business, meetup, sketchnotes
Jul 9Quantified Awesome: Tracking clothes, groceries, and other everyday things 1 geek, meetup, presentation, quantified, sketchnotes, speaking
Jul 8Weekly review: Week ending July 6, 2012 weekly
Jul 7Monthly review: June 2012 monthly, review
Jul 6Business notes: Working with a virtual accountant 9 business
Jul 5“So, what do you do?” 3 connecting
Jul 4Building my skills and getting ready for the next steps 3 business
Jul 3Quantified Awesome: Grocery update! quantified
Jul 2Transcript: Emacs chat with John Wiegley 19 emacs, Emacs Chat, org, podcast
Jul 1A day of gardening gardening