November 2011

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Nov 30Things I’m learning from tracking 4 quantified
Nov 29Rails experiences: Building an interactive tutorial development, geek, rails, work
Nov 28Quantified Awesome: 116 web resources for Quantified Self 1 braindump, quantified
Nov 27Thoughts from helping with homework family, life
Nov 26Weekly review: Week ending November 25, 2011 review, weekly
Nov 25Decision review: Scheduling posts and using themes blogging, decision, review
Nov 24Transcript: Blogging (Part 13): On frequency blogging, tips, writing
Nov 23Ruby on Rails: Extending ActiveRecord::Base to define your own ActiveRecord association methods 4 development, geek, rails, work
Nov 22From the feeds: Development, food, connecting with people, e-books, finance Tidbits
Nov 21Quantified Awesome: Why I track 4 quantified
Nov 20Learning how to model with Google Sketchup 1 geek, learning
Nov 19Weekly review: Week ending November 18, 2011 2 review, weekly
Nov 18Decision review: Lenovo X220 tablet PC (with graphs!) 4 decision, geek, laptop, review
Nov 17Transcript: Blogging (Part 12): Two homes blogging, tips, writing
Nov 16Massages, physical feedback, and behaviour modification 2 kaizen, life
Nov 15From the feeds: Friendship, planning ahead, and crossroads Tidbits
Nov 14Quantified Awesome: A place for everything, and everything in its place 10 geek, kaizen, life, quantified
Nov 13Stories from the trip: Terminal 3 2 life, travel
Nov 12Weekly review: Week ending November 11, 2011; thinking about the temptation to work review, weekly
Nov 11Decision review: Metropass instead of biking to work in November 5 decision, travel
Nov 10Transcript: Blogging (Part 11): Looking back at the year 2 blogging, tips, writing
Nov 9Thinking about how to get even better at bulk-cooking 3 cooking, kaizen, life, productivity
Nov 8Visualization resources 1 Uncategorized
Nov 7Quantified Awesome: How much music do you have? geek, quantified
Nov 6Monthly review: October 2011 monthly, review
Nov 5Quantified Awesome: Development-driven behaviour and integrated tests for life 2 development, geek, quantified
Nov 5Weekly review: Week ending November 4, 2011 review, weekly
Nov 4Decision review: Cat boarding 2 cat, decision, review, travel
Nov 3Transcript: Blogging (Part 10): Difficult situations blogging, tips, writing
Nov 2Planning an Emacs-based personal wiki – Org? Muse? Hmm… 42 emacs
Nov 1From the feeds: Selling benefits, not features; caramel apples; graphic novels for kids 1 Tidbits