Monthly reviews: October and November 2012

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In September, I wrote:

What will October look like? I took a month-long break from consulting in September, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and helping my clients get ready for the next major milestones. There are quite a few events in October, so I’ll be getting lots of sketchnoting practice. In terms of skill-building, I want to focus on lettering and typography. I’d like to ramp up my delegation so that I can get more things done, too. I’m also looking forward to gathering the papers for my first business tax return and HST return, wow. =)

October and November flew by in a blur. Conference season + consulting = chaos! While helping clients prepare for a big launch and analyze more metrics, I also took the time to sketchnote dozens of talks, do a professional speaking engagement, and reach out to lots and lots of people. I hadn’t done as much deliberate practice in lettering and typography as I thought I would, but I’ve made up for it in sheer volume and an improved digital workflow. I sketchnoted the Lean Startup Day simulcast hosted by MaRS Discovery District – my first proper conference gig, hooray! That worked out really well. It was a good two months. An excellent two months.

Now it’s December and I’m taking another month-long break from consulting so that I can focus on exploring other ideas. What might December look like? I want December to be a time to:

  • celebrate and share the things I’ve learned in the past year
  • lay the groundwork for more awesomeness in 2013
  • reach out to people and help them out

Post index for the past two months, newest on top


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  4. Made my largest sketchnote ever! Painting the MaRS Lean Startup Day banner
  5. Sketchnotes: Venus Ventures Town Hall
  6. Sketchnotes from #ENT101: IP Management – Creating Value by Protecting Knowledge-based Assets – Nathaniel Lipkus, Matthew Powell, Ashlee Froese
  7. Capturing my sketchnotes with Camtasia Studio Pro; organizing the digital workflow
  8. Sketchnotes: Girl Geeks Toronto: Vexed in the City
  9. Sketchnotes from #torontob2b: Dragging an Organization into the Digital Age; 7 Steps to Social Media Success
  10. MaRS ENT101: Meet the Entrepreneurs: Life Sciences & Healthcare – Peter Adams, Joel Ironstone, Trevor Van Mierlo, Alex Hodgson
  11. Sketchnotes: ENT101: Value Proposition–Joe Wilson
  12. Sketchnotes: #INNOTalkTO Innovatively Speaking – Joanna Track, Justin Raymond, David Nam, Brenda Rideout
  13. Discovering the MaRS #startupbookclubTO: The $100 Startup
  14. Sketchnotes from WordCamp Developers Toronto 2012 Day 2 #wcto
  15. Coming up with a three-word life philosophy
  16. Sketchnotes: WordCamp Developers Toronto 2012 Day 1 (#wcto)
  17. Sketchnotes: SOHO SME Expo 2012
  18. Sketchnotes: Startup Communities and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  19. Sketchnotes: TEDxToronto 2012
  20. #SMref panel: Changing Nature of Influence–Moderator: Terry Foster–Panel: Matt Juniper, Patrick Thoburn, Ron Nurwisah, Eric Alper
  21. Sketchnotes: AndroidTO–The Business of Mobile
  22. Sketchnotes: #ENT101 Entrepreneurial Management–Jon E. Worren
  23. Sketchnotes: Different Types of Entrepreneurship, Kerri Golden, Allyson Hewitt (MaRS ENT101)
  24. Sketchnotes: Small Business Forum – Enterprise Toronto
  25. Sketchnotes: Quantified Self Conference 2012
  26. ENT101: Startup Law 101: Legal Launchpad (Arshia Tabrizi)
  27. Cameron Lewis at the Toronto Small Business Network meetup
  28. Sketchnotes: #torontob2b: Free trials, cold-calling, brainstorming
  29. Sketchnotes: ENT101: Lived It Lecture – Bruce Poon Tip (G Adventures) on Social Enterprise



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