August 2013

Bulk view

Aug 31Emacs, link roundup, books, and more – Weekly review: Week ending August 30, 2013 2 weekly
Aug 30Helping someone get started with Emacs and Org Mode through Org2Blog and LaTeX; troubleshooting steps 8 emacs, org
Aug 29Sketchnote Lessons: Speech bubbles and thought clouds 8 drawing, sketches
Aug 28Making bulk cooking easier 1 cooking
Aug 27Emacs: How I organize my Org files 19 emacs, org, organization
Aug 26Reflecting on a month of experimenting with Proper Retirement experiment
Aug 24Weekly review: Week ending August 23, 2013 weekly
Aug 23Write about what you don’t know: 5 tips to help you do research for your blog 6 blogging, research, tips, writing
Aug 22Resources for getting started with sketchnoting drawing
Aug 21My next delegation experiment: coaching and editing 1 delegation, writing
Aug 20Working around the limits of digital sketchnoting 2 drawing
Aug 19Thinking about how to type faster than 110wpm 19 kaizen
Aug 18Monthly review: July 2013 1 monthly, review
Aug 17Weekly review: Week ending August 16, 2013 1 weekly
Aug 16Learning how to work with stock photos: Can you help me? 8 blogging, photography, sketches, visual
Aug 15Sketchnote Lessons: Arrows and Connectors drawing
Aug 14Thinking about how I can use Evernote more effectively 9 kaizen, notetaking
Aug 13Writing, drawing, and coding while tired 11 life, writing
Aug 12Year in review: Life as a 29-year-old 2 life, yearly
Aug 11Turning 30: A review of the last decade 2 life, sketches
Aug 10Weekly review: Week ending August 9, 2013 1 weekly
Aug 9Quantified Awesome: Analyzing my non-fiction reading, and why I don’t mind paying taxes 1 quantified
Aug 8Sketchnote Lessons: Quick Lettering 1 drawing
Aug 7Slim pickings from the garden, and that’s all right 2 gardening
Aug 6Sketchnote: Fun With Dead Languages: Damian Conway 1 geek, sketchnotes
Aug 6On making big, scary decisions, and how I left an awesome job to do my own thing; or how to be a Builder Lemming 3 decision, experiment
Aug 5Planning what to do at home, thinking about pull-driven systems for blog posts, and outlining books I want to write life, writing
Aug 4Thinking about how to celebrate my 30th birthday 4 life
Aug 3Weekly review: Week ending August 2, 2013 1 weekly
Aug 2My evolution as an “artist”, or why there’s hope for you yet 3 drawing, sketches
Aug 1Sketchnote Lessons: Banners and ribbons 5 drawing, sketches, visual