July 2013

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Jul 31How to manage a large blog archive 3 blogging, organization
Jul 30Visual metaphors and layouts for planning your life 1 drawing, planning, sketches, visual
Jul 29Sometimes you don’t know what you know until someone asks; why I like preparing talking points for podcasts and chats 8 connecting, drawing, learning, sketchnotes
Jul 28Homebodies 1 life
Jul 27Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2013 1 weekly
Jul 26Not about not wasting time 1 productivity
Jul 25Quantified Awesome: Adding calendar heatmaps to categories 4 quantified
Jul 24I still don’t know what to call this post 5 blogging, writing
Jul 23Thinking about business cards 6 business, connecting, decision, experiment
Jul 22How I learn: 16 things I’ve learned about mindset and process 5 kaizen, learning, tips
Jul 21Setting e-mail expectations: Roughly once a week 6 communication, connecting
Jul 20Weekly review: Week ending July 19, 2013 1 weekly
Jul 19Business experience report: Setting up payroll and benefits 2 business, experiment
Jul 18Choosing openness and scale 5 business, decision, experiment
Jul 17Mural.ly and Evernote: Redesigning my landing page 1 geek, visual
Jul 16The Heisenberg uncertainty principle of learning 2 japanese, learning
Jul 15Visual book review: The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast (Josh Kaufman) 18 blogging, learning, tips, visual-book-notes
Jul 14Replacing my lost Philippine passport (part 1 of…?) 6 life
Jul 13Weekly review: Visual thinking, time management – Week ending July 12, 2013 1 weekly
Jul 12Sketchnote Lessons: Drawing Emotions 6 drawing, sketches, visual
Jul 11What do I want to do right now? Understanding my algorithm for discretionary time 2 life, planning, productivity, time
Jul 10Quantified Time: Comparing notes quantified
Jul 9Redesigning the Visual Thinkers Toronto Show & Tell 5 meetup, visual
Jul 8Making the day count life, passion
Jul 7Slice of life: Meowrnings cat, life, sketches
Jul 6Weekly review: Week ending July 5, 2013 2 weekly
Jul 5Visual book review: Leading Out Loud: A Guide for Engaging Others in Creating the Future (Terry Pearce) visual-book-notes
Jul 4Virtual hang-out experiments: Notes on AnyMeeting 3 connecting
Jul 3Emacs Chat: Sacha Chua (with Bastien Guerry) 4 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Jul 2Monthly review: June 2013 monthly
Jul 1Wontonomics: Dumpling numbers cooking, quantified