September 2013

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Sep 30Using Emacs to figure out where I need to improve in order to type faster 8 emacs, geek, kaizen
Sep 29Bulk cooking by the numbers: A ton of tonkatsu 3 cooking
Sep 28Learning, writing, and growing; Weekly review: Week ending September 27, 2013 1 weekly
Sep 27Growing authority 4 learning, planning
Sep 26Sketchnote Lessons: Adding Emphasis 4 drawing
Sep 25The learning machine: How I turn what I learn into blog posts 1 learning, writing
Sep 24Poll: Planning a weekly topic-focused blog – what would you like to read more about? 4 blogging, planning
Sep 23Setting up dynamic DNS with Tomato and Namecheap, and limiting SSH 2 geek, linux
Sep 22Ten years of learning how to cook 8 cooking, review
Sep 21Sketchnotes, commitments, cooking, plans, blogging – Weekly review: Week ending September 20, 2013 2 weekly
Sep 20Thinking about hard commitments and soft commitments, and adapting my life accordingly 6 business, decision
Sep 19Sketchnote Lesson: Adding color 2 drawing, podcast
Sep 18Sketchnotes: Conversations About Social Business (Jennifer Okimoto, IBM) 5 sketchnotes, social, web2.0
Sep 17Help me figure out how I should reinvest business profits 6 business, decision, planning, review
Sep 16When I blog with Emacs and when I blog with other tools 23 blogging, org
Sep 15Sewing: Made a PS Vita case! 2 sewing
Sep 14Weekly review: Week ending September 13, 2013 2 weekly
Sep 13Balancing writing with other things blogging, life, quantified, writing
Sep 12Sketchnote Lessons: Having fun with words 2 drawing, sketches
Sep 11Dealing with SIGSEGV in php5-fpm and Nginx 5 geek
Sep 10Sketchnote: Reboot Your Business, Reboot Your Life: Your Future Depends On It – Mitch Joel (Third Tuesday Toronto) 2 business, marketing, sketchnotes
Sep 10How I prepare for professional digital sketchnoting 1 business, drawing
Sep 9Reorganizing WordPress categories with Term Management Tools and other tweaks 2 blogging, geek, wordpress
Sep 8Monthly review: August 2013 1 monthly, review
Sep 7Weekly review: Week ending September 6, 2013 1 weekly
Sep 6What keeps you from taking notes? 9 excuses and how to get past them 6 learning, notetaking, tips
Sep 5Sketchnote lessons: Stick figures 4 drawing, sketches
Sep 44 steps to a better blog by planning your goals and post types 2 blogging, planning
Sep 3Sketchnote: Managing Oneself (Peter Drucker) 5 career, sketchnotes
Sep 2How to learn Emacs keyboard shortcuts (a visual tutorial for newbies) 7 emacs, sketches