Mar. 1 Dealing with intimidating projects career, ibm, work
Mar. 2 Get More Value from Blogging, part V: Communication Matters blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar. 3 Questions and answers from #infoboomSC tweetchat on blogging blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar. 4 Get More Value from Blogging, part VI: Let’s Get Down to Business blogging, business, career, tips, web2.0, work, writing
Mar. 5 Presentation experiment: Shy Connector, Six Steps to Sharing, and other presentations in March! presentation, speaking
Mar. 5 Weekly review: Week ending March 4, 2011 weekly
Mar. 6 Monthly review: February 2011 monthly
Mar. 8 Can’t see cross-domain images in your Flash file? Make a crossdomain.xml geek
Mar. 9 Quick notes from Emacs Org-mode talk at GTALUG emacs, presentation, speaking
Mar. 9 Leveling up as a developer! geek, ibm, work
Mar. 11 Trying MemoLane (social timeline) web2.0
Mar. 12 Math and energy learning, life, teaching
Mar. 12 Weekly review: Week ending March 11, 2011 weekly
Mar. 13 Get More Value from Blogging, Part VII: Inspiring Yourself and Inspiring Others blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar. 14 Coconut buns and the economics of home awesomeness cooking, family, life, love, reflection
Mar. 14 Continuing experiments with Slideshare’s Zipcast web conferences speaking
Mar. 15 Recipes: Coconut cocktail bun recipe cooking, cookordie
Mar. 16 Thinking about a developer setup template geek, ibm, kaizen, work
Mar. 18 Decision trees and self-challenges: how my laptop’s recent battery failure is a great excuse to think analysis, decision, geek, kaizen
Mar. 19 Cats: 0, toilet paper monster: 1; also, ArtRage and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro cat, drawing, family, life, sketches
Mar. 20 Spring! gardening, life, sketches
Mar. 20 Weekly review: Week ending March 18, 2011 weekly
Mar. 21 Pirate kitties cat, sketches
Mar. 22 Learning more about Websphere and web service development development, geek, ibm
Mar. 23 Shanghaippy birthday, John Grimme! Recipe: Lumpiang shanghai cooking, family, sketches
Mar. 24 The three argumenteers sketches
Mar. 27 Weekly review: Week ending March 25, 2011 weekly
Mar. 28 Filling in the learning gaps sketches, teaching
Mar. 29 On typing in Dvorak geek, tips
Mar. 30 Helping kids learn about automation teaching
Mar. 30 More thoughts on time analysis: correlations and revealed preferences analysis, geek, quantified, time
Mar. 31 Becoming a faster developer development, geek
Apr. 1 Quid est nōmen tuum? Nōmen meum est “Sacha” learning