June 2013

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Jun 30Wonton movie marathon 5 cooking, family, life
Jun 29Tools and tracking: Week ending June 28, 2013 3 weekly
Jun 28Planning a Quantified Self workshop on time tracking 5 quantified, teaching
Jun 27Thinking about small talk at networking events connecting, kaizen
Jun 26How I use Emacs Org Mode for my weekly reviews 12 emacs, geek
Jun 25Mohiomap: A visual way to browse your Evernote notebook 4 geek
Jun 24Quick question: What would you prefer for shorter URLs? 9 blogging
Jun 22Webinars and hangouts; Weekly review: Week ending June 21, 2013 3 weekly
Jun 21How hacking my wants helped me experiment with early retirement 7 experiment, finance, life
Jun 20Getting to know people who read this blog–hooray for hangout experiment #1! 2 blogging, connecting, learning
Jun 19Here’s the recording from “How to use Evernote to improve your visual thinking” 6 process, visual
Jun 19Visual Book Review: Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers (Chuck Wall) 2 visual-book-notes
Jun 18Oooh, Camtasia Studio 8.1 now has green-screening–which means awesome sketch videos just got easier! 3 drawing, geek
Jun 17Web experiments this week: Webinar on “How to Improve Your Visual Thinking” and a Google Hangout on blogging; would love to connect with you! 3 blogging, connecting, visual
Jun 15Backyard work; Weekly review: Week ending June 14, 2013 1 weekly
Jun 14Priming the idea pump 2 idea
Jun 13Quantified Awesome: Analyzing time data–the questions I ask and how I answer them quantified
Jun 12Getting started with blogging when no one’s reading 5 blogging, writing
Jun 11Sketchnotes: How to Live an Amazing Life (C.C. Chapman, Third Tuesday Toronto) 7 life, sketchnotes
Jun 11Animating things in Emacs 7 emacs
Jun 10So that’s what three tons of stuff looks like… 2 life
Jun 10Unstructured time, shaping your wants, and giving yourself permission 2 life, productivity, time
Jun 9Sketchnotes, life – Weekly review: Week ending June 7, 2013 weekly
Jun 7Turn your unfair advantages into more unfair advantages 5 kaizen
Jun 6Back to the joys of coverage testing: Vagrant, Guard, Spork, RSpec, Simplecov rails
Jun 5Using Google’s In-Page Analytics to understand how people use a site 6 blogging, wordpress
Jun 4Announcing this 2012 Sketchnotes collection! (free/PWYC) drawing
Jun 3Monthly review: May 2013 1 monthly, review
Jun 2Good influences in partnerships 2 family, kaizen, life
Jun 1Drawing, blogging, and semi-retirement: Weekly review: Week ending May 31, 2013 2 weekly