July 2006

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Jul 31Planning research
Jul 31Focus ibm, research
Jul 31Business development -Uncategorized
Jul 30A weekend with a friend friends
Jul 29Simon love
Jul 27Creative Thursday: Conference commando! conference, connecting
Jul 27Planning my week with zones life
Jul 27I heart ultraportables! Uncategorized
Jul 27IBM CASCON 2006: Social discovery and conferences blogging, cascon
Jul 27IBM CASCON 2006 and conference backchannels blogging, cascon, web2.0
Jul 27Enterprise 2.0 definition from Andrew McAfee enterprise2.0
Jul 27Secret knocks Uncategorized
Jul 27Speaking of costumes… clothing
Jul 26Signed up for a DemoCamp demo democamp
Jul 26Batik and ethnic clothes clothing, filipino, philippines
Jul 26In print! life
Jul 26DemoCamp! barcamp, democamp, toronto
Jul 26Argh, need facial life
Jul 26Moved to Vaio! Uncategorized
Jul 25Meep. Slight problem. -Uncategorized
Jul 24TorCHI social meetup
Jul 24New suitemate! life
Jul 24Neatening up life
Jul 24New York recommendations? travel
Jul 24In case of emergency, break open stationery life
Jul 24Remembering my purpose; hooray for writing! purpose, reflection
Jul 24Emacs: Automating the insertion of text emacs
Jul 22The best birthday gifts life
Jul 22Google Trends -Uncategorized
Jul 22Think! Friday happy, ibm
Jul 22I’ve got music… – Hosting dinner parties life
Jul 21Enterprise 2.0 Camp enterprise2.0
Jul 20Pimp My Emacs emacs
Jul 20Emacs BBDB magic: Greeting people with nicknames emacs
Jul 19Epiphany! Social obligation = t3h c00l -Uncategorized
Jul 19Tango at Kensington Market health
Jul 18A Midsummer Night’s Dream life
Jul 18Phone sweetness -Uncategorized
Jul 17Ten years hence life, reflection
Jul 17Hot chocolate day emacs
Jul 17Did my dishes, went to the circus festival life
Jul 16Potluck lucky -Uncategorized
Jul 16Barbecue life
Jul 15Running low -Uncategorized
Jul 14EXITE and the quest for hot chocolate teaching
Jul 13Looking for back issue of the Guardian, UK life
Jul 12Excited about EXITE teaching
Jul 10CookOrDie: Vegetarian virtues cooking, cookordie
Jul 10Short-term plans: happy with research, thinking about internship? plans
Jul 10Visited a friend friends, life
Jul 10Finally on a phone plan life
Jul 9Toronto International Circus Festival life
Jul 8Tech goals emacs
Jul 8Productive week! research
Jul 8I’m Somebody! goodkarma
Jul 8Graduate House Party party
Jul 8Imagining the future career, purpose, reflection
Jul 5Faceplant! Uncategorized
Jul 4Democamp democamp
Jul 4Browser’s Den of Magic Uncategorized
Jul 4Book rearrangements writing
Jul 4Three things -Uncategorized
Jul 4Being my age life
Jul 3Book day! -Uncategorized
Jul 3Sacha Chua, skater girl Uncategorized
Jul 3Domestic bliss? family, story
Jul 3Thinking and not thinking life
Jul 2On programming as a career career, emacs, life, reflection
Jul 2Going from pre-paid to post-paid finance
Jul 2Goals -Uncategorized
Jul 1Purposeful interaction connecting
Jul 1Turning downtime into uptime productivity