August 2006

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Aug 31Do one nice thing -Uncategorized
Aug 31How to proactively network connecting, social
Aug 31The power of proactively networking connecting, social
Aug 31Thinking about responsibilities: glass, metal, or rubber? productivity
Aug 31Why the Philippines? A story that needs to be told philippines
Aug 31Why I love OpenBC – a new business networking site connecting, social
Aug 31Making friends in unusual places connecting
Aug 31Of BarCamp and conversations barcamp, toronto
Aug 31Meet up at Shoeless Schmooze! meetup
Aug 30A fountain pen again writing
Aug 30Awesome! One of my favorite authors just started blogging! 1 life
Aug 30My Big Brother Database and social networking sites connecting, emacs
Aug 30Backlog: A great weekend -Uncategorized
Aug 30Okay, back on track! -Uncategorized
Aug 29The power of a good nap -Uncategorized
Aug 29Oopsie -Uncategorized
Aug 26Starting your own business barcamp, marketing
Aug 26Building a community barcamp, marketing
Aug 26Win-win-win: The power of asking barcamp, marketing
Aug 26BarCampEarthToronto: Search engine optimization barcamp, marketing
Aug 26BarCampEarthToronto: Networking for Introverts barcamp, connecting
Aug 26Livening up your laptop lid: self-adhesive reusable surface laptop, marketing
Aug 26Sweeeet! bought ad space on my laptop! 1 barcamp, business, emacs, entrepreneurship, geek, idea, laptop, marketing
Aug 24Sharing the link love: advertising on laptop lids blog roundup! idea
Aug 23Buskerfest and other fun things ibm, research
Aug 23As Web 2.0 moves behind the firewall… enterprise2.0
Aug 23Chasing a wild idea business, entrepreneurship, marketing
Aug 23Advertise on my laptop! Webpage up barcamp, business, entrepreneurship, geek, idea, laptop, marketing
Aug 22Whoa, onto something cool here: advertising on the back of my laptop barcamp, business, entrepreneurship, geek, idea, laptop, marketing
Aug 22Industry showcase at U of T toronto
Aug 22CookOrDie: Curried chickpeas, chard, carbs cooking, cookordie
Aug 21Networking for Geeks: Advertise with your laptop! connecting, laptop, marketing
Aug 21Darn, can’t find my first-aid kit -Uncategorized
Aug 21Three questions for success career, life, purpose
Aug 21Bought a sari clothing
Aug 21MBA elective courses business, entrepreneurship, school
Aug 21Research report: Met with Mark research
Aug 21Come and hang out at BarCampEarth! barcamp, geek
Aug 21Living with others and living alone life, toronto
Aug 21Trying something new friends, party
Aug 21Cellphone 1 canada
Aug 21Credit card canada, finance
Aug 21Upcoming BarCamp barcamp
Aug 21Whoa, maybe I’m onto something here business, clothing
Aug 20A mannequin would be useful philippines, photography
Aug 20Looking for a malong supplier clothing, philippines
Aug 20Sew what? sewing
Aug 20Snakes on a Plane! friends
Aug 19Poem Uncategorized
Aug 18Back in Toronto! canada
Aug 17Emacs hacks: Snail mail surprise emacs
Aug 17Mission successful! -Uncategorized
Aug 17Waking up to a glorious morning Uncategorized
Aug 17All’s well Uncategorized
Aug 16The room travel
Aug 16Darn! I left my camera at home… -Uncategorized
Aug 16Perfect timing -Uncategorized
Aug 16All set up travel
Aug 16Richi’s visit friends
Aug 16Merienda madness and my 23rd birthday cooking, cookordie, friends, party
Aug 16Virtual birthdays, real friends barkada, friends, party, philippines
Aug 16I’ll be off to Boston tomorrow travel
Aug 14Documentary on Filipino teachers filipino, philippines
Aug 14Yup, still alive -Uncategorized
Aug 11It’s all a matter of perspective -Uncategorized
Aug 10Sharing the link love emacs, planner
Aug 10An alien experience communication, speaking
Aug 10Setting up financial details finance
Aug 9Balancing the day life
Aug 9May you live in interesting times friends
Aug 9Book: Lifeskills: 8 Simple Ways to Build Stronger Relationships, Communicate More Clearly, Improve Your Health book, life
Aug 9Book: The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One book, career, life
Aug 9CookOrDie last Saturday: Decadent Dessert party cooking, cookordie, friends, party
Aug 9Von Totanes is here! friends
Aug 9Living life online emacs, planning
Aug 9Social Tech Brewing: Kristin ? women
Aug 9Social Tech Brewing: Sticky stickers geek, women
Aug 9Social Tech Brewing: Leesa Barnes women
Aug 9Social Tech Brewing: Hong Zhu women
Aug 9Social Tech Brewing: Cathy Reed and ISisters women
Aug 8Raided the library library
Aug 8Time bubble -Uncategorized
Aug 6Planning my birthday party life
Aug 6Not my best day ever life
Aug 4Month in review monthly
Aug 4CookOrDie: Danger, Will Robinson! cookordie
Aug 4Social Tech Brewing: It’s all about choices life, reflection
Aug 4Social Tech Brewing: Women in Technology women
Aug 3Research report: Schedule research, school
Aug 3Philippine fashion clothing, philippines
Aug 3The malong and other fragments of Philippine culture clothing, philippines
Aug 3CookOrDie: Bacon, eggs and toast cooking, cookordie
Aug 3Bookmarklet for the Toronto Public Library library
Aug 2I heart the Toronto Public Library book
Aug 2Pampering myself life
Aug 2Meeting about courses school
Aug 2Cross-fertilization school
Aug 1Too warm life
Aug 1Research report: The value of meetings cascon, research