May 2012

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May 31Thinking about the next mini-experiment life, planning
May 30Scanning my notebooks 1 notetaking
May 29Where I am in terms of Emacs 7 emacs
May 28Quantified Awesome: Blogging, WPM, and the speed of reflection 2 kaizen, quantified, reflection, writing
May 27Making polvoron 3 cooking, philippines
May 26Weekly review: Week ending May 25, 2012 review, weekly
May 25A perspective on outsourcing delegation
May 24Starting up my delegation experiments again: data entry from receipts 2 delegation
May 23Decision review: Logitech H800 wireless headset decision, sketches
May 22Visual metaphors: Success 3 visual
May 21Added new gallery views so that you can review sketchnotes easily wordpress
May 21Getting Started with Quantified Self 3 quantified
May 20Planning my life 1 life, planning
May 19Weekly review: Week ending May 18, 2012 review, weekly
May 18Taking stock of the way I take notes 9 organization, writing
May 17Drawing studies 3 drawing
May 16Responsive web, responsive life 1 business
May 15Org-mode and habits 26 emacs, org
May 14Sketchnotes: Jeremiah Owyang @ Third Tuesday Toronto (#3TYYZ) on the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs 3 sketchnotes, social
May 14Pizza pizza pizza pizza 1 cooking, kaizen, life
May 13Decision review: Razor A5 Lux kick scooter 9 family, life
May 12Weekly review: Week ending May 11, 2012 2 review, weekly
May 11Quantified Awesome: Analysis of the winter/spring season for the Cooper’s Farm community-supported agriculture program 1 quantified
May 10Sketchnote workflow 3 drawing
May 9Sketchnotes: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future 10 book, business, entrepreneurship, sketches, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
May 9Maintaining a manual topical index for my blog using Emacs blogging, emacs, organization
May 8Sketchnotes: Red Rocket Coffee, Toronto Public Library Small Business Network meetup 2 business, sketchnotes
May 8Gardening with herbs and exercising the senses 1 gardening
May 7Tweaking my introduction, focusing on sketchnotes 5 connecting
May 6Monthly review: April 2012 monthly
May 5Weekly review: Week ending May 4, 2012 review, weekly
May 4Looking forward to watching the Avengers life
May 3Sketchnotes: Designing content so that it works – Carl Friesen (#torontob2b) 2 blogging, sketchnotes, writing
May 3Sketchnotes: Building a Social Enterprise – Andrew Jenkins (#torontob2b) 1 marketing, sketchnotes
May 3Sketchnotes: Marketing Automation, Jeffrey Yee (#torontob2b) 1 sketchnotes
May 3Optimism, happiness, and being young 3 happy
May 2Visual metaphor: Danger visual
May 1Learning more about what I want to learn 1 learning, planning