June 2012

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Jun 30Weekly review: Week ending June 29, 2012 weekly
Jun 29#torontob2b: Sean O’Donovan on managing content for lead generation + Q&A with Ben Harrison and Scott Armstrong 1 marketing, meetup, sketchnotes
Jun 28Business update: Four months in! 1 business
Jun 27Emacs: Chatting with John Wiegley about the cool things he does with Emacs 15 emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Jun 26Experiment! Stories from My Twenties PDF 5 blogging, writing
Jun 25The Virtual Self: Nora Young at Third Tuesday Toronto quantified, sketchnotes
Jun 25Making GNU Emacs play well on Microsoft Windows 7 14 emacs
Jun 24Making progress on my book of highlights! writing
Jun 23Weekly review: Week ending June 22, 2012 1 weekly
Jun 22Still working on that shift from services to products 3 business
Jun 21Not getting overwhelmed by learning, no siree life
Jun 20Emacs braindump from John Wiegley =) 3 emacs
Jun 19Using Emacs Org for grocery lists and batch cooking 14 cooking, emacs, org
Jun 18Quantified Awesome: Analyzing my cellphone data 2 quantified
Jun 17The weekends are just packed life
Jun 16Weekly review: Week ending June 15, 2012 weekly
Jun 15Making lists of things I do so that I can learn more about delegation business, delegation
Jun 14Things that I’ve used Emacs for 8 emacs
Jun 13Numbers from rereading more than ten years of my blog 4 blogging, writing
Jun 12Sketchnotes: Sandra Emilia Calderaro, Multilingual Kids; Andres D’Imperio, Creative Design (Small Business Network @ Toronto Reference Library) 3 business, meetup, sketchnotes
Jun 11Tips for making the most of the Toronto Public Library 4 library, tips, toronto
Jun 9Weekly review: Week ending June 8, 2012 weekly
Jun 8Literate programming and my Emacs configuration file 29 emacs
Jun 7Monthly review: May 2012 monthly
Jun 6Working on getting better at calendars 2 geek, kaizen
Jun 5Relearning QWERTY 2 geek
Jun 4How I track my time, and how I’d like to quantified, time
Jun 3Quantified Awesome: Back to buying our own fruits and vegetables 8 quantified
Jun 2Weekly review: Week ending June 1, 2012 2 review, weekly
Jun 1The Shy Connector: Thinking about the difficulties people encounter 1 connecting