October 2013

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Oct 31Integrating visual outlining into my writing process 6 drawing, writing
Oct 30I don’t write about everything; How do you manage your private notes? 14 blogging, writing
Oct 29Mindmapping chat with Billy Waters (@vitaminsludge) notetaking, podcast
Oct 28Next steps for system administration 7 geek
Oct 27Gardening plans for 2014 gardening, plans
Oct 26Sysad stuff – Weekly review: Week ending October 25, 2013 weekly
Oct 25Daily drawing update: So far, fantastic! drawing, process
Oct 24Sketchnote Lesson: Metaphors 3 drawing
Oct 23Jetpack subscribers: Terribly sorry about the test posts! Disabling, please use Feedburner to subscribe instead blogging
Oct 23Visual book review: How to make a complete map of every thought you think (Lion Kimbro) 5 learning, visual-book-notes
Oct 22Growing slowly, adjusting the speed 1 life
Oct 21What do I want to learn about learning? kaizen, learning
Oct 19Weekly review: Week ending October 18, 2013 weekly
Oct 18Growing this blog 7 blogging
Oct 17Visual thinking: build your visual library drawing
Oct 16When it comes to juggling multiple interests, it helps to limit your expectations planning, productivity
Oct 15Learning more about illustrating my blog posts 3 drawing, learning
Oct 14What’s on your back burner? 3 decision, planning, productivity, sketches
Oct 12Weekly review: Week ending October 11, 2013 1 weekly
Oct 11Monthly review: September 2013 monthly, review
Oct 10Drawing practice: Daily drawing drawing
Oct 9Test what you know by sharing 1 blogging, learning, tips
Oct 8Cheat uncertainty by sweetening the potential outcomes decision, happy
Oct 7Thinking out loud about how to help other sketchnoters go professional and how to help people get their ideas sketched 1 business, connecting
Oct 6Gardening review: 2013 gardening
Oct 5Weekly review: Week ending October 4, 2013 weekly
Oct 4Decision review: Seven months at HackLab connecting, decision, review
Oct 3Sketchnote Lessons: How do you want to grow as a sketchnoter? 3 drawing
Oct 2Blogging tip: Test your ideas and get more feedback in order to make your posts better blogging
Oct 1The power of no: being completely* unhireable until 2017 (and possibly longer) 3 career, experiment