March 2012

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Mar 31Weekly review: Week ending March 30, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 30Trying out MindManager 2012 – Almost but not quite the right fit for me 4 review
Mar 29Visual metaphors: Balance 5 drawing, tips
Mar 28Sketchnotes: William Mougayar (engagio) at Third Tuesday Toronto 9 entrepreneurship, meetup, sketches, sketchnotes, social
Mar 27Visual book review: Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In 1 communication, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 26Six ways I’m learning how to get better at drawing sketchnotes 3 drawing, kaizen, learning, tips
Mar 24Weekly review: Week ending March 23, 2012 1 review, weekly
Mar 23Ice cream season and the first seeds in the garden gardening, sketches
Mar 22Visual book review: Enough, by Patrick Rhone 4 book, life, reading, reflection, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 21Happy monthsary to me! 11 business, life, sketches
Mar 20Visual book review: Critical Inquiry: The Process of Argument 2 book, communication, reading, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 19What I want from visual notetaking; imagining wild success 2 notetaking, planning, sketches
Mar 18Taking up hobbies again: photography and gardening 2 cat, gardening, photography
Mar 17Weekly review: Week ending March 16, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 15Making space to plan for visual summaries 2 business, entrepreneurship, planning
Mar 13Sketchnotes: Dave Ley, Jen Nolan, Leo Marland and me at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information’s career panel 1 career, sketchnotes
Mar 13Sketchnotes: Sal Sloan of Fetching! at the Toronto Public Library: Small Business Networking Event 1 business, connecting, delegation, entrepreneurship, sketchnotes
Mar 11Mapping my blog archives blogging
Mar 10Meetup sketchnotes: The Publishing Side of WordPress, Andy McIlwain 1 blogging, sketchnotes, wordpress
Mar 10Weekly review: Week ending March 9, 2012 2 review, weekly
Mar 8The confidence of non-expertise 4 life, reflection
Mar 7Adjusting life, work, writing
Mar 6Visual book notes: How to Read a Book 20 book, reading, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Mar 5Visual book notes: The Start-up of You (Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha) 6 book, career, connecting, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Mar 4Celebrating rejection and failure 12 business
Mar 3Weekly review: Week ending March 2, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 2Visual book notes: 6 Secrets to Startup Success 2 book, business, entrepreneurship, reading, sketchnotes, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 1Organizing resources for Quantified Self Toronto quantified