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Dec 31Thinking about housework 1 life, productivity
Dec 30Thinking about time tracking 1 geek, quantified
Dec 29Blogging and conference networking tips 3 blogging, conference, connecting, tips
Dec 28Ten lessons learned from disassembling and rebuilding our washing machine 7 geek, love
Dec 27The great washing machine adventure 1 life
Dec 26Drupal fixes: Modifying the entries in Calendar drupal, geek
Dec 25Weekly review: Week ending December 24, 2010 weekly
Dec 24Reflections on mentoring new developers in Drupal 6 drupal, geek, mentoring
Dec 23Using Simpletest and spreadsheets to populate Drupal with data 4 drupal, geek
Dec 22More reflections on code and consulting 1 career, geek, reflection, work
Dec 21What’s coming up in Emacs 24 12 emacs
Dec 21Code and consulting 1 geek
Dec 20Yearly review: 2010 9 sketches, yearly
Dec 19Reflecting on life as an experiment, gender gaps, and privilege 2 quantified, women
Dec 18Weekly review: Week ending December 18, 2010 weekly
Dec 17Test-driven development and happiness 2 development, drupal, geek
Dec 16More MobileOrg hacking on the Android 1 android, emacs, org
Dec 15Android Tasker: Setting time limits for Angry Birds and other timesucks 3 android
Dec 14Android life so far 5 android, emacs
Dec 13Conference tips: planning your attendance conference, connecting, tips
Dec 12Happy Holidays, Eh! First edition greeting card giveaway drawing, kaizen, sketches
Dec 11XKCD, tic-tac-toe, and fractal goodness 1 geek
Dec 11Weekly review: Week ending December 10, 2010 2 weekly
Dec 10Understanding analytics for personal blogs 1 blogging
Dec 10What if sharing knowledge could make a difference between life and death? blogging
Dec 9Sketchnotes: The Science of Blogging: Dan Zarrella (Hubspot) 4 blogging, sketchnotes
Dec 9Making the most of the conference hallway track 1 conference, connecting, tips
Dec 8Writing about lots of different kinds of things 1 blogging, writing
Dec 7Taho 10 filipino, philippines
Dec 6Monthly review: November 2010 monthly
Dec 5Weekly review: Week ending December 3, 2010 2 weekly
Dec 4Happy holidays, eh! 3 sketches
Dec 3More thoughts on week beginnings: it’s about being proactive 1 life, productivity, reflection, sketches
Dec 2Quantified Self Toronto: Second Meetup 2 android, geek, life, quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Dec 1Sometimes you have to work at being happy 4 happy
Nov 30Limiting flow 8 geek, life
Nov 29Learning Android development by hacking MobileOrg 11 android, emacs, geek
Nov 28Weekly review: Week ending November 26, 2010 weekly
Nov 27Work and life 3 life, reflection
Nov 26Reclaiming 2 life
Nov 25Android: Tracking sleep with Sleep Bot 1 android, geek
Nov 24I just got an Android phone 6 android, geek
Nov 23Emacs: Recording ledger entries with org-capture-templates 15 emacs
Nov 22Week beginnings 10 life, productivity
Nov 21Weekly review: Week ending November 19, 2010 weekly
Nov 20Experimenting with mornings 3 kaizen, life, productivity
Nov 19Conversations: Stian Håklev education, sketches, teaching
Nov 18Smiling 6 life, sketches
Nov 17Sketchnotes: Why I do them, how I do them, and how you can get started 9 sketches, sketchnotes
Nov 16What I’m focusing on 3 life
Nov 15Monthly review: October 2010 monthly
Nov 14Weekly review: Week ending November 14, 2010 weekly
Nov 13Watched Wicked again; thinking about experiences 3 family, life
Nov 12Sketches: Wicked 1 life, sketches
Nov 11Drupal, SimpleTest, and the node access API 3 drupal, tips, work
Nov 11Reinvention: virtual storytelling summit Nov 11 – 22, 2010 1 Uncategorized
Nov 10Getting more drawing into my life 2 drawing, sketches
Nov 9How to use Drush to download and install Drupal modules 18 drupal, geek, tips, work
Nov 8The story of the shoes at our wedding; also, wedding pictures 2 life, story
Nov 7Weekly review: Week ending November 7, 2010 weekly
Nov 6My reading round-up 2 book, reading
Nov 5Where do you find topics to write about? How to have tons of topics 6 blogging, writing
Nov 4How much time does it take to blog? 6 blogging
Nov 3Thoughts on speaking presentation, speaking
Nov 2Book: Choose to be happily married: How everyday decisions can lead to lasting love 1 book, love, reading
Nov 1Saving team members from RSI 6 geek, work
Oct 31Weekly review: Week ending October 31, 2010 weekly
Oct 30Emacs, keypresses, and why keyboard combinations aren’t that scary 17 emacs
Oct 29Speaking: In case of emergency, break glass 2 presentation, speaking
Oct 28Notes from Quantified Self Toronto, October 27, 2010 2 geek, life, quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Oct 27"But what can I talk about?" Toastmaster tactics for tackling topics 2 presentation, speaking, tips, toastmasters
Oct 26How I got into computer science 2 geek, life
Oct 25Weekly review: Week ending October 24, 2010 weekly
Oct 24Thinking about getting better at writing 7 blogging, delegation, kaizen, writing
Oct 23Drupal Features and Drush: updating our development workflow 2 drupal, geek, work
Oct 22Book: Critical inquiry: the process of argument book, reading
Oct 21Saving development time through virtual appliances 7 development, drupal, geek, work
Oct 20Memories of Mandelbrot 1 geek, ibm
Oct 19Notes from DrupalCampToronto 2010 2 drupal, geek, work
Oct 18Book: Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts 2 book, connecting, reading
Oct 17Weekly review: Week ending October 17, 2010 weekly
Oct 16Back on the writing wagon family, writing
Oct 15Toaster’s toasted geek, life
Oct 14Placeholder: The Examined Life: Technology and Experimentation presentation, speaking
Oct 13Monthly review: September 2010 monthly
Oct 12Week ending October 10, 2010 weekly
Oct 8Cleaning up HTML from Microsoft Word 5 tips
Oct 7Lotus Notes mail practices lotus
Oct 3Quick catch-up 1 Uncategorized
Oct 2Married! 37 Uncategorized
Oct 1The Exploratorium, or playgrounds for the mind 2 family, life
Sep 30Book: How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic 4 book, reading
Sep 29Book: Thank You for Arguing 3 book, communication, reading
Sep 28Book: Getting to Yes 1 book, communication, reading
Sep 27Systematically eliminating choices 7 life
Sep 26Week ending September 26, 2010 2 weekly
Sep 25How to be dispensable, and why you should document and automate yourself out of a job 11 career, tips, work
Sep 24New note-taking workflow with Emacs Org-mode 18 emacs, kaizen, notetaking, org, productivity
Sep 23Old notes on staffing a virtual conference booth conference, connecting, event
Sep 22Rhetoric 15 communication, love, reading
Sep 21Tips from remote workers ibm, tips, work
Sep 20What can I do to help make the world more equitable? 2 Uncategorized
Sep 19Week ending September 19, 2010 1 weekly
Sep 18Getting past generation-based conversations 2 gen-y
Sep 17Welcome, listeners of the Taking Notes podcast! lotus
Sep 17Tips for entrepreneurs entrepreneurship
Sep 16‘round the bend 2 Uncategorized
Sep 15Towards equity Uncategorized
Sep 14Filipiniana 3 clothing, filipino, philippines
Sep 13Week ending September 12, 2010 weekly
Sep 12Getting the WordPress Lifestream plugin to work on my blog 5 geek, wordpress
Sep 11Emacs Org mode and publishing a weekly review 6 emacs, kaizen, org, process
Sep 10Monthly review: August 2010 monthly
Sep 9Stuff is just stuff, and experiences are just experiences 13 life
Sep 8Labour Day painting life, sketches
Sep 7Redoing things family, life
Sep 6Week ending September 5, 2010 weekly
Sep 5Fit for You: Thinking about my priorities 2 career, life, reflection
Sep 4Thinking of autumn 1 gardening, life
Sep 3The value of constraints life, productivity
Sep 2Book: Leading Outside the Lines book, management, organization, reading, work
Sep 1It’s okay if you can’t remember or spell my name; being human 8 connecting
Aug 31Limiting my options so that I can focus 8 career, life, reflection
Aug 30Week ending August 29, 2010 weekly
Aug 29Setting up my new tablet PC – apps, config, etc. 5 geek
Aug 28Drawing with my tablet 2 cat, sketches
Aug 27On a Lenovo X61 7 geek, sketches
Aug 26Proactive communication: Five tips for following up 2 communication, ibm, mentoring, productivity, work
Aug 25Keeping in touch with diffuse networks 6 connecting
Aug 24Learning storytelling from my parents 3 family
Aug 23Weekly review: Week ending August 22, 2010 weekly
Aug 22Six steps to make sharing part of how you work 12 blogging, notetaking, presentation, sketches, speaking, work
Aug 21Backyard trades canada, gardening, life
Aug 20Hypercubes, happiness, and serenity 1 happy, reflection
Aug 19Speed-reading 4 reading, sketches, tips
Aug 18Diversity and awareness of privilege 1 women
Aug 17Note-taking revisited 7 connecting, kaizen, notetaking, productivity
Aug 16Weekly review: Week ending August 15, 2010 1 weekly
Aug 15Twenty-seven; life as a twenty-six year old 6 yearly
Aug 14The delicate dance of status 3 braindump, connecting, reflection
Aug 13Reflecting on introductions 4 connecting
Aug 12Networking events 5 connecting, reflection
Aug 11Television and the push and pull of motivation family, life, reflection
Aug 10Weekly review: Week ending August 8, 2010 weekly
Aug 9Sample code for allowing drag-and-drop of Notes/Domino documents (including email) to a table in a plugin 2 geek, lotus
Aug 8Monthly review: July 2010 1 monthly
Aug 7On finding a great job 2 career, life, passion, work
Aug 6On passion and luck 9 career, life, passion
Aug 5Long weekend reflections life, productivity, reflection
Aug 4Success and blogging 3 blogging
Aug 3Two days of awesome cooking, sketches
Aug 2Weekly review: Week ending August 1, 2010 weekly
Aug 1What’s success, anyway? 7 happy, life, reflection
Jul 31Cool mornings 2 canada
Jul 30Finding opportunities in a big company 2 career, connecting, ibm, work
Jul 29A philosophy of sharing and a truth about teaching 8 life, reflection
Jul 28Electronic ears: Using Performous to learn how to sing 2 kaizen, life, linux
Jul 27Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2010 1 weekly
Jul 26Living an awesome life: Not a Greek tragedy 2 happy
Jul 25Reflections from a tweetup 1 connecting
Jul 24Getting the hang of leading small things work
Jul 23Giving myself permission to delegate again 1 delegation
Jul 22Technology evangelists: What we do, how to find and hire one, how to become one 2 career, work
Jul 21Troubleshooting my Lotus Notes 8.5.2, Expeditor 6.2, and Eclipse 3.4 setup 7 development, geek, ibm, lotus
Jul 20Using org2blog to publish Org-mode subtrees 16 emacs, geek
Jul 19This is a test post from org2blog 22 emacs
Jul 18Weekly review: Week ending July 18, 2010 weekly
Jul 17Garden riches 5 gardening
Jul 16Keeping track of multiple projects 4 ibm, productivity
Jul 15Playing the long game: writing, raw material, and backups 2 blogging, writing
Jul 14Delegation and thinking about what I want to do 2 delegation
Jul 13Love and reaction 3 love
Jul 12Weekly review: Week ending July 11, 2010 weekly
Jul 11CookOrDie: Passing it on with lemon-rosemary chicken 5 cooking, cookordie, friends
Jul 10Sooner or later? Expertise and the new 1 career, ibm, work
Jul 9Yogurt, change, and growing oldness 1 life
Jul 8Monthly review: June 2010 monthly
Jul 7Get-together ideas for Toronto friends, life
Jul 6Thoughts on writing and starting again 1 braindump, writing
Jul 5Career growth in a large company career, ibm
Jul 4Weekly review: Week ending July 4, 2010 4 weekly
Jul 3Blueberry jam, apricot syrup, and kiwi jam 5 cooking, life
Jul 2Thinking about dinner parties 1 cooking, friends, life
Jul 1Tools, big companies, and collaboration 2 geek, work
Jun 30Risks, personal brands, and findability 4 connecting, social, web2.0
Jun 29Book: Making Peace with Your Office Life 1 book, career
Jun 28Weekly review: Week ending June 27, 2010 4 weekly
Jun 27Keeping my name 15 Uncategorized
Jun 26Growing up family
Jun 25Editing audio and embedding it into a MS Powerpoint file 3 geek, ibm
Jun 24Thank you, David Singer 1 ibm, mentoring
Jun 23Using supervisord for Nginx+FastCGI+PHP 8 geek, linux
Jun 22Seven Tips for Short Talks 4 presentation, speaking
Jun 21Weekly review: Week ending June 20, 2010 weekly
Jun 20The fruits and chairs of our labour 10 gardening
Jun 19Say the steps out loud career, ibm, work
Jun 18Planning ahead life, planning
Jun 17Notes about business communication 2 blogging, business, communication, ibm, speaking, work
Jun 16Happiness 3 family, happy, life, reflection
Jun 15Weekly review: Week ending June 13, 2010 1 gardening, weekly
Jun 14I want to learn how to draw better 10 learning, sketches
Jun 13On libraries at school 10 library
Jun 12Braindump: Automating repetitive tasks using AutoHotkey 1 braindump
Jun 11Thinking out loud: happiness braindump, happy, passion
Jun 10LotusScript: Checking another database for categories that do not contain a document of a particular type geek, lotus, work
Jun 9The work of self-understanding 1 drawing, learning, life, reflection, writing
Jun 8Passion 2 life, passion, reflection
Jun 7Weekly review: Week ending June 7, 2010 weekly
Jun 6Personal finance 1 finance, life, reflection
Jun 5Goals 1 life, planning, reflection
Jun 4Some of my favourite quotes 1 life
Jun 3Influence map; introspection 1 blogging, life, reflection, sketches, writing
Jun 2Monthly review: May 2010 3 monthly
Jun 1Weekly review: week ending May 30, 2010 4 weekly
May 31Travel kaizen and the meaning of life career, kaizen, purpose, reflection, travel
May 30Exercising the senses 4 learning, life
May 29Imperfection blogging, career, ibm, learning
May 28Getting the hang of big companies ibm, work
May 27Woodworking life
May 26Weekly review: Week ending May 24, 2010 (Victoria Day long weekend) weekly
May 25Exponential awesomeness 2 education, teaching, web2.0
May 24Getting the hang of gardening 2 gardening, kaizen
May 23Braindump: On face-to-face and online social networking (xpost) 1 braindump, connecting
May 22The garden in May gardening
May 21Presented Remote Presentations That Rock v2 for the Best of TLE 2009 series kaizen, presentation, speaking
May 20Thinking about the path ahead 2 career, ibm, sketches
May 19I want to learn how to make drawings/videos like this 4 drawing, learning
May 18Custom fields in Lotus Notes / Domino? You may need to set the SUMMARY field flag 1 geek, lotus
May 17Weekly review: Week ending May 16, 2010 weekly
May 16Org-toodledo 14 emacs, geek, org, productivity
May 15Picking hobbies that fit together 2 life, productivity, sketches
May 14Even more awesome LotusScript mail merge for Lotus Notes + Microsoft Excel 87 geek, lotus
May 13Quick notes from a conversation about speaking and facilitation speaking
May 12Dear future Sacha, 5 life, reflection
May 11Weekly review: Week ending May 9, 2010 weekly
May 10Quick guide to domain names 1 geek
May 9Remote Presentations That Rock (revised) presentation, speaking
May 8May 2010: Remember and declutter 1 kaizen, life
May 7A letter to my 8-year-old self 4 life
May 6Holy cow, that was a lot of mail. So sorry! 1 blogging, sad, wordpress
May 6Squirrels, shop class and drafting: making my peace with high school 1 gardening, learning, life, love, sketches
May 5Monthly review: April 2010 monthly
May 4Weekly review: Week ending May 2, 2010 sketches, weekly
May 3Bread of salt and taste of home cooking, cookordie, philippines, sketches
May 2Braindump: What I learned from our virtual leadership conversation braindump, kaizen, leadership
May 1Thinking about what people remember 1 braindump, life, reflection, sketches
Apr 30Paper is the new PowerPoint speaking, visual
Apr 29On stores and surroundings life, sketches
Apr 28Smarter leaders braindump (long, visual) braindump, leadership, sketches
Apr 28Stitching together a semi-rotational program; training is not the limiting factor 1 career, ibm, leadership, reflection, sketches
Apr 27What do I hope to inspire people to do and be? 3 passion, reflection, sketches
Apr 26Weekly review: Week ending April 25, 2010 weekly
Apr 25Women and technical leadership career, leadership, women
Apr 24My cats have been teaching me how to draw cat, sketches
Apr 23Forgot my keys; automating memory 5 kaizen
Apr 23The problem with personal branding 10 blogging, connecting, web2.0
Apr 22Thoughts on presenting: I love the backchannel braindump, presentation, reflection, speaking
Apr 21New hires, ignorance and innovation 2 ibm
Apr 20Being visible reflection
Apr 19Weekly review: Week ending April 18, 2010 weekly
Apr 19SimpleXML and Xpath problems solved 1 geek
Apr 18In my dreams of wild success 5 career, passion, work
Apr 17Tea friends, party, sketches
Apr 16Thinking about mentoring mentoring
Apr 15On getting started with collaboration 1 ibm, web2.0
Apr 14From the ground up: Helping our organizations work smarter 1 ibm, leadership, work
Apr 13For love of numbers 5 finance
Apr 12Weekly review: Week ending April 11, 2010 weekly
Apr 11I heart gardening gardening, sketches
Apr 10Show your work 1 blogging, leadership, learning, sketches, writing
Apr 9Find your wall 1 life, reflection, sewing, sketches
Apr 8Large team challenges 1 enterprise2.0, sketches, web2.0
Apr 7Technical leadership career, leadership, work
Apr 6Weekly review: Week ending April 4, 2010 weekly
Apr 5Happiness at work career, happy, ibm, reflection, work
Apr 4Unstructured time update life
Apr 3WordPress admin screen tweaks blogging, geek, kaizen, wordpress
Apr 2IgniteToronto video: The Shy Presenter 2 presentation, speaking
Apr 2On role models love, reflection
Apr 1Thinking about travel career, ibm, travel, work
Mar 31Dusting off my Emacs config files 2 emacs
Mar 30Monthly review: March 2010 monthly
Mar 29Weekly review: Week ending March 28, 2010 weekly
Mar 28From delegation to automation 3 delegation
Mar 27Automation 1 emacs
Mar 26Missing something I love about presentations sketches, speaking
Mar 25Reflections on PresentationCampToronto 2 kaizen, speaking
Mar 24How to get people to read your blog post 1 blogging, tips, writing
Mar 23Presentation kaizen: Seven everyday ways to become a better presenter 5 kaizen, presentation, sketches, speaking
Mar 23How to brain-dump what you know 5 blogging, braindump, ibm, writing
Mar 22Weekly review: Week ending March 21, 2010 1 weekly
Mar 21Learning from interviews 2 mentoring
Mar 20Coaching people on how to give better remote presentations – Thinking out loud 2 business, mentoring, presentation, speaking
Mar 19Braindump: Presentation kaizen 1 braindump, speaking
Mar 18Welcome to IBM! Advice for other newcomers like me 2 career
Mar 17Book recommendations for new grads 1 career, kaizen, learning, reading
Mar 16Experiment: Shopping for groceries online 4 cooking
Mar 15Weekly review: Week ending March 14, 2010 weekly
Mar 14Steeped in collaboration 1 career, reflection
Mar 13Kitchen kaizen cooking, kaizen, life
Mar 12What do I want to learn? Making a map 1 ibm, learning, life, planning, plans, work
Mar 11Leadership going virtual: how we can help managers ibm, leadership, management
Mar 10Thinking about what I want to do with IBM career, ibm, passion, planning, plans
Mar 9Experiments as a presenter 1 speaking
Mar 8Weekly review: Week ending March 7, 2010 weekly
Mar 7An abundance of opportunities 1 presentation, speaking
Mar 6On circumstances and somebodies 6 life, passion, reflection
Mar 5A little less wise, a little more awesome life, love
Mar 5What I learned from The Art of Marketing conference, marketing, work
Mar 4Presentation lessons from Ignite; deliberate practice kaizen, presentation, speaking, tips
Mar 3Not just a word 4 learning, life, mentoring, reflection
Mar 2Thoughts on preparing an Ignite-style presentation braindump, presentation, speaking
Mar 1Monthly review: February 2010 monthly
Mar 1Weekly review: Week ending February 28, 2010 1 weekly
Mar 1The Shy Presenter: Why conventional advice on learning public speaking sucks, and how to really get started 5 presentation, speaking
Feb 28Getting ready for a new adventure 4 life, love
Feb 27On vintage portaits and wedding photography 4 Uncategorized
Feb 26The Shy Presenter: braindumping an introvert’s guide to public speaking 1 braindump, presentation, speaking
Feb 25Thinking about indexing and connecting the dots connecting, ibm, kaizen, reflection
Feb 24Wiki organization challenge – thinking out loud 1 ibm, organization, work
Feb 23Winter 1 life
Feb 22Seeds 2 family, gardening, life, passion, reflection
Feb 21Weekly review: Week ending February 21, 2010 2 weekly
Feb 21Circuses, pots, and cathedrals: three key stories 2 passion, reflection, story
Feb 20Patternicity, how things come together, and happiness 5 happy, reflection
Feb 19The sweet spot at work career, ibm, passion, reflection
Feb 18It’s not what you can’t write, it’s what you need to share 6 blogging, reflection
Feb 17Experiments in awesome 2 cooking, cookordie, life, reflection
Feb 16Fixing SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 132 for Karmic wireless on Asus Eee 1008HA 13 geek, linux
Feb 16Personal blog? Don’t worry about your strategy 18 blogging, writing
Feb 15Weekly review: Week ending February 14, 2010 weekly
Feb 15Kaizen: WITI: The Shy Connector kaizen, presentation, speaking
Feb 14How not to propose marriage 5 life, love, story
Feb 13Visualization of my blog categories 5 blogging, visual
Feb 12Wiki information architecture thoughts 1 organization, tips
Feb 11Writing for love and fun 2 blogging, writing
Feb 10Harvesting the backchannel bazaar of insights ibm, presentation, speaking
Feb 9Notes from WITI: The Shy Connector 7 connecting, presentation, speaking, women
Feb 9Bug-hunting spreadsheets 1 geek, ibm, work
Feb 8ACM Hypertext conference in Toronto this June; paper deadline Feb 14 1 conference, event, research
Feb 8Weekly review: Week ending February 7, 2010 1 weekly
Feb 8Lessons learned from microblogging talk 1 presentation, speaking
Feb 7Teapot life
Feb 6Moving from testing to development 34 career, development, ibm, mentoring, sketches
Feb 5I’d like to build the post-connector workplace 1 connecting, enterprise2.0, ibm, social, web2.0
Feb 4Monthly highlights: January 2010 1 monthly
Feb 3Survey responses for TLE: Remote Presentations That Rock 1 ibm, kaizen, learning, presentation, speaking, work
Feb 2Learning more about interviewing 1 ibm, mentoring, work
Feb 1Weekly review: Week ending January 31, 2010 1 weekly
Feb 1Always look on the bright side of life canada, life
Jan 31Agendas 19 life
Jan 30Pamanhikan 2 life
Jan 28From the book bag 1 book, entrepreneurship, finance, reading, sketches
Jan 27Gifts and graphs: visualization and gift-giving family, life
Jan 26Weekly review: Week ending January 24, 2010 weekly
Jan 26Dogear and Delicious: Cross-posting your enterprise bookmarks (xpost) ibm, work
Jan 26Book: Beyond Booked Solid book, career, delegation, management, reading
Jan 25Every teachable moment 2 geek, life, teaching
Jan 24Around the watercooler 1 ibm, web2.0, work
Jan 23Visual organizers 1 visual
Jan 22Batirol, tablea, and tsokolatera – the joys of hot chocolate life, photography
Jan 21Recovering life
Jan 21Free Drupal-IBM-Acquia webinar: Integrating Drupal with Enterprise Back-office Systems – Thu Jan 21 2010 1PM EST 5 drupal, geek, ibm, work
Jan 21Book: On Becoming a Leader 3 book, career, leadership, reading
Jan 20Recovering from jet lag 2 life
Jan 20Braindump: Social media advice for events web2.0
Jan 19Training wheels for setting goals life, passion, purpose
Jan 18Weekly review: Week ending Jan 17, 2010 weekly
Jan 18What I want to talk about in 2010 planning, plans, speaking
Jan 17Learning assertiveness family, life
Jan 16Lightweight personas for ideation workshops ibm, work
Jan 16Reflecting on introversion and shyness; help me find better words! 7 connecting, reflection
Jan 15Microblogging talk lotus, presentation, web2.0
Jan 14Rabbit-holes of awesome passion, sketches
Jan 14Getting started on your web presence 2 blogging, web2.0
Jan 14Upcoming talk: The Shy Connector connecting, presentation, speaking
Jan 13I want more colour in my day life, sketches
Jan 13Growth through writing 2 blogging, writing
Jan 12Facilitation: Thinking about the ends and means 1 learning, work
Jan 12A night with the barkada barkada, friends, philippines, sketches
Jan 12Cats in high places cat
Jan 11Information gardening tasks 3 web2.0, work
Jan 11La-Z-Boy cinemas, massages, and seafood life, philippines, sketches
Jan 10Weekly review: Week ending January 10, 2010 2 weekly
Jan 10Sketch: Elephant love 1 family, sketches
Jan 10Closing my 2009 financial ledger, looking forward to the next year 1 finance
Jan 9I’ll never buy a Moleskine again 7 notetaking, sketches
Jan 9Personal knowledge management, morgue files, capture systems kaizen, notetaking, process
Jan 8Learning more about facilitation 2 learning, planning, plans
Jan 8Sketch: Getting past the tyranny of the blank page sketches
Jan 7Monthly highlights: December 2009 1 monthly
Jan 6On pen and paper 5 notetaking
Jan 6Offline and online conversations connecting
Jan 5Accessing tacit knowledge and building pathways for two-way learning connecting, web2.0
Jan 4Weekly review: Weeks ending December 27, 2009 and January 3, 2010 weekly
Jan 4How I explore my interests 4 life, passion
Jan 3Thinking out loud: Mapping what I know 6 blogging, learning, notetaking
Jan 2Book: Rules for Revolutionaries book, reading
Jan 1On the practice of a weekly review 4 blogging, kaizen, process, reflection