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Dec 21 Weekly review: Weeks ending Dec 13, 2009 and Dec 20, 2009 weekly
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Dec 17 Learning plan for 2010 learning, life, planning, reflection, yearly
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Dec 9 Editing feedback on The Shy Connector delegation, kaizen, writing
Dec 9 Weekly review: Week ending December 6, 2009 weekly
Dec 9 Process: Using Activities to organize workshop-related information process
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Dec 7 Lotus Connections Communities topics+replies feeds to OPML geek, lotus, ruby
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Dec 4 Of storytellers and pattern-makers; Book: Solitude: A Return to the Self career, passion, reading, reflection
Dec 4 Visual notes – Gary Vaynerchuk and Democamp Toronto 24 democamp, entrepreneurship, notetaking, passion, sketches, web2.0
Dec 3 Reflections on passion: Don’t let your job get in the way of your career book, career, ibm, passion, purpose, reading, reflection, work
Dec 2 Learning about my grandmother family, life, sewing
Dec 1 Living in the sweet spot kaizen, life, reflection, sketches
Nov 30 Visual notes from Remote Presentations That Rock leadership, notetaking, presentation, sketches, speaking
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Nov 27 Drawing by Seeing, and some reflections on life book, life, reading, reflection, sketches
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Nov 23 Weekly review: Week ending November 22, 2009 weekly
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Nov 16 Fleece blankets and seasons canada
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Nov 14 Reflecting on 8 years of blog posts blogging, sketches
Nov 14 Lucas family
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Nov 10 Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant? Eat like a bee! blogging, book, reading
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Nov 8 Made a sofa wrap! sewing
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Nov 6 Garden plans for 2010 gardening
Nov 5 My Inkscape settings sketches
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Nov 1 Halloween canada, life
Oct 31 Grocery round-up: Toronto finance
Oct 31 Flowcharts and drawing family
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Oct 22 Thinking out loud about my presentation speaking
Oct 21 Almost a permanent resident! Decisions, decisions…
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Aug 24 Back from staycation life
Aug 24 Tea, a drink with jam and bread cooking, party
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Aug 15 Five hats photography
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Aug 11 Another year of blog posts (PDF, 535 pages) blogging, life
Aug 11 Life as a 25-year-old life, yearly
Aug 10 My life as a 25-year-old life
Aug 9 Food and shelter, health, love, skill, meaning life
Aug 9 Improv: Catch 23’s Next Act, people-watching
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Aug 7 Observational humour and solo improv play
Aug 7 Gardening and cats cat
Aug 7 Improv 101, class 3: It’s not about stuff, it’s about relationships
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Aug 3 On sewing and improv sewing
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Jul 29 Taro family, life, philippines
Jul 28 Sewing arghs sewing
Jul 27 Lotus Notes mail merge from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet lotus
Jul 27 Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2009 weekly
Jul 26 Never get used up life
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Jul 24 Started my Improv 101 class!
Jul 23 How I got my job at IBM career
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Jul 19 Just got back from the photowalk in High Park photography
Jul 16 Facilitating workshops: What I learned from doing a trend overview
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Jul 13 Quick travel notes: move through the airport quickly travel
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Jul 5 From here to first frost gardening
Jul 5 Cat portrait session cat, photography
Jul 4 More strawberries! gardening
Jul 4 Hobbies for life life
Jul 3 Reflecting on how to prepare for workshops kaizen, work
Jul 2 The fullness of days life
Jul 2 Hobby day holiday life
Jul 1 Recent photos photography
Jul 1 Combining multiple social media services web2.0
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Jul 1 Making business travel awesome life, travel
Jun 30 Lessons learned from this phase of our Drupal project drupal
Jun 29 Changing hats career
Jun 29 Weekly review: Week ending June 28, 2009 weekly
Jun 28 The joys of making things sewing
Jun 25 Notes from Totally Rocking Presentations at IBM presentation, speaking
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Jun 22 Log your accomplishments blogging, career, life, web2.0
Jun 22 Weekly review: Week ending June 21, 2009 weekly
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Jun 19 A tale of two laptops geek
Jun 18 Social media and education teaching, web2.0
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Jun 18 Twitter brings down walls web2.0
Jun 18 Weekly review: Week ending June 14, 2009 weekly
Jun 18 129 summer camp ideas life
Jun 18 Notes from the Social Recruiting Summit conference, web2.0
Jun 15 Social Recruiting Summit: Awesomest Job Search Ever conference, presentation, speaking, web2.0
Jun 13 Garden updates gardening
Jun 13 Work-life balance and the good life happy, life
Jun 11 Thoughts on Toodledo versus Emacs Org emacs, productivity
Jun 10 Weekly review: Week ending June 7, 2009 weekly
Jun 10 Stage fright, visualization and improvization presentation, speaking
Jun 10 Asus EEE 1008HA and Ubuntu: Keep a USB drive handy geek, linux
Jun 8 My Charity Connects: The A, B, Cs, of Boomers, X, Ys, Zs: Reaching Different Generations Through Social Media presentation, speaking
Jun 7 Preventive maintenance and the Goldtouch Go! keyboard geek, kaizen, life
Jun 7 Conversations with the students at Sir Wilfrid Laurier life, presentation, reflection, speaking
Jun 7 More gardening and sewing sewing
Jun 6 Even the dentist’s assistant thinks I’m happy =) happy, life
Jun 4 Gardening gardening
Jun 3 Photos from High Park photography
Jun 2 Weekly review: Week ending May 31, 2009 weekly
Jun 1 Drupal in the trenches: MySQL and DELETE joins; multiple tests drupal
May 30 Taking the Stage leadership, life
May 29 Finally figured out what to do with presentation templates! =) presentation, speaking
May 29 No magic beans required life
May 29 Helping people learn about Web 2.0 through stories web2.0
May 29 Drupal from the trenches: This is my game drupal, geek, goodkarma
May 27 The Read/Write Internet: Advice to students presentation
May 25 Drupal in the trenches: AJAX history makes my brain hurt drupal
May 25 More gardening gardening
May 24 Purple carrots gardening, gen-y
May 22 Weekly review: Week ending May 22, 2009 weekly
May 22 Monthly review: April 2009 monthly
May 22 Drupal: Timezones and places drupal, geek
May 21 Drupal from the trenches: Database glitches drupal, geek
May 19 Weekly review: week ending May 18, 2009 weekly
May 17 Cintiq 12WX on Ubuntu Jaunty with ATIconfig geek, linux
May 16 Virtual assistance: Process for managing my to-read books delegation
May 16 Sewing, or on soldiering on sewing
May 15 I am a young shock-worker geek, sketches
May 15 Refuse to Choose: or life is a many-splendoured thing life, reflection
May 15 Thank you, Lotus forums! geek
May 15 Sewing: Of sewing more dresses and making more pots sewing
May 14 Thinking about the next summer dress I’m going to make sewing
May 14 Drupal: I’m learning how to be a JQuery/Date+Calendar ninja! =) drupal
May 14 Learning from Gen Y: Help needed! gen-y
May 13 Smiling over a distance work
May 13 A love affair with books love
May 11 Making things; Vogue 8020 sewing
May 11 Weekly review: Week ending May 10, 2009 weekly
May 9 Delegating weaknesses; experimenting with social secretaries connecting, delegation
May 8 Putting together an inspiration board sewing
May 8 Yes, I work at a big company career, ibm, work
May 6 Thinking about organizing sewing patterns sewing
May 6 Just a simple red skirt sewing
May 4 Weekly report: Week ending May 3, 2009 weekly
May 4 Getting started with virtual assistance delegation
Apr 30 Tips for getting started with virtual assistance delegation
Apr 29 Getting better at writing design documents geek
Apr 28 The ups and ups of Mondays life
Apr 27 Notes from a conversation with Isaac Ezer and Andrew Louis
Apr 26 Science Rendevous, May 9 11 AM – 5 PM, Toronto geek
Apr 26 Caturday cat, sketches
Apr 25 Making some wool skirts sewing
Apr 25 Thinking about those newsletters connecting
Apr 24 Weekly report: Week ending April 24, 2009 weekly
Apr 24 Mapping my work happiness career, life, sketches
Apr 24 On the practice of happy-do life, sketches
Apr 23 Drupal staging and deployment tips: It’s all code drupal
Apr 23 Mapping what makes me happy life, sketches
Apr 22 Learning to play the piano life
Apr 21 Software reconstruction drupal
Apr 21 Q1 2009 Newsletter
Apr 20 My financial network map and virtual envelope system finance
Apr 20 Managing virtual assistants: Imagining more possibilities delegation
Apr 18 Weekly report: Week ending April 18, 2009 weekly
Apr 17 Sketches: Do these look like cats to you? =) cat, sketches
Apr 16 One stick figure’s day sketches
Apr 15 Reflecting on public speaking and my talk management system kaizen, presentation, speaking
Apr 15 Quarterly review: Q1 2009
Apr 14 Managing virtual assistants: My process for managing talk deadlines and information -Uncategorized
Apr 14 Young and savvy finance, gen-y
Apr 14 How to extract just the audio from Sametime Unyte recordings, on Linux linux, presentation, ffmpeg
Apr 12 Weekly report: Week ending April 12, 2009 weekly
Apr 12 Riding on my bicycle; taking advantage of novelty life
Apr 11 Seven tips for making better presentations presentation, speaking
Apr 11 Finding finishers, building a team connecting
Apr 10 Enterprise 2.0: The business value of social networks enterprise2.0, happy, research, web2.0
Apr 10 My Drupal Makefile drupal
Apr 6 Weekly report: Week ending April 5, 2009 weekly
Apr 6 Nothing quite like Org for Emacs emacs, productivity
Apr 4 Managing virtual assistants: the surprising benefits of transcription speaking
Apr 3 Thinking about making ridiculous amounts of money finance
Apr 2 Remote presentations that rock: Challenges and opportunities of remote presentations presentation, speaking
Apr 2 Lessons learned from this phase of our Drupal project drupal, kaizen
Apr 1 Ethics and egos in virtual assistance and relationships connecting
Mar 31 More thoughts on calendar management kaizen
Mar 31 Planning projects for April: making remote presentations that rock, managing virtual assistants -Uncategorized
Mar 31 Monthly review: March 2009 monthly
Mar 30 Passions, Strengths and Goals passion
Mar 30 Volunteer opportunity for teachers and retired teachers in Ontario education, toronto
Mar 30 Virtual assistance process: Calendar management with Timebridge process
Mar 30 Quick tips for making the most of Sametime Unyte kaizen, presentation, speaking
Mar 30 Virtual conferences change the game presentation, speaking
Mar 30 Weekly report: Week ending March 29, 2009 weekly
Mar 29 New library reminder script geek
Mar 29 Making the most of opportunities – tips for managing time, energy, and money finance, time
Mar 28 Virtual assistance process: Manage Toronto Public Library books process
Mar 27 Haciendo que tu entorno de desarrollo de Drupal rocks drupal
Mar 27 Advice to IT students: Learning to love what you might hate right now career
Mar 27 LifeCampTO: April 5 (Sun), 10:30am – 1:00pm, LinuxCaffe connecting, event, life
Mar 27 From reactive to proactive, from inboxes to goals; thinking about the big picture kaizen, life, passion, reflection
Mar 26 The innovator’s innovator ibm
Mar 26 RSS footers blogging, wordpress
Mar 25 Drupal in the Trenches: Fighting with Views drupal
Mar 25 Drupal gotchas: Never ever ever use anything less than module AND delta to specify blocks drupal
Mar 25 Upcoming Web 2.0 Conferences conference, web2.0
Mar 25 Ada Lovelace Day linkfest and wrapup women
Mar 25 Helping my parents learn more about Internet and business; any tips? blogging
Mar 25 Looking for female IT role models in Toronto? toronto
Mar 24 Tips for managing virtual assistants -Uncategorized
Mar 24 The Enchantress of Numbers; Happy Ada Lovelace Day! women
Mar 24 Digraphs with Graphviz geek
Mar 24 How to do a lot career, life, productivity, reflection
Mar 23 Drupal tip: Test mail sending with Devel drupal
Mar 23 Outsourcing processes: Wake-up call process
Mar 23 Wake up calls -Uncategorized
Mar 22 Weekly review: Week ending March 22, 2009 weekly
Mar 21 Five reasons why I’m experimenting with outsourcing to virtual assistants kaizen, management
Mar 19 Drupal Gotcha: Watch out for $user during update.php drupal
Mar 19 Networking outside the firewall connecting, speaking
Mar 18 Improving my talk management process happy, kaizen, presentation, speaking
Mar 18 Five favorite Firefox add-ons for virtual assistants kaizen, productivity
Mar 17 Monthly review: February 2009 monthly
Mar 17 Weekly review: Week ending March 15, 2009 weekly
Mar 17 Still looking for an awesome calendar management system kaizen
Mar 16 Tasks I’ve tried delegating to TimeSvr so far -Uncategorized
Mar 15 DrupalCon 2009 Recap drupal
Mar 13 Making a Name for Yourself career, connecting, presentation, talk
Mar 13 Virtual assistance and a review of TimeSvr, ODesk -Uncategorized
Mar 12 Tungle for the win: kaizen and calendar management kaizen
Mar 11 Making a name for yourself: thinking out loud about my talk career, connecting
Mar 10 Weekly review: Week ending March 8, 2009 weekly
Mar 10 Okay, even more impressed by Timebridge kaizen
Mar 9 Drupal gotchas: watch out for Views dependencies drupal
Mar 8 Reinvesting finance
Mar 5 Presentation Zen: Visualization of the credit crisis speaking
Mar 5 DrupalCon Day 1: Notes and Links from March 4, 2009 drupal
Mar 5 IRC backchannel log for Totally Rocking Your Development Environment, DrupalCon 2009 drupal
Mar 3 Geek cooking: In search of vanilla cookordie
Mar 2 Want to grow as a speaker? Look for inspiration! speaking
Mar 1 25 Tips for Totally Rocking Your Drupal Development Environment: pre-session notes drupal, presentation
Mar 1 Cookie recipe: Oatmeal (chocolate chip/raisin) cookies cookordie
Mar 1 Reality check! Things are awesome gen-y, happy, life, reflection
Mar 1 Weekly report: week ending March 1, 2009 weekly
Mar 1 VA Days: Rethinking web search and virtual assistance kaizen
Feb 28 VA Days: Refining web research process for virtual assistance kaizen
Feb 26 Your subconscious is your friend life
Feb 26 Weekly report: Week ending Feb 22, 2009 (yes, a bit late) weekly
Feb 24 VA Days: Calendar Management -Uncategorized
Feb 24 Feel free to use your laptop or your phone in my talks! I love the backchannel presentation, speaking, web2.0
Feb 23 On the other side of the (virtual) desk kaizen, management
Feb 22 LifeCampTO: Tweaking the plan! event
Feb 21 What does wild success look like? Kaizen and life; tweaking mornings kaizen, life, reflection
Feb 21 Scaffolds and structures development, drupal, kaizen
Feb 19 Creative encouragement and following passion life, passion
Feb 19 Reflections on presentation; looking for a coach kaizen, speaking
Feb 16 Luke looking up cat, photography
Feb 15 Weekly review: Week ending February 14, 2009 weekly
Feb 11 Recording of Enterprise 2.0 and Knowledge Management lecture enterprise2.0, kaizen, presentation, talk
Feb 11 Notes from Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management talk at Schulich enterprise2.0, talk
Feb 11 Book workflow kaizen
Feb 10 Talking about Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge management enterprise2.0, talk, web2.0
Feb 10 Planning meetings, get-togethers, and interviews with AgreeADate connecting, emacs, geek, life, productivity
Feb 10 DrupalCampToronto organizing notes
Feb 9 Finally got my new landing page off the ground! =) drupal, geek
Feb 8 Weekly report – Week ending February 8, 2009 weekly
Feb 6 A thousand ways that didn’t work geek
Feb 5 Conversations about networking; scale, structure, and skills connecting
Feb 3 Kaizen: unsqueaking kaizen, life, reflection
Feb 3 LifeCampTO social graph connecting, social
Feb 2 Kitty TV cat, photography
Feb 2 Lessons from LifeCamp braindump, connecting, event
Jan 31 Monthly review: January 2009 monthly
Jan 31 Weekly review: Week ending January 30, 2009 weekly
Jan 29 Scarcity versus abundance in knowledge management connecting, web2.0
Jan 29 Also: a whole slew of talks and events! conference, drupal, event
Jan 29 Making things up learning, life
Jan 27 Braindump of conference networking tips conference, connecting, kaizen
Jan 27 Weekly review: Week ending January 25, 2009 weekly
Jan 23 Reblogged: Web 2.0, Sharing, and Uncertain Times
Jan 23 The unexpected lightness of learning learning
Jan 22 When I grow up, I will have friends and strangers over for dinner connecting, event, social
Jan 21 Upcoming talk: Totally Rocking Your Drupal Development Environment drupal, emacs, talk
Jan 21 You are in a maze of twisty passages, all different; a life of many interests geek, life
Jan 20 A tale of a smarter planet ibm
Jan 20 Lessons learned from hosting today’s IBM Web 2.0 for Business community call with Amy Shuen event, ibm, reflection, web2.0
Jan 20 ROI for public speaking and Web 2.0; graph and case study enterprise2.0, presentation, sketches, speaking, web2.0
Jan 18 Emacs basics: Changing the background color emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 18 lifecampto event, sketches
Jan 18 Ways to make winter better life
Jan 17 Weekly review: Week ending January 16, 2009 weekly
Jan 16 Relationship between affection expressed by cat and person cat
Jan 15 Diminishing returns on cat affection cat, sketches
Jan 15 Travel tips life
Jan 15 Making people’s eyes shine with wonder family, life
Jan 14 Unfinished Business: Design and New Media in the Obama campaign social, web2.0
Jan 14 Finally decided what to do with the tax-free savings account finance
Jan 13 Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key cat, sketches
Jan 12 Stick figures on campus; IBM at the University of Toronto ibm, presentation, sketches
Jan 12 Blogging helps blogging
Jan 11 Finally figured out how to set up a shared Git repository geek
Jan 10 Being less stupid is harder than being smarter kaizen, life, productivity, reflection
Jan 10 Dealing with weaknesses: calendars kaizen, life
Jan 9 Thinking about the Canadian Tax-free Savings Account finance
Jan 9 Weekly review: Week ending January 9, 2009 weekly
Jan 7 I like Lotus Notes 8.5 =) ibm, lotus
Jan 7 Emacs, file-cache, and ido emacs
Jan 6 AutoHotkey scripts for switching to windows geek, kaizen, productivity
Jan 6 Scenes from a geek life: Wireless mice geek, sketches
Jan 5 #lifecampto up – January 31 (Sat), 10:30 AM brunch meetup
Jan 5 Weekly review: Week ending January 4, 2009 weekly
Jan 5 GreaterIBM: Turbocharging real-life social networking events connecting, ibm, web2.0
Jan 4 Hooray! Tax-free savings account! finance
Jan 4 Ideas for making my work more effective and efficient, creating value, and rocking my work ibm, idea, work
Jan 3 There are no words to describe the geeky awesomeness of this geek
Jan 3 Annual letter: the numbers connecting
Jan 3 Ideas for improving my website idea
Jan 3 Ideas for becoming a better networker connecting
Jan 3 Craftsmanship learning, life
Jan 2 “What are you planning to do in 2009?”, or thoughts about #lifecamptoronto barcamp, connecting
Jan 2 Sleeping Cats cat
Jan 2 Homebody sketches
Jan 1 Happiness and cats cat