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Dec 31Chickened out -Uncategorized
Dec 31Refreshing my Linux install -Uncategorized
Dec 31Sleepy cat -Uncategorized
Dec 30TLA migration to 04 archive emacs
Dec 30Migs Paraz gives CompSAt free space -Uncategorized
Dec 30Four variations on sukiyaki beef -Uncategorized
Dec 30Took the MBTI again – still an INTJ -Uncategorized
Dec 30Dominique’s moblog -Uncategorized
Dec 30ANSI manipulation in Perl -Uncategorized
Dec 30Unanswered mail hack -Uncategorized
Dec 30Smarter indexing emacs
Dec 30Stuff for Kathy -Uncategorized
Dec 30Get-together yesterday -Uncategorized
Dec 27Herding cats -Uncategorized
Dec 27Oooh, one of my students is into GTK! -Uncategorized
Dec 27Chat with Jerome about friendship -Uncategorized
Dec 27Christmas memories -Uncategorized
Dec 24Software archaeology -Uncategorized
Dec 22Vaio parts -Uncategorized
Dec 22Setting up arch emacs
Dec 19kernel-janitor-discuss -Uncategorized
Dec 19Open source for school projects -Uncategorized
Dec 19Prompting -Uncategorized
Dec 19Mirrored blogs emacs
Dec 19Blogging contests? -Uncategorized
Dec 18Dominique won! =) -Uncategorized
Dec 18Thomas Gehrlein wants planner annotation from notes emacs
Dec 18The class is practically running itself emacs
Dec 18Proxy problems -Uncategorized
Dec 18Thoughts on training -Uncategorized
Dec 17Revised sacha/perl-training/suck-data-in emacs
Dec 17Elisp code to insert all emacs
Dec 17Extracting the trainees’ files and packaging them -Uncategorized
Dec 17Extracting all the mail addresses from the programs -Uncategorized
Dec 17Project ideas -Uncategorized
Dec 17Perl focus -Uncategorized
Dec 17Stuff at [[../learn/perl/training/day1]] so far -Uncategorized
Dec 16Perl for Windows administration -Uncategorized
Dec 16Oooh, cool way to split -Uncategorized
Dec 16Cultural differences between UNIX and Windows -Uncategorized
Dec 16Useful Perl resources -Uncategorized
Dec 16More stuff from visiting professor -Uncategorized
Dec 16Perl training -Uncategorized
Dec 16Hey, more thoughts on kara -Uncategorized
Dec 16Moving computing into the basics -Uncategorized
Dec 16Meeting with Dr. Juerg Nievergelt -Uncategorized
Dec 16More about group reviews -Uncategorized
Dec 16Recipe from [[bbdb://Aadisht][Aadisht Khanna]] -Uncategorized
Dec 16Backlog: Fish – 2003.12.15 cookordie
Dec 15Chess -Uncategorized
Dec 15Chess with M. -Uncategorized
Dec 15Group reviews -Uncategorized
Dec 15Kids’ software for Linux -Uncategorized
Dec 15“Transforming Non-Geeks Into Computer Whizzes” -Uncategorized
Dec 15Contemplating trip -Uncategorized
Dec 15Rice cookordie
Dec 15Backlog: Potatoes, beef, bacon – real this time – and cheese – 2003.12.12 cookordie
Dec 15Backlog: Mashed potatoes, beef, and bacon bits – 2003.12.11 cookordie
Dec 15Backlog: Beef, beans, and bacon in buns – 2003.12.10 cookordie
Dec 14chess.el -Uncategorized
Dec 14Natural language processing -Uncategorized
Dec 12Game development in Japan -Uncategorized
Dec 12Software Elegance -Uncategorized
Dec 12Printer works again -Uncategorized
Dec 10Somewhat depressed -Uncategorized
Dec 9Breakfast steak, potatoes cookordie
Dec 92003.12.09 – White (M.) / Black (Sacha) – Starbucks -Uncategorized
Dec 92003.12.09 – White (Sacha) / Black (M.) – Starbucks -Uncategorized
Dec 92003.12.09 – White (M.) / Black (Sacha) – Starbucks -Uncategorized
Dec 9Blind computing -Uncategorized
Dec 9Mark Punzalan is a Microsoft Student Ambassador now -Uncategorized
Dec 9CS21B meeting -Uncategorized
Dec 8Burrito attempt flop. cookordie
Dec 8Fortuitious events -Uncategorized
Dec 8Training -Uncategorized
Dec 8Problems with lphdisk -Uncategorized
Dec 7Two-minute mysteries -Uncategorized
Dec 7enable1.txt -Uncategorized
Dec 7Tutorial: Writing a new Emacs mode 1 emacs
Dec 7Went out with Diane =) -Uncategorized
Dec 7Testing 1 2 3 emacs
Dec 7Applying learning style theory to college education -Uncategorized
Dec 7Bluepoint road tour -Uncategorized
Dec 7Testing the hopefully fixed restrictions emacs
Dec 7Note guids emacs
Dec 7Testing remember.el -Uncategorized
Dec 7Numbering on a per-page level emacs
Dec 7Gerald Generoso’s comment on ComputerScienceEducationResearch — good karma -Uncategorized
Dec 6Savannah’s down emacs
Dec 6Some goodbyes -Uncategorized
Dec 5Day 11: 2003.12.04 (late entry) cookordie
Dec 4Open source in colleges -Uncategorized
Dec 4Spaceants’ blog, emacs-wiki emacs
Dec 4Leatherette repair -Uncategorized
Dec 4Bleah. Checking account has age requirement. -Uncategorized
Dec 3Bank accounts -Uncategorized
Dec 2Why am I trying to learn arch again? -Uncategorized
Dec 2More about arch emacs
Dec 2emacs channel logs emacs
Dec 2w00t! Hacked the ground beef! 1 cookordie
Dec 2tla on debian -Uncategorized
Dec 2Formulaic song -Uncategorized
Dec 2Midterms for CS21A -Uncategorized
Dec 2w00t! Wireless works! -Uncategorized
Dec 2Wireless -Uncategorized
Dec 1Testing it again emacs
Dec 1Checking xrefs emacs
Dec 1Set up mailing list -Uncategorized
Dec 1Day 10: More ground beef salad cookordie
Nov 30subtasks? emacs
Nov 30Blue LED on Fujitsu Lifebook P1110 under Linux -Uncategorized
Nov 29Merged the reverse chronological notes into planner.el emacs
Nov 27New remember.el coolness: dwim -Uncategorized
Nov 27And of course this should let me check if I’m on the right page… -Uncategorized
Nov 27DWIM does better thing -Uncategorized
Nov 27CS21B today -Uncategorized
Nov 272003.11.27: Day 9: Graduated to saucepan -Uncategorized
Nov 27DWIM seems to work -Uncategorized
Nov 27ARGH! -Uncategorized
Nov 27Finding out which files are shadowing Debian emacs packages emacs
Nov 27Watched Looney Tunes: Back in Action -Uncategorized
Nov 26Testing hello world -Uncategorized
Nov 26My .gnus disappeared! -Uncategorized
Nov 26Gnus pending -Uncategorized
Nov 26Smarter Gnus scoring -Uncategorized
Nov 26Brent Goodrick’s calendar improvements emacs
Nov 26Jody Klymak’s PlannerMode page emacs
Nov 26Testing again -Uncategorized
Nov 25emacs-wiki new versions emacs
Nov 25CS21A yesterday (2003.11.24) -Uncategorized
Nov 25CS161 yesterday 2003.11.24 -Uncategorized
Nov 25Added notes about my use for remember.el -Uncategorized
Nov 24The potato misadventures -Uncategorized
Nov 24Useful teaching and learning resources -Uncategorized
Nov 23LedgerMode 2 emacs
Nov 23Text messaging for the blind -Uncategorized
Nov 23Whew! Just reviewed the history of UNIX -Uncategorized
Nov 23Story about pipes for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23Story ideas for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23History from Dennis Ritchie for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23Recognizing coding systems in Emacs emacs
Nov 23Tidbit for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23Funny UNIX history -Uncategorized
Nov 23Jody Klymak’s planner-mode stuff emacs
Nov 23The Object of Java -Uncategorized
Nov 23Running word count in Emacs buffers emacs
Nov 22Getting the hang of slides -Uncategorized
Nov 22At last! The jigsaw puzzle’s mounted! -Uncategorized
Nov 22Book notes for programming contest history -Uncategorized
Nov 22Romance of the Three Kingdoms -Uncategorized
Nov 22Standalone trackback -Uncategorized
Nov 22link text handling emacs
Nov 22Tasks from notes -Uncategorized
Nov 22Spiffy new website look -Uncategorized
Nov 22Debian problems -Uncategorized
Nov 22Official maintainer -Uncategorized
Nov 22More elegantly fixed the whitespace problem emacs
Nov 22Fixed the whitespace problem with planner links. emacs
Nov 22I think there’s too much whitespace. -Uncategorized
Nov 22And now, testing the reverse-chronological bloggy nature of it all -Uncategorized
Nov 22Testing the new remember: does it really work? -Uncategorized
Nov 21Cool elisp hack! emacs
Nov 21ERC+BBDB -Uncategorized
Nov 21Automatic encryption of wiki pages emacs
Nov 21Books mirror -Uncategorized
Nov 21HideShow mode emacs
Nov 21HTML wizardry: including files -Uncategorized
Nov 21Things to try in class — education -Uncategorized
Nov 21Learning styles -Uncategorized
Nov 21No-host trackbacks -Uncategorized
Nov 20Jerome wants to help out with CS161! -Uncategorized
Nov 20Recompiling my kernel -Uncategorized
Nov 20CookOrDie Day 8: The Potato Misadventures 1 -Uncategorized
Nov 20CS21B: Inheritance -Uncategorized
Nov 20planner.el whoops emacs
Nov 20Eclipse UML -Uncategorized
Nov 19CookOrDie: Day 7: Reheated rice, sausage slices cookordie
Nov 19Words of wisdom -Uncategorized
Nov 19CS21A: Smiley -Uncategorized
Nov 19CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 19Kathy has an article! -Uncategorized
Nov 19My faculty load -Uncategorized
Nov 18Lessons from work -Uncategorized
Nov 18CS161 yesterday (2003.11.17) -Uncategorized
Nov 18CS21A yesterday (2003.11.17) -Uncategorized
Nov 18CookOrDie: Day 6 cookordie
Nov 18Basic UML -Uncategorized
Nov 18Japanese blog -Uncategorized
Nov 18JavaKara -Uncategorized
Nov 17CookOrDie Day 5: More sausages cookordie
Nov 17On puzzles and conversation -Uncategorized
Nov 17On teachers’ jobs -Uncategorized
Nov 17Eric’s site -Uncategorized
Nov 17Nice quote — computer science education -Uncategorized
Nov 17Calendar feature? -Uncategorized
Nov 14CookOrDie: Day 4 1 cooking, cookordie
Nov 14Computer science unplugged -Uncategorized
Nov 13CookOrDie Day 3: more sausages cooking, cookordie
Nov 12Summary -Uncategorized
Nov 12CookOrDie Day 2: Veal sausage and potatoes 4 cookordie
Nov 12First day of classes teaching
Nov 12Plan for CS21A -Uncategorized
Nov 12Plan for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 11Summary -Uncategorized
Nov 11EClass, a cross-platform, open source software toolkit for authoring, managing and delivering e-learning via computer or the Internet -Uncategorized
Nov 11Data structures to the rescue! -Uncategorized
Nov 11LabSetup -Uncategorized
Nov 11A Low-Cost High-Impact Computer Science Show for Family Audiences -Uncategorized
Nov 11CookOrDie: Day 1 cooking, cookordie
Nov 11CookOrDie! 1 -Uncategorized
Nov 11w00t! -Uncategorized
Nov 10Discovery Learning in Introductory Operating System Courses -Uncategorized
Nov 10Remembering things emacs
Nov 10Puzzles and games: addressing different learning styles in teaching operating systems concepts -Uncategorized
Nov 10planner-remember-to-plan-page-from-buffer emacs
Nov 10Really funky BBDB aliases -Uncategorized
Nov 10Testing remember -Uncategorized
Nov 9Summary of today -Uncategorized
Nov 9More emacs coolness – browse apropos emacs
Nov 9Free NNTP -Uncategorized
Nov 9BlueJ and jikes -Uncategorized
Nov 9BlueJ robot world -Uncategorized
Nov 9New wishlist: The Passionate Teacher -Uncategorized
Nov 9BlueJ stats -Uncategorized
Nov 9Guidelines for BlueJ -Uncategorized
Nov 9The ACM competition 1 development
Nov 8Teaching and learning: a personal journey -Uncategorized
Nov 8BlueJ resources -Uncategorized
Nov 8BlueJ resources -Uncategorized
Nov 8BlueJ resources -Uncategorized
Nov 8Further thoughts on BlueJ and Beanshell -Uncategorized
Nov 8Java interpreters -Uncategorized
Nov 8speechd -Uncategorized
Nov 8“The Many Shapes of Tomorrow’s PC” -Uncategorized
Nov 8The Very Verbose Guide to Updating and Compiling Your Debian Kernel -Uncategorized
Nov 8“It Only Looks Like Child’s Play” -Uncategorized
Nov 8“Charity Challenges Programmers to Code for Society” -Uncategorized
Nov 5chatting with Diane -Uncategorized
Nov 5Freemind extensions -Uncategorized
Nov 4On women computer scientists -Uncategorized
Nov 4Japanese information processing weblog -Uncategorized
Nov 4Today -Uncategorized
Nov 4Concept maps Uncategorized
Nov 4Freemind extension -Uncategorized
Nov 4University of Michigan – Highly Interactive Computing in Education? -Uncategorized
Nov 4ACM training -Uncategorized
Nov 4Blogs and academics -Uncategorized
Nov 4Reflection on 2003.11.04 -Uncategorized
Nov 4Emacs for Windows emacs
Nov 3Educational Software Process -Uncategorized
Nov 3Effective Ways of Teaching Computer Science 1 With Java -Uncategorized
Nov 3Rethinking CS101 -Uncategorized
Nov 3JRoller -Uncategorized
Nov 3Teaching stories -Uncategorized
Nov 3Extreme teaching -Uncategorized
Nov 2Oooh, Perl is cool -Uncategorized
Nov 2Intrams and Pisay Curriculum -Uncategorized
Oct 31balance -Uncategorized
Oct 31The Lord of the Editors -Uncategorized
Oct 31Reflection on 2003.10.30 emacs
Oct 30Teaching a Java-based CS1 Course in an Academically-Diverse Environment — education -Uncategorized
Oct 30Firebird / Mozilla and Gnus for mail -Uncategorized
Oct 30Background tabs in Konqueror -Uncategorized
Oct 30Playing around with planner-search-notes emacs
Oct 29Try Science! — education -Uncategorized
Oct 29Not much happened today -Uncategorized
Oct 29Whoa, I got newslogged in Dutch -Uncategorized
Oct 29Elisp snippet for sucking data into BBDB emacs
Oct 29Migration document from Windows to Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 29Wearable gadgets -Uncategorized
Oct 29Controlled dual-booting — linux -Uncategorized
Oct 29Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX with CrossOver Office -Uncategorized
Oct 28Notes on conference -Uncategorized
Oct 28Notes on rest and recreation -Uncategorized
Oct 28Things to bring for resta nd recreation -Uncategorized
Oct 26Rough notes on education education
Oct 26More GCBirzan stories — education -Uncategorized
Oct 26GCBirzan’s cool SQL contest — education -Uncategorized
Oct 26Debian Bug Squashing Party -Uncategorized
Oct 26Another CS class using eclipse — education -Uncategorized
Oct 26Contemplate thread scoring -Uncategorized
Oct 26More questions for my questions -Uncategorized
Oct 24Ack! No keys! -Uncategorized
Oct 24Things to bring for resta nd recreation -Uncategorized
Oct 24Equation -Uncategorized
Oct 24Encyclopedia of Stupid Languages at http://www.kraml.at/stupid/ -Uncategorized
Oct 23/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. -Uncategorized
Oct 23Emacs annoyance emacs
Oct 23Bah. mozilla-psm is segfaulting on me today. -Uncategorized
Oct 23Emacs weirdness emacs
Oct 23Internet and E-Mail on a dialup using linux -Uncategorized
Oct 23Paranoid mail servers -Uncategorized
Oct 22Wedding stories -Uncategorized
Oct 22The PHP Scalability Myth -Uncategorized
Oct 22Alternative input device -Uncategorized
Oct 22A Slashdot post says there’s a big bookstore in Seoul -Uncategorized
Oct 20Notes -Uncategorized
Oct 19CS215 evaluations -Uncategorized
Oct 19CS215 evaluation -Uncategorized
Oct 19Irony -Uncategorized
Oct 16Bautista, Flores -Uncategorized
Oct 16How much Microsoft Office functionality do you need? -Uncategorized
Oct 16TopologiLinux -Uncategorized
Oct 16Questions for the Snakes and Ladders defense -Uncategorized
Oct 16Wearables in Europe -Uncategorized
Oct 15D-Link 650 -Uncategorized
Oct 15Meeting with Dr. Sarmenta re CS21B -Uncategorized
Oct 15An insight on project defenses -Uncategorized
Oct 15Notes on the CS123 designs -Uncategorized
Oct 15Chocolate jewelry -Uncategorized
Oct 15Teaching quote -Uncategorized
Oct 14Notes from project defenses teaching
Oct 14From friendster -Uncategorized
Oct 14Dean Michael Berris on programming languages -Uncategorized
Oct 13Wearable interfaces -Uncategorized
Oct 13Filipino geeking out -Uncategorized
Oct 13We’re in! -Uncategorized
Oct 13Independent keyboards on Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 13Happy birthday, Richi! -Uncategorized
Oct 12ARGH! -Uncategorized
Oct 12Anonymous quote from Mario’s sig -Uncategorized
Oct 12Lambda the Ultimate, a programming weblog -Uncategorized
Oct 11Getting more oomph from programming exercises — education, research -Uncategorized
Oct 11Pics 4 Learning — resources, education -Uncategorized
Oct 11Situating Teachers’ Instructional Practices in the Institutional Setting of the School and District — education, research -Uncategorized
Oct 11Educational Researcher online -Uncategorized
Oct 11Teaching quotes -Uncategorized
Oct 11Educational Psychology Interactive — education, research -Uncategorized
Oct 11World Lecture Hall – free e-learning courses -Uncategorized
Oct 11A web of resources for introductory computer science — research, education -Uncategorized
Oct 10Recursion example -Uncategorized
Oct 10Non-Technological Ways to Combat Cheating? -Uncategorized
Oct 10More news from the person asking my gender -Uncategorized
Oct 10Alternative teaching methods for introductory computer science -Uncategorized
Oct 10Eclipse IDE tutorial -Uncategorized
Oct 9IBM Helps the UK and Russian Governments Adopt Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 9Oooh, look, someone spoofing Eric -Uncategorized
Oct 810 things about life Hong Kong taught me in 24 hours, from Kathy -Uncategorized
Oct 8Gender confusion again -Uncategorized
Oct 8planner-move-task-to-plan-page emacs
Oct 7Java Games tutorial #3 – Creating a Stand-alone Graphics Application -Uncategorized
Oct 7NNTP access -Uncategorized
Oct 7There’s more than one way to do it — linux -Uncategorized
Oct 7John Wiegley’s ledger 2 finance, geek
Oct 6Deadline for Submission of Final Marks for the First Semester, SY -Uncategorized
Oct 6More PersonalityQuizzes -Uncategorized
Oct 6More thoughts on my course -Uncategorized
Oct 6Interesting uses of Emacspeak emacs
Oct 6USB Bluetooth dongle that should work with Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 5Comments on http://optics.blogspot.com: -Uncategorized
Oct 4best practices of e-commerce for farmers -Uncategorized
Oct 4http://www.B2BPriceNow.com -Uncategorized
Oct 4Wearable notes -Uncategorized
Oct 3learn.ph -Uncategorized
Oct 2Head First Java -Uncategorized
Oct 220 Questions -Uncategorized
Oct 1Onomastikon -Uncategorized
Oct 1Feeling teachery -Uncategorized
Oct 1Added TeachingIdeas -Uncategorized
Oct 1Is Java too big for the enterprise? -Uncategorized
Oct 1Feedback continues. -Uncategorized
Oct 1Removed the CVS el -Uncategorized
Sep 30“How Do We Tell Truths That Might Hurt”? -Uncategorized
Sep 30Composing messages in Gnus with elisp — emacs emacs
Sep 30Code for inserting student code emacs
Sep 30More past entries -Uncategorized
Sep 30Hello world, school, teaching, games — blast from the past -Uncategorized
Sep 30Perl script to suck courses files -Uncategorized
Sep 29SMIT Ed -Uncategorized
Sep 29TagBoard -Uncategorized
Sep 29Elisp snippet for mailing feedback emacs
Sep 29Upcoming ACM regionals -Uncategorized
Sep 27ff and C/C++ programming — Emacs emacs
Sep 27Okay, I think it’s time for me to rest. -Uncategorized
Sep 27“Revenge of the Coders” -Uncategorized
Sep 27ARGHHH. -Uncategorized
Sep 27ACM -Uncategorized
Sep 27Class day yesterday -Uncategorized
Sep 26Teaching thoughts -Uncategorized
Sep 26Find unit testing tools -Uncategorized
Sep 26Friendster -Uncategorized
Sep 25Alphabet blocks — education, fixme teaching
Sep 25Mario Carreon leaving UP Diliman -Uncategorized
Sep 25Computer Science Unplugged — education -Uncategorized
Sep 25Wow, remember-to-planner-plan-page still works emacs
Sep 25Kitten update -Uncategorized
Sep 25Python Emacs emacs
Sep 25khaire magsaya! — music, lit -Uncategorized
Sep 25gray clouds fight white clouds -Uncategorized
Sep 25More realizations -Uncategorized
Sep 25Still having problems with MX -Uncategorized
Sep 25Radical simplification of design -Uncategorized
Sep 25Oops, have to continue working on CS21A -Uncategorized
Sep 25Free online books -Uncategorized
Sep 25zvon.org -Uncategorized
Sep 25du -h — linux -Uncategorized
Sep 25More about Flash MX on Linux -Uncategorized
Sep 25More news about opencourseware — education -Uncategorized
Sep 25“Britain’s “Cyborg Scientist” Spreads Cyber-gospel” -Uncategorized
Sep 25Free shell accounts 1 linux
Sep 24Links from the past -Uncategorized
Sep 24CS21a ideas for vectors -Uncategorized
Sep 24Khaire – literary night for tomorrow -Uncategorized
Sep 24HTML_Form and passwords -Uncategorized
Sep 24chora -Uncategorized
Sep 24Flash MX on Linux -Uncategorized
Sep 24Ethics talk with the philosophy department -Uncategorized
Sep 24CS21A today and Monday teaching
Sep 24info links from Emacs emacs
Sep 23On the introductory sequence teaching
Sep 23Open WinCE? -Uncategorized
Sep 23All hail John Wiegley -Uncategorized
Sep 23Notes in [[Writings.ComputerScienceEducation]] -Uncategorized
Sep 23Obstacle course? -Uncategorized
Sep 23Repositories -Uncategorized
Sep 23The call for open resources in education -Uncategorized
Sep 23Open source in education -Uncategorized
Sep 23Education sites -Uncategorized
Sep 23Text Twist exercise -Uncategorized
Sep 22Vector exercises -Uncategorized
Sep 22Oops -Uncategorized
Sep 20The Second Coming -Uncategorized
Sep 20CSS Zen Garden -Uncategorized
Sep 20Zippy USB Mini-Keyboard -Uncategorized
Sep 19Tracking people’s history 1 linux
Sep 19align-regexp emacs
Sep 19CS21A today teaching
Sep 19Encouragement =) -Uncategorized
Sep 19Automatic UPDATE on INSERT -Uncategorized
Sep 19More warm and fuzzy feelings -Uncategorized
Sep 17Lecturing on lecturing -Uncategorized
Sep 17Dr. Queena Lee-Chua’s Metrobank Outstanding Teacher acceptance speech 6 education
Sep 16Linux in Education links -Uncategorized
Sep 16Plans for CS21A tomorrow -Uncategorized
Sep 16CS1 site -Uncategorized
Sep 16Interesting words -Uncategorized
Sep 16Hare Race -Uncategorized
Sep 15Hyper in Emacs emacs
Sep 15SSH for DOS -Uncategorized
Sep 15Debian pre-installed laptops -Uncategorized
Sep 15canna-chasendic — a Japanese dictionary for ChaSen derived from Canna dictionary -Uncategorized
Sep 15Filipino speech corpus -Uncategorized
Sep 13Nifty Assignments -Uncategorized
Sep 13Naive tools for studying compilation history -Uncategorized
Sep 13CS education dissertations -Uncategorized
Sep 13Blogging as an educator -Uncategorized
Sep 13CS education weblog -Uncategorized
Sep 13mount –bind -Uncategorized
Sep 12TeachingReflections and BlueJ -Uncategorized
Sep 12Dr. Garcia needs help with Epson stylus c43sx -Uncategorized
Sep 12Removing messages from the postfix mail queue -Uncategorized
Sep 12Jops’s thesis is on Filipino text-to-speech 2 geek
Sep 12Instructional software design -Uncategorized
Sep 12“Reasons to Avoid Microsoft” -Uncategorized
Sep 12MimerDesk press release emacs
Sep 12Eric is trying to memorize pi -Uncategorized
Sep 12Sorting animations -Uncategorized
Sep 11Slashdot story? -Uncategorized
Sep 11Linked lists for people -Uncategorized
Sep 11Pisay considering open source -Uncategorized
Sep 11CS21A review project -Uncategorized
Sep 11Gnus funkiness – reply to multiple posts -Uncategorized
Sep 11On the benefits of my far-out exercises -Uncategorized
Sep 11OnTutoring teaching
Sep 10More education links -Uncategorized
Sep 10Oops! -Uncategorized
Sep 10Teaching meeting now -Uncategorized
Sep 10Meeting for CS21A earlier -Uncategorized
Sep 10Any questions? -Uncategorized
Sep 10Things I wish they had told me -Uncategorized
Sep 10Evaluations -Uncategorized
Sep 10Quick ideas for in-class activities -Uncategorized
Sep 10Great way to learn Japanese -Uncategorized
Sep 10No glamour in teaching? -Uncategorized
Sep 10Faculty meeting -Uncategorized
Sep 10Nobody asked me, but… -Uncategorized
Sep 10Helped with iptables problem -Uncategorized
Sep 10Setting up an Internet gateway -Uncategorized
Sep 10What to expect your first year of teaching -Uncategorized
Sep 10Research on Successful New Faculty -Uncategorized
Sep 10http://aci.mta.ca/MtATeach/FirstYear.html -Uncategorized
Sep 10Human bingo — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 9Had dinner with Dominique, Eric and Andrei -Uncategorized
Sep 9Cube -Uncategorized
Sep 9Linuxjournal assignment emacs
Sep 9Tell dominique -Uncategorized
Sep 9USB mouse plus disk -Uncategorized
Sep 9Aforementioned #linuxhelp weirdness -Uncategorized
Sep 9Human bingo! -Uncategorized
Sep 9l33t people skillz -Uncategorized
Sep 9CS21A array exercises ideas -Uncategorized
Sep 9USB Watch -Uncategorized
Sep 9XGoogle? IRC search engine -Uncategorized
Sep 9Caimlas, artificial intelligence -Uncategorized
Sep 9The strength of Java user groups -Uncategorized
Sep 9Knuth quote -Uncategorized
Sep 9Interesting conversation on SIGCSE — education -Uncategorized
Sep 9Squid access controls -Uncategorized
Sep 8searching and sorting meeting -Uncategorized
Sep 8Mozilla plugin notes — linuxhelp -Uncategorized
Sep 8Elevator realization -Uncategorized
Sep 8Intertwingularity — research -Uncategorized
Sep 8quiz-a-day — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 8power problem -Uncategorized
Sep 8Lab idea: etch-a-sketc -Uncategorized
Sep 7Conversations with others -Uncategorized
Sep 7Nongnu? -Uncategorized
Sep 7Pizza patties — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 7Quick warm-up cocoa — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 7Pocket bread appetizers — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 7Cheese-frank wrap-ups — recipes -Uncategorized
Sep 5Fingering -Uncategorized
Sep 5New news sources -Uncategorized
Sep 5Images -Uncategorized
Sep 4Teaching reflections — education -Uncategorized
Sep 4Wrote the quiz, too -Uncategorized
Sep 4Just finished the [[CS21AFirst03#Exercises.Aquarium][Aquarium]] exercise -Uncategorized
Sep 4Feedback on LightsOnModel.java — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 4Compare notes with Dr. Sarmenta and Fanny -Uncategorized
Sep 4Niff music display applet -Uncategorized
Sep 4CS faculty meeting over chips -Uncategorized
Sep 4using ghostview to be a printer driver for cups -Uncategorized
Sep 3Jacqueline Antonio or Roselyn Santos -Uncategorized
Sep 3Alternative career? -Uncategorized
Sep 3More about caret browsing -Uncategorized
Sep 2Communication problems -Uncategorized
Sep 2Array review — cs21a, education -Uncategorized
Sep 2Open content textbooks -Uncategorized
Sep 2Created WearableComputingPlans -Uncategorized
Sep 2More about life, the universe, and everything -Uncategorized
Sep 2What “Finding Nemo” Character Are You? -Uncategorized
Sep 2Mozilla Firebird -Uncategorized
Sep 2Disabling automatic typeahead find -Uncategorized
Sep 2Message IDs on Mom’s mail -Uncategorized
Sep 2Migrating from Solaris to Linux -Uncategorized
Sep 2programming kata -Uncategorized
Sep 2Poetry -Uncategorized
Sep 1Funky binder -Uncategorized
Sep 1今日 — 日本語 -Uncategorized
Sep 1Hyperdictionary -Uncategorized
Sep 1Top Ten ways to combine fun and substance -Uncategorized
Sep 1Array ideas -Uncategorized
Sep 1Slashdot Trolling Phenomena -Uncategorized
Sep 1SSH Tunnelling -Uncategorized
Sep 1Unofficial APT sources -Uncategorized
Aug 31Wearable status -Uncategorized
Aug 31やった. -Uncategorized
Aug 31Google calculator -Uncategorized
Aug 31FLE -Uncategorized
Aug 30Securing Debian -Uncategorized
Aug 30Game -Uncategorized
Aug 30Cat haiku -Uncategorized
Aug 29School of Humanities Lounge Day -Uncategorized
Aug 29TFI followups -Uncategorized
Aug 29Extreme programming: Process vs. culture -Uncategorized
Aug 27Exim port -Uncategorized
Aug 25*** Attendance -Uncategorized
Aug 25Bootstrapping Debian onto Bleeding-Edge Hardware -Uncategorized
Aug 24http://pragprog.com/pragdave/Practices/Kata -Uncategorized
Aug 24sachac: http://atmelwlandriver.sourceforge.net/news.html -Uncategorized
Aug 23Note -Uncategorized
Aug 21CS21A plans — education -Uncategorized
Aug 201. PAASCU reaccreditation: Pretty much finished. teaching
Aug 20foo bar -Uncategorized
Aug 19juman -Uncategorized
Aug 15Engels and Magie -Uncategorized
Aug 15fsedu -Uncategorized
Aug 13Broadway -Uncategorized
Aug 12New blog! emacs
Aug 12Java dev day? -Uncategorized
Aug 7Automatically detecting proxy settings 3 geek
Aug 7e-learning conference tomorrow -Uncategorized
Aug 7Oops, forgot my keys -Uncategorized
Aug 7Dominique’s birthday -Uncategorized
Aug 5Emacs macros emacs
Aug 5RSS feed emacs
Aug 5Plans -Uncategorized
Aug 5Experts -Uncategorized
Aug 5Teaching -Uncategorized
Aug 5Communication -Uncategorized
Aug 5Redesign -Uncategorized
Aug 5http://www.geocities.com/fanny11sy/featured-projects -Uncategorized
Aug 5JPCS conference -Uncategorized
Aug 5Java patterns -Uncategorized
Aug 4FOAF -Uncategorized
Aug 4Invitations -Uncategorized
Aug 4Women and technical courses -Uncategorized
Aug 4Java -Uncategorized
Aug 4Enye (n with tilde) -Uncategorized
Aug 2Serg’s Tablea -Uncategorized
Aug 2http://www.sweetcode.org -Uncategorized
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Aug 2Ran is looking for Revolution OS -Uncategorized
Aug 2Serg’s Cafe -Uncategorized
Aug 2configure-debian -Uncategorized
Aug 1Far-out science -Uncategorized
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Jul 31State of OSS in the Philippines -Uncategorized
Jul 31The Little World of Dan Camillo -Uncategorized
Jul 31Roden’s MP3 encoder -Uncategorized
Jul 30http://rinkworks.com/stupid -Uncategorized
Jul 29jica -Uncategorized
Jul 28Persons With Disability Waiting to Feel ICT’s Impact -Uncategorized
Jul 28Interesting mail stats emacs
Jul 28Swish-E and Gnus -Uncategorized
Jul 27Configuring SSH behind a proxy -Uncategorized
Jul 27The importance of mentoring -Uncategorized
Jul 23Kernel 2.6.0 notes -Uncategorized
Jul 23Mail fix -Uncategorized
Jul 21Concept mapping and the like -Uncategorized
Jul 21Edtechdev -Uncategorized
Jul 18Debian dependencies self-organizing map -Uncategorized
Jul 18Social software and the politics of groups -Uncategorized
Jul 172.6 kernel coming up! -Uncategorized
Jul 17Downside of syntax coloring? -Uncategorized
Jul 16Looks like I managed to surprise [[bbdb://Jobert][Jobert]] -Uncategorized
Jul 16InstructionalSoftwareDesign emacs
Jul 16remind.el -Uncategorized
Jul 15Cat story -Uncategorized
Jul 15Pffft -Uncategorized
Jul 14Awwwwww… =) -Uncategorized
Jul 14MyExpenses -Uncategorized
Jul 14Java to C++ -Uncategorized
Jul 14Java blog -Uncategorized
Jul 14“Head First Java” author interview -Uncategorized
Jul 14eLearning conference -Uncategorized
Jul 14Autoconf tutorial -Uncategorized
Jul 12http://www.computerbob.com -Uncategorized
Jul 12Instructional needs and learner analysis -Uncategorized
Jul 12Inventory systems -Uncategorized
Jul 10Hmmm, not so many updates this time -Uncategorized
Jul 10http://whisper.surrey.sfu.ca/what.html -Uncategorized
Jul 10Cool student programs -Uncategorized
Jul 10Javascript + XUL ideas -Uncategorized
Jul 10Window manager decisions -Uncategorized
Jul 10Oooh, teaching story! -Uncategorized
Jul 10Openoffice exports to Flash -Uncategorized
Jul 10Clipart wanted for document: -Uncategorized
Jul 9Liberation Technology -Uncategorized
Jul 9Mom and Openoffice -Uncategorized
Jul 9Dijkstra’s writings! -Uncategorized
Jul 9Quickbooks and Linux -Uncategorized
Jul 9School forum -Uncategorized
Jul 9“White-Collar Sweatshops” -Uncategorized
Jul 9“Blogs in the Workplace” -Uncategorized
Jul 8Met Dean last night -Uncategorized
Jul 7More links coming in -Uncategorized
Jul 7JM Ibanez has moved! -Uncategorized
Jul 7Java and scanf -Uncategorized
Jul 7Mind mapping -Uncategorized
Jul 7ACM training -Uncategorized
Jul 7Month view improved -Uncategorized
Jul 7GeekPoetry picked up -Uncategorized
Jul 7Panel Discussion on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. -Uncategorized
Jul 7Met Dominique Cimafranca -Uncategorized
Jul 6Mind-mapping application -Uncategorized
Jul 6Game blog -Uncategorized
Jul 6Linux is an umbrella -Uncategorized
Jul 5Article on teaching -Uncategorized
Jul 4Cute resource! -Uncategorized
Jul 3constructivist techniques -Uncategorized
Jul 3Extreme Programming diary -Uncategorized
Jul 3Emacspeak creator emacs
Jul 3Classes for Submit -Uncategorized
Jul 2Questia -Uncategorized
Jul 2Note for class -Uncategorized
Jul 2“Hairy Truth About Computer Images” -Uncategorized
Jul 1Sweet code -Uncategorized
Jun 30Philippine Computing Science Congress -Uncategorized
Jun 30UML use cases -Uncategorized
Jun 30Debian installation tutorial (from Slashdot) -Uncategorized
Jun 30Pure Math, Pure Joy -Uncategorized
Jun 29Girls’ night -Uncategorized
Jun 29New wishlist -Uncategorized
Jun 29http://pragprog.com/pragdave/Practices/Kata -Uncategorized
Jun 29Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education -Uncategorized
Jun 29Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips -Uncategorized
Jun 29“Uncrossed Wires” -Uncategorized
Jun 29“New Finding Has Implications For Scientists Designing New Mobile Audio Interfaces” -Uncategorized
Jun 27CompSAt -Uncategorized
Jun 27Mail taming -Uncategorized
Jun 27Horde for Cyrus -Uncategorized
Jun 27Some readings -Uncategorized
Jun 27Performance tuning in Java -Uncategorized
Jun 27Game Engine Anatomy 101 -Uncategorized
Jun 27www.azillionmonkeys.com -Uncategorized
Jun 26Oralux -Uncategorized
Jun 26Pedagogical patterns -Uncategorized
Jun 26The Pedagogical Patterns Project -Uncategorized
Jun 26Haystack -Uncategorized
Jun 22Look into literate programming 4 geek
Jun 20more thoughts 2 life
Jun 20Ideas -Uncategorized
Jun 20Thoughts -Uncategorized
Jun 20Dr. Dayrit SOSE planning session -Uncategorized
Jun 20Dr. Dayrit -Uncategorized
Jun 20Dr. Intal’s talk -Uncategorized
Jun 20Reflections -Uncategorized
Jun 20Have a stop-doing list -Uncategorized
Jun 19Concepts, techniques and models of computer programming (draft) -Uncategorized
Jun 19games -Uncategorized
Jun 19http://www.informatics.ed.ac.uk/teaching/modules -Uncategorized
Jun 17Students -Uncategorized
Jun 16kanatest -Uncategorized
Jun 16conglomerate -Uncategorized
Jun 16Java puzzles -Uncategorized
Jun 16Code notes for Java -Uncategorized
Jun 16Moved in -Uncategorized
Jun 16I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night -Uncategorized
Jun 16On Love -Uncategorized
Jun 16Savitch slides -Uncategorized
Jun 14SynCE -Uncategorized
Jun 13Fixed PHP bug in home page -Uncategorized
Jun 13Aging “Baby Boomers” to Benefit From IBM’s New Accessibility Services and Technology -Uncategorized
Jun 12Possible CS21A objects -Uncategorized
Jun 10Presentation packages -Uncategorized
Jun 10Cat stories -Uncategorized
Jun 10Tips -Uncategorized
Jun 10Open source course ware -Uncategorized
Jun 9Richard Klinda’s w3m customizations -Uncategorized
Jun 9Wearable geeks, unite! -Uncategorized
Jun 9pinoyjug pfft -Uncategorized
Jun 9Cool Emacs snapshots emacs
Jun 8Formal wear -Uncategorized
Jun 7Extreme programming in the classroom -Uncategorized
Jun 7Found an apartment! -Uncategorized
Jun 7Christian Manoloto -Uncategorized
Jun 6Alex White -Uncategorized
Jun 6On helping people learn -Uncategorized
Jun 6Custom problems in Emacs emacs
Jun 3Teaching journal emacs
Jun 3Ooooh! =) -Uncategorized
Jun 3Direct credit payroll account -Uncategorized
Jun 3sample popping up -Uncategorized
Jun 3Menu caching -Uncategorized
Jun 3real-binding emacs
Jun 3yatm hmms -Uncategorized
Jun 2[menu-bar] and mouse bindings -Uncategorized
Jun 2proper-listp emacs
Jun 2Student-centered learning -Uncategorized
Jun 2TFI -Uncategorized
Jun 2TFI -Uncategorized
Jun 1Funny Linus quote -Uncategorized
Jun 1More head-mounted displays -Uncategorized
Jun 1Added TeachingReflections -Uncategorized
Jun 1More problems in computer science -Uncategorized
Jun 1More funky keyboards -Uncategorized
Jun 1Funny disclaimers -Uncategorized
Jun 1OSS advocacy stats -Uncategorized
Jun 1More articles about women -Uncategorized
May 31Xemacs text menus? emacs
May 31message-sent-hook emacs
May 31pda dev class -Uncategorized
May 31Message to planner emacs
May 31Logging gnus messages emacs
May 31Constructivism -Uncategorized
May 31Stuff I need to take care of -Uncategorized
May 31Codestriker debs -Uncategorized
May 31Need to make a list of things I’d like -Uncategorized
May 31Debian-related HOWTOs -Uncategorized
May 31List of UML products -Uncategorized
May 31Pen tablet that can run Linux -Uncategorized
May 31CS161 William -Uncategorized
May 30Learning Gnus -Uncategorized
May 30Using 802.11b to find out where you are -Uncategorized
May 30Light readings on the relational model -Uncategorized
May 30‘Dumb IT hiring practices’ -Uncategorized
May 30“From PlayStation to Supercomputer for $50,000” -Uncategorized
May 30“Wear Down Opposition” -Uncategorized
May 30“Business Is Toying With a Web Tool” -Uncategorized
May 30http://www.futuretheories.org/questionnaire.php -Uncategorized
May 27Blog: Dean Michael Berris – http://mikhailberis.blogspot.com -Uncategorized
May 27New e-mail addresses -Uncategorized
May 27Linux Gazette 90: Software development for the Zaurus -Uncategorized
May 27cl-screamer: Common Lisp package for nondeterministic programming -Uncategorized
May 26Friends I need to get back in touch with -Uncategorized
May 26Core servlets and Java Server Pages -Uncategorized
May 23Nearly forgot about http://www.nap.edu/ ! -Uncategorized
May 23Web-based modules for CS21A -Uncategorized
May 23Student congress -Uncategorized
May 23Notes on taking exams -Uncategorized
May 23Write Sherry Rodulfo about June 2 for IT week -Uncategorized
May 23June 19 – Sir Olpoc’s birthday -Uncategorized
May 23Tigris -Uncategorized
May 23Information and Communications Technology Certification Course from RAMTEC -Uncategorized
May 22Dumb IT hiring practices -Uncategorized
May 22Took some PersonalityQuizzes -Uncategorized
May 22Talked to a random stranger today -Uncategorized
May 17Software archaeology -Uncategorized
May 16Ernest Baello -Uncategorized
May 16debian emacs policy emacs
May 16www.blogpulse.co -Uncategorized
May 16Woke up late today -Uncategorized
May 11Blogging ideas emacs
May 11Ephiphany Browser -Uncategorized
May 10Smartphone -Uncategorized
May 9More Debian goodness -Uncategorized
May 9Good Design Comes From Bad Design -Uncategorized
May 9Moved back home -Uncategorized
May 9Hackers and Painters -Uncategorized
May 8The Mathematics of the 3D Rotation Matrix -Uncategorized
May 7Notebook cooling pads geek
May 7planner-el is now apt-gettable! emacs
May 6Application essay draft — education, reflection school
May 6Blurty geek
May 6Cat cat
May 6JM Ibanez’ blog: Soul of a New Machine geek
May 6Pinoy penguins! =) linux
May 5Outline for application essay education
May 5Moved in life
May 5http://infogargoyle.com/ geek
May 4“Group Offers Help for Women in the Tech Sector” women
May 1Securing Debian linux
Apr 30other funnies life
Apr 30Education versus training — education education
Apr 30Piled higher and deeper – more comics school
Apr 30Blog reaction: Filipino Open Source Developers — blog emacs
Apr 30Cory Doctorow geek
Apr 30Common Java errors geek
Apr 30ruler-mode emacs
Apr 30Gnus tidbits from NEWS — emacs emacs
Apr 30gnus-dired-mode — emacs emacs
Apr 293D graphics geek
Apr 29More tiny notebooks — tech geek
Apr 29Online books learning
Apr 29E-Learning — education learning
Apr 28More Java resources — education teaching
Apr 24MS interview questions work
Apr 24Notes about today — education teaching
Apr 24Thinking like a computer scientist geek
Apr 23ARGH! Left my power cord! geek
Apr 23Up the Down Staircase — education teaching
Apr 23Scrabble life
Apr 23Teaching was so much fun! — education teaching
Apr 22Software quotes geek
Apr 22Moodle teaching
Apr 22Moodle.org and LANG teaching
Apr 217th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers conference
Apr 21Assistive technology and wearable computing research
Apr 21Computer accessibility and wearable computing research
Apr 21Computer science books geek
Apr 21Online CS books geek
Apr 16Free software in education — education teaching
Apr 16Free.net.ph mail still broken? geek
Apr 16Leaving for Daet at midnight family
Apr 16Tense changed. emacs
Apr 16Debian Developers linux
Apr 16Debian Developers in the Philippines linux
Apr 16Debian packaging emacs
Apr 16My GPG key fingerprint geek
Apr 16Debian package: glark for searching text files linux
Apr 16Combining PDFs geek
Apr 15Personal stuff life
Apr 15Employment stress work
Apr 15Wearable computing position in Ateneo! =D research
Apr 15Voice-only apps without speech recognition research
Apr 15More files teaching
Apr 15The S-Files emacs
Apr 15Curriculum Review teaching
Apr 14IBM Viavoice Dictation for Linux linux
Apr 14The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond geek
Apr 14Philippine Chapter of International Game Developers Association? geek
Apr 14Computer science – is it an exact science? — education teaching
Apr 14Tech blogs geek
Apr 14The Wonderful World of Emacs – planner.el — emacs, planner emacs
Apr 12Mario Carreon has a website: http://www.engg.upd.edu.ph/~mario/ friends
Apr 12Teaching ideas — education teaching
Apr 12UP thesis related to text summarization — research research
Apr 12Faculty R&R postponed teaching
Apr 11Okay, time for me to go to bed. life
Apr 11Emacs strokes — emacs emacs
Apr 11I’ll be teaching this summer! teaching
Apr 11Sampizcat, canna and kinput2 japanese
Apr 11Aadisht Khanna (http://aadisht.net) and text summarization 4 geek
Apr 11The (Mis)adventures of Catastrophix continue… — cat cat
Apr 11Annotations emacs
Apr 11Blogger code geek
Apr 11Emacs-wiki and httpd problem emacs
Apr 11The Linux Documentation Project needs you! linux
Apr 11John Wiegley’s new homepage: http://www.emacswiki.org/johnw/ 2 emacs
Apr 11Tips for web development geek
Apr 11Text input methods — wearable, input geek
Apr 11Cool notebook — tech geek
Apr 9Crossroads issues teaching
Apr 9Open source and CS education — education teaching
Apr 9Some computer science education links — education teaching
Apr 8Aadisht Khanna and t-shirts friends
Apr 8Thanks to Thomas Gehrlein — planner emacs
Apr 8Catastrophix updates — cat cat
Apr 8DISCS local number 5660 5661 teaching
Apr 8Will I be able to compete in the ACM ICPC? event
Apr 8Computer science education research processes — education teaching
Apr 8Paper: A Mentor Program in CS1 — education teaching
Apr 8Paper: Laptops in the Classroom — education teaching
Apr 8Paper: Engaging Students with Theory through ACM Collegiate Programming Contests — education teaching
Apr 8Open source advocacy in governments opensource
Apr 7Freaky Keyboards geek
Apr 7IntranetServer progress geek
Apr 7Orphan Kitten FAQ cat
Apr 4Week summary view emacs
Apr 4NealStephenson uses Emacs! emacs
Apr 4Emacs tips emacs
Apr 4Cards -Uncategorized
Apr 4Hacking Society -Uncategorized
Apr 4Another cat link cat
Apr 4Gender stereotypes in CS women
Apr 4I hate floppies. geek
Apr 4More puzzles geek
Apr 4Graduate school deadline school
Apr 4Yesterday’s CS party -Uncategorized
Apr 1squidstat geek
Apr 1Code fragment repository? geek
Apr 1Blender export geek
Apr 1Computer Science Unplugged — education teaching
Mar 31The truth about cats and dogs cat
Mar 30[[bbdb://jm.ibanez][JM Ibanez]] tries out Emacs emacs
Mar 30.htaccess and RedirectMatch geek
Mar 30Gnus and duplicates — emacs emacs
Mar 30Speech Synthesis geek
Mar 30Can IT Still Attract the Best and the Brightest? teaching
Mar 30filesets.el — emacs emacs
Mar 30comp.sys.wearables call for moderators geek
Mar 30curriculum review template created. teaching
Mar 30completion on name of wiki page emacs
Mar 30How Software Companies Die – Orson Scott Card geek
Mar 30open source courseware links from blogs geek
Mar 30eclipse ide geek
Mar 30game blog geek
Mar 30psychology of programmers geek
Mar 30kitten 1 cat
Mar 29graduation stories life
Mar 28Destiny back to normal geek
Mar 28Destiny connection slow geek
Mar 28technology website geek
Mar 28Open source primers geek
Mar 28Mozilla calendar servers geek
Mar 28More on mozilla plugins geek
Mar 26curriculum review meeting -Uncategorized
Mar 26compaq tablet tc1000 — tech geek
Mar 26student home directories -Uncategorized
Mar 26i-manila connection works fine geek
Mar 26puzzles at IBM -Uncategorized
Mar 26strange search queries -Uncategorized
Mar 26personal information -Uncategorized
Mar 26Ryan Kristoffer Tan joins blogging community — blog geek
Mar 26finite state automata -Uncategorized
Mar 26sony pcg-u1 battery life: 2 hours — tech geek
Mar 25killer examples for computer science education -Uncategorized
Mar 25Computer Braille Code Reference Card -Uncategorized
Mar 25python web solutions -Uncategorized
Mar 25Emacs test suite emacs
Mar 25Chinese Python? -Uncategorized
Mar 25[[ComputerScienceCurriculum2002-2003]] geek
Mar 25Summary of G. Polya’s “How to Solve It” — education -Uncategorized
Mar 25Free mailing lists -Uncategorized
Mar 25Nemeth mathematics -Uncategorized
Mar 25emacs-wiki-markup-word emacs
Mar 25equals in URLs and emacs-wiki.el emacs
Mar 25solition paper -Uncategorized
Mar 25magicpoint -Uncategorized
Mar 25pdf presentations -Uncategorized
Mar 24eshell extensions — emacs emacs
Mar 24kana-kanji user dictionary for Japanese LEIM — emacs emacs
Mar 24substring completion — emacs emacs
Mar 24Emacs menu accelerators — emacs emacs
Mar 24Info-goto-emacs-command-mode — emacs emacs
Mar 24scroll / wheel mouse in Emacs — emacs emacs
Mar 24recentf.el and session.el — emacs emacs
Mar 24Remote X terminals -Uncategorized
Mar 24Finite-state automata in LaTeX -Uncategorized
Mar 24“Hello, tech designers? This stuff is too small” -Uncategorized
Mar 24news.freshmeat.net -Uncategorized
Mar 24pointless presentation package geek
Mar 24dasher and jogdial? geek
Mar 24dvorakng – a dvorak typing tutor geek
Mar 24Essay about Linux in University CS curricula linux
Mar 24Gnus CVS for Debian — emacs emacs
Mar 24Linux accessibility -Uncategorized
Mar 24disabling plugin requests in mozilla -Uncategorized
Mar 24mail oops -Uncategorized
Mar 24killing flash plugin requests -Uncategorized
Mar 24Elbert T. Or -Uncategorized
Mar 23harvey chua -Uncategorized
Mar 23custom binding -Uncategorized
Mar 23deleting messages after N days — tips -Uncategorized
Mar 22www.i-manila.com.ph still unreachable -Uncategorized
Mar 21scrabble -Uncategorized
Mar 21PyMacs -Uncategorized
Mar 21thoughts for Ateneo -Uncategorized
Mar 21benefactor -Uncategorized
Mar 21[[bbdb://eric.vidal][eric]]’s siblings -Uncategorized
Mar 21web site statistics -Uncategorized
Mar 21[[bbdb://aadisht][aadisht khanna]] -Uncategorized
Mar 21QuickBooks, cost estimates and job orders -Uncategorized
Mar 21swsusp still not working -Uncategorized
Mar 21nintendo generation -Uncategorized
Mar 21lilo.conf and make-kpkg -Uncategorized
Mar 21TrackBack -Uncategorized
Mar 21lazyweb – many eyes make features shallow -Uncategorized
Mar 21RSS publishing with remember.el -Uncategorized
Mar 21publishing my journal as an RSS feed emacs
Mar 20scrabble game -Uncategorized
Mar 20emacs-wiki and automatic publishing emacs
Mar 20trend summer outing -Uncategorized
Mar 20dear_raed blog: stories from within Iraq -Uncategorized
Mar 19google tips -Uncategorized
Mar 19back to the drawing board… -Uncategorized
Mar 19groupware on linux -Uncategorized
Mar 19rethinking IntranetServer application -Uncategorized
Mar 19esr website -Uncategorized
Mar 19dani bunten, game designer -Uncategorized
Mar 19web hosting – kevin koyner -Uncategorized
Mar 19conversation with jerome -Uncategorized
Mar 19remember.el and rss feeds -Uncategorized
Mar 19e-mail intranet server finally set up! -Uncategorized
Mar 18twig is wonderful! -Uncategorized
Mar 18horde2 giving me trouble -Uncategorized
Mar 18consider PlannerMode to XML emacs
Mar 18rss feeds -Uncategorized
Mar 18ion window manager -Uncategorized
Mar 18imap server correctly installed -Uncategorized
Mar 18ack! misquoted! -Uncategorized
Mar 18emacs-wiki-edit-link-at-point emacs
Mar 18remind.el emacs
Mar 18songs -Uncategorized
Mar 18imapd howto -Uncategorized
Mar 18imapd howto -Uncategorized
Mar 18uw-imapd and horde -Uncategorized
Mar 18Evolution of an Emacs user — reflection, linux emacs
Mar 18emacswiki:SachaChua emacs
Mar 17tala’s open source interview emacs
Mar 17emacs-wiki major uhoh emacs
Mar 17initsplit.el -Uncategorized
Mar 17rms citation style -Uncategorized
Mar 17open source questionnaire -Uncategorized
Mar 17on why I do not judge poetry -Uncategorized
Mar 17slashdot karma -Uncategorized
Mar 16philippine network gaming alliance? geek
Mar 15funny python site geek
Mar 14planner.php emacs
Mar 14customizing mozilla geek
Mar 14software suspend geek
Mar 13planner journal linked list emacs
Mar 13emacs-wiki fudging emacs
Mar 13emacs-wiki-contents tag emacs
Mar 13done with website redesign geek
Mar 13crossroads instructions -Uncategorized
Mar 13ACM Crossroads Call for Articles -Uncategorized
Mar 13gnome b0rked geek
Mar 13printfile archival sleeves -Uncategorized
Mar 13[[bbdb://Mely.Tenorio][Mely]] not picking up -Uncategorized
Mar 13destiny down -Uncategorized
Mar 13Fixed EmacsCvsAndDebian emacs
Mar 13GeekPoetry lives! -Uncategorized
Mar 13added stuff to OnLove -Uncategorized
Mar 13subdimension went down -Uncategorized
Mar 12we live! -Uncategorized
Mar 11back to work -Uncategorized
Mar 11network booting -Uncategorized
Mar 11Finished blog -Uncategorized
Mar 10got most of the images out -Uncategorized
Mar 10adphoto website adphoto
Mar 10testing my resolve -Uncategorized
Mar 6hey, my rant’s on william yu’s website! geek
Mar 6game guidelines -Uncategorized
Mar 6application ideas -Uncategorized
Mar 6application idea -Uncategorized
Mar 6ask about fwd lock and DRM for content that can be freely share geek
Mar 6technical difficulties geek
Mar 5[email protected] – channel 21, AN -Uncategorized
Feb 28thesis requirements school
Feb 28cs161f exemptions school
Feb 28doc sarmenta has a sister.. 1 life
Feb 28Mike Chua -Uncategorized
Feb 27some comments about my outfit -Uncategorized
Feb 27departmental award for computer science school
Feb 27thesis defense school
Feb 27rescheduling classes school
Feb 26http://www.visibleworkings.com/archeology/ 1 geek
Feb 26sir olpoc school
Feb 26th151 theses school
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Feb 19remember timestamp emacs
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