Dec 31 Websites that write websites drupal
Dec 30 Not personal enough life, reflection
Dec 30 Two screens without rebooting, with xrandr geek
Dec 30 More Drupal awesomeness: hosting with aegir drupal
Dec 30 Learning more about Drupal 6 drupal
Dec 29 Web 2.0 Inside and Outside the Enterprise: York University MBA event, presentation, talk
Dec 29 Weekly review: Week ending Dec 28, 2008 weekly
Dec 29 True Change: How Outsiders on the Inside Get Things Done in Organizations book
Dec 26 2008: Annus Mirabilis sketches, yearly
Dec 24 Sketches: 2008 highlights sketches, yearly
Dec 24 My Enterprise 2.0 blogroll enterprise2.0, social, web2.0
Dec 22 Weekly review: week ending Dec 21 weekly
Dec 20 Summarizing my WordPress posts using XSLT; 2008 as a PDF blogging, geek, wordpress
Dec 19 Emacs: Working with multiple source trees emacs
Dec 19 Emacs, Org, and BBDB: Hyperlinking names to blogs bbdb, emacs, org
Dec 19 Hosting a teleconference call event
Dec 18 Leavin’ well enough alone geek
Dec 17 #hohoto conversations braindump, toronto
Dec 17 The Return on Mistakes geek
Dec 16 Weekly report: Week ending Dec 14 weekly
Dec 14 Cintiq 12WX, OpenSuse 11.0, and much pain and suffering linux
Dec 13 The economics of entertaining at home party
Dec 12 Drupal and return on sharing drupal, web2.0
Dec 12 Drupal: Changing module behavior without changing the source code drupal
Dec 12 Twitter, Whuffie, and Amazing Connections story, web2.0
Dec 11 Why automation matters to me geek, kaizen
Dec 10 DrupalCon 2009 abstract: Totally Rocking Your Development Environment drupal
Dec 8 Notes from today’s Drupal hacking drupal
Dec 8 Crazy business idea: videoconferencing event/party spaces =) idea
Dec 8 Library shortcuts library
Dec 8 Weekly review: Week ending Dec 7 weekly
Dec 8 The benefits of writing blogging
Dec 8 Let’s talk about passion connecting, passion
Dec 4 Drupal, Makefiles: save time, make awesome development, drupal, geek
Dec 4 Drupal rockitude development, drupal, geek
Dec 2 One of Canada’s Most Influential Women in Social Media? canada, life, passion, reflection, social, web2.0
Dec 2 Notes from conversations: Ushnish Sengupta, consulting braindump, connecting, social
Dec 1 Weekly review: Week ending November 30, 2008 weekly
Nov 29 Notes from Rahaf Harfoush’s talk on the use of social media in Obama’s campaign braindump
Nov 29 More random notes from last night’s conversation
Nov 28 Notes from conversations: Conscious competence blogging, connecting, web2.0
Nov 27 Notes from the City of Toronto Web 2.0 Summit gen-y, talk, web2.0
Nov 23 Stock image series presentation
Nov 22 Virtuoso life, reflection
Nov 21 Weekly review: Week ending November 21, 2008 weekly
Nov 19 TCP window scaling, or zomg the Internet works for me again geek, linux
Nov 18 Upcoming webcasts on social networking, Gen Y gen-y, web2.0
Nov 17 Weekly review: Week ending November 16, 2008 weekly
Nov 12 Preparing presentations: from mindmap to storyboard presentation, sketches, web2.0
Nov 12 There’s something about mornings life
Nov 9 Weekly review: Week ending November 9, 2008 weekly
Nov 4 Learning about conviction and life life, reflection
Nov 4 Cat scratching post cat
Nov 2 Learning languages learning
Nov 2 Weekly review: Week ending Nov 2, 2008 weekly
Oct 29 Week ending Oct 26 weekly
Oct 29 Back on the ground; lessons from Innovation Discovery Tel Aviv and CASCON travel
Oct 24 Catching my breath life
Oct 20 Things I do when I’m travelling on my own life
Oct 19 Weekly review: Week ending Oct 19 weekly
Oct 17 Oooh, pretty presentation! speaking
Oct 16 Happy BlueDay to me! career, yearly
Oct 12 Week ending Oct 12 sketches, weekly
Oct 12 Sewing: Red jacket, V8343 sewing, sketches
Oct 11 Writing presentation abstracts together presentation, web2.0
Oct 9 It’s a little bit scary life
Oct 8 I’m so sorry! wordpress
Oct 6 Tidbits
Oct 6 Deploying Drupal updates onto a live site drupal
Oct 6 Week ending Oct 5 weekly
Oct 6 Sewing: Wool jumper, blazer sewing
Oct 6 My blog should be a little bit faster now Tidbits
Oct 5 Tidbits
Oct 5 New domain name: livinganawesomelife.com blogging, geek
Oct 5 WordPress and lifestreaming – check out my draft firehose interface wordpress
Oct 5 Tidbits
Oct 5 Firehose Tidbits
Oct 5 Notes from WordCamp Tidbits, wordpress
Oct 4 Sometimes you just have to do it sewing
Oct 2 Gen Y Perspective: Why Gen Y Won’t Stay at Jobs that Suck career, gen-y
Oct 1 Gen Y Perspective: Flexibility, Work-Life Balance, and Curb Cuts gen-y, management
Oct 1 Dan Pink career
Oct 1 Knowledge [shared] is power gen-y, social, web2.0
Sept 30 Weekly review: Week ending Sept 28 weekly
Sept 28 Learning sewing and French sewing
Sept 27 The Orange Chair » Social networking and innovation in a large company connecting, enterprise2.0, web2.0
Sept 26 Cat’s doing better; school barbecue cat, education
Sept 24 Leia’s home! cat
Sept 24 Bio: “IBM: The Next Generation” presentation
Sept 24 Not the best day ever, but that’s okay life
Sept 21 We’re adopting a cat! cat
Sept 21 The way I work career
Sept 20 Two-week review: 2 weeks ending September 19 weekly
Sept 17 Subversion: Restore deleted files development
Sept 17 The Road to Me 2.0: How I Was the Chosen One « Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel gen-y, web2.0, writing
Sept 16 Drupal and Drush: Updating the database from the command-line drupal
Sept 16 Drupal: Deploying two branches to three systems drupal
Sept 16 Working on a small project development, geek
Sept 15 Drupal: Making our build system better drupal
Sept 15 Drupal: Programmatically installing and enabling modules in the .install file drupal
Sept 14 First impressions in an e-mail world gen-y
Sept 13 Emacs w3m: Open pages in external browsers emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Sept 12 Emacs and w3m: Making tabbed browsing easier emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Sept 11 Slidecast: New Media, New Generation enterprise2.0, gen-y, presentation, talk, web2.0
Sept 8 Le Chat Gris cat, photography
Sept 8 Weekly review – Sept 7, 2008 weekly
Sept 8 And just like that, we have a cat cat
Sept 6 New presentation: “New media, New generation” enterprise2.0, presentation, sketches, web2.0
Sept 5 Internet Explorer – hovering on non-link items geek
Sept 5 Emacs: Jump to anything emacs
Sept 5 If you can, teach; If you can’t teach, do career
Sept 4 Taming the Firefox keyboard with keyconfig
Sept 2 Squee! Won Slideshare’s Best Presentation Contest! presentation, sketches
Sept 2 Hacking the Domestic life
Aug 31 Weekly review: Week ending Aug 31, 2008 sketches, weekly
Aug 29 Editors for blogging blogging
Aug 29 On Changing the World life, passion
Aug 29 Celebrating the little things you learn learning, life
Aug 28 Mindmapping on infinite paper geek
Aug 28 Cintiq sketches
Aug 27 Work that I love: reflecting on the whats and hows career, life, work
Aug 27 Mouse woes on Ubuntu Hardy geek
Aug 27 Emacs and W3M: Toggling between work and the Web emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 27 Weekly review: August 16 to August 23 weekly
Aug 26 Just ordered a tablet geek
Aug 22 BarCampManila geek
Aug 21 The Leisure of Work life
Aug 21 Many hats: Technical writer geek
Aug 19 Emacs and w3m: Fake your user agent emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 19 Running groups of Drupal tests from the command line drupal
Aug 19 Emacs and w3m: Quick searches emacs
Aug 18 Weekly review: Week ending Aug 17, 2008 weekly
Aug 13 Sweet! Facebook in Emacs! emacs
Aug 13 Why browse the Web in Emacs? emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 12 Happy birthday to me! family, life
Aug 8 Drupal 5: Migrating a production database to a QA server development, drupal
Aug 8 Deploying to servers development, kaizen
Aug 7 Do what works for you; It’s not about being Gen Y, it’s about being new geek, learning, life
Aug 7 Making things tangible: agile bug-tracking with LEGO! geek
Aug 7 Lifehacking: Switching to a rolling laptop bag life
Aug 6 Drupal, Emacs, and templates: Module update functions drupal, emacs
Aug 5 Drupal shell: quickly evaluating PHP statements in a Drupal context drupal
Aug 4 Finding something worth talking about presentation, speaking
Aug 4 Emacs and Gnus: zomg, new chapter out the door! emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Aug 4 OpenOffice.org: Replacing dingbats geek
Aug 4 Emacs: Caps lock as M-x emacs
Aug 3 Year in review: Life as a 24-year-old life, yearly
Aug 3 Switching to Ubuntu linux
Aug 2 Weekly review – week ending Aug 1-ish weekly
Jul 31 Emacs and PHP: On-the-fly syntax checking with Flymake emacs
Jul 31 Kaizen: Moving time around kaizen, life, productivity, time
Jul 30 Emacs and PHP tutorial: php-mode emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Jul 30 Emacs and PHP: There’s more than one way to do it, of course emacs
Jul 29 Development kaizen: Deployment and testing drupal, kaizen
Jul 29 From Eclipse to Emacs: Drupal development with Subversion, tags, templates, and xdebug drupal, emacs
Jul 28 Drupal: Patching simpletest for Drupal 5 to understand the Location header drupal
Jul 28 Kaizen: What would make our Drupal lives better? drupal, kaizen
Jul 28 Emacs, Remember, and GTD emacs
Jul 28 Eclipse to Emacs: Navigating your source tree emacs
Jul 27 Morning pages from Ottawa life
Jul 27 Emacs: Keyboard shortcuts for navigating code development, emacs
Jul 26 Emacs is not just for computer geeks; also, these are the things that keep me going emacs, goodkarma
Jul 26 Want to subscribe to a subset of my blog? blogging
Jul 26 Yet another snippet mode for Emacs emacs
Jul 26 Things I can do to make progress on my book emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Jul 26 Emacs: Someone who’s even geekier about BBDB! bbdb, emacs
Jul 26 Weekly report – week ending July 25, 2008 weekly
Jul 25 Please vote for my about-me/sitemap slideshow on Slideshare! drupal, emacs, sketches
Jul 23 Drupal: Adding a footer to all of your system e-mail drupal
Jul 22 Weekly review: week ending July 20, 2008 weekly
Jul 22 Drupal: Testing multisite/domain-access Drupal locally and on a testing server drupal
Jul 20 Emacs: Smarter interactive prompts with Org remember templates emacs, org
Jul 20 Emacs: BBDB: Modifying the record creation process bbdb, emacs
Jul 20 Keeping things fresh; Analyzing session feedback conference, presentation, speaking
Jul 19 Learning how to drive is about starting even after you stall life
Jul 18 Emacs Org Google Tech Talk emacs, geek
Jul 18 What teachers make speaking, teaching
Jul 18 Reflecting on time and overtime career, life, reflection, sketches, time, work
Jul 18 One sentence – microfiction, microlife writing
Jul 18 Managing interruptions productivity
Jul 17 Notes from GBS Learning Week conference, connecting, weekly
Jul 14 GBS Learning Week: First set conference, ibm, presentation, speaking
Jul 12 Hello, I’m Sacha Chua! (Self-introduction and sitemap in verse) sketches
Jul 11 Weekly report: week ending July 11, 2008 weekly
Jul 11 Ruby code to quickly convert titles to ISBNs book, library, reading, ruby
Jul 11 To dream the impersonal dream entrepreneurship, passion
Jul 10 Check out my parents =) family
Jul 9 Canada and Web 2.0 conferences canada, web2.0
Jul 8 Sowing seeds: Common objections to technology evangelism for collaborative tools
Jul 6 Might need to spend more time hanging out with Emacs geeks =) emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Jul 6 Configuration management with Drupal – Multiple developers, live site drupal
Jul 6 What do I want to learn? learning, life
Jul 5 Sowing seeds: What is technology evangelism, anyway? enterprise2.0
Jul 4 Weekly report, week ending July 4, 2008 weekly
Jul 4 Taking book notes book, productivity, reading
Jul 2 Awesome, I’ve been quoted in Portuguese! enterprise2.0
Jul 2 Enough time: a new hire’s reflections career, life, time
Jun 30 Hooray, figured out Drupal 5 multi-step registration form with validation and invites drupal
Jun 30 Quick weekly report, week ending June 29, 2008 weekly
Jun 24 Holding my (quality assurance) horses geek
Jun 22 Trudge, trudge, trudge connecting, emacs, writing
Jun 22 Web 2.0 @ Work: Creating a professional profile connecting, web2.0
Jun 22 Weekly review: Week ending June 22, 2008 weekly
Jun 20 Paperwork
Jun 20 Networking for new hires connecting, passion, presentation, talk
Jun 15 Weekly review weekly
Jun 15 Exploring the senses at the Ontario Science Centre life
Jun 13 Programmatically creating CCK nodes in PHP (interaction with the Path module) drupal
Jun 12 How to scale presentations up or down – the art of timing presentation, speaking
Jun 12 Storytelling in presentations communication, presentation, speaking, story
Jun 11 Setting up your Drupal development environment drupal, geek
Jun 10 Drupal meetup in Toronto later – 7:00 at the Drake drupal
Jun 10 Notes on backporting modules from Drupal 6 to Drupal 5 drupal
Jun 10 IBM Pass It Along – social learning! enterprise2.0, ibm, web2.0
Jun 9 Learning Japanese? Here are some useful resources japan, japanese, learning
Jun 9 Weekly review weekly
Jun 9 A geek’s guide to Toronto friends, geek, life
Jun 8 Emacs Gnus: Filter Spam emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Jun 3 Drupal makes me feel like Bruce Lee + Jackie Chan drupal, sketches
Jun 2 Drupal: Storing data in the user profile drupal
Jun 2 Drupal: Adding lines to settings.php in an installation profile drupal, geek
Jun 2 Drupal: Lather, rinse, repeat – Cleaner development with installation profiles and Makefiles drupal, geek
Jun 1 Weekly review: Week ending June 1, 2008 weekly
May 31 Emacs Gnus: Organize Your Mail emacs, wickedcoolemacs
May 31 Too much time on her hands life, time
May 31 Emacs Gnus: Searching Mail emacs, wickedcoolemacs
May 31 Teaching passion passion, teaching
May 30 Two presentation stories for today: Oooh, shiny; Reaching the back row passion, presentation, speaking
May 29 Trying to get a good head shot connecting, photography
May 28 Dealing with stage fright presentation, speaking
May 27 Some thoughts on reading book, reading
May 27 WordCamp Philippines: September 6, 2008 in Manila conference
May 26 Relentless improvement and a focus on the positive kaizen, management
May 26 New blog design blogging, wordpress
May 26 Thinking out loud: Taking it off/online connecting, web2.0
May 26 Book: Success Built to Last book
May 25 Weekly review: Week ending May 25, 2008 weekly
May 25 Getting through the plateau of mediocrity; Picking up the idioms career
May 23 Work permit reprieve
May 20 The only way to fight the darkness is to blaze even brighter with light cat, sketches
May 19 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
May 19 Are you neglecting new employees? Web 2.0 can help you with relational onboarding sketches
May 19 But how do you know what to draw? sketches
May 19 Weekly review: Week ending May 18 weekly
May 17 New workflow for sketching; ooh, batch import! geek
May 17 How to sketch with a Nintendo DS sketches
May 16 The Incoming University Student’s Guide to Web 2.0 education, tips, web2.0
May 15 It’s not just for you – it helps other people remember the steps, too! life
May 13 Sketchcat cat, sketches
May 13 Sketchcast: Week ending May 11 sketches, weekly
May 12 Welcome to my new host! geek
May 11 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
May 10 I need a faster web host
May 9 The Gen Y Guide to Web 2.0 at Work gen-y, sketches, web2.0
May 9 Lotus Notes Tweak: End of Message, No Response Needed geek, lotus
May 9 Geek: How to use offlineimap and the dovecot mail server to read your Gmail in Emacs efficiently emacs, geek
May 8 Gen Y Growing Up: career, life
May 8 Gen Y Growing Up: My first chat with a financial planner finance
May 7 Kaizen Presentations: Web 2.0 and the University kaizen, presentation, talk
May 4 Weekly review: Week ending May 4, 2008 weekly
Apr 29 Restructuring Presentations: The Leadership Journey communication, kaizen, presentation
Apr 29 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Apr 27 Weekly review: Week ending April 27, 2008 weekly
Apr 27 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Apr 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Apr 25 Addicted to blogging? blogging
Apr 23 When I grow up, I’m going to present like Steve Jobs communication, presentation
Apr 23 blue horizon 2008: My first IBM keynote! conference, presentation
Apr 16 Sketches from the Web 2.0 Summit sketches
Apr 15 Weekly review – April 13, 2008 weekly
Apr 13 Faster mail with Emacs emacs
Apr 13 That’s my dad! family
Apr 12 Wicked Cool Emacs: BBDB: Import CSV and vCard Files bbdb, emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Apr 12 Wicked Cool Emacs: BBDB: Work with Records bbdb, emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Apr 12 Wicked Cool Emacs: BBDB: Set up BBDB bbdb, emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Apr 11 TLE 2008: I.B.Millennials: The Net Generation and Those Who Recruit, Hire, Work With, Manage, and Sell to Us conference, kaizen, presentation
Apr 11 Don’t know where to start life
Apr 7 TLE2008: Networking: A Workshop in Getting the Most from the TLE, Jim De Piante, part 1 of 2 conference
Apr 7 TLE2008: Essential Problem-Solving Skills That Will Shorten A Project, Dick Orth conference
Apr 6 Weekly review: March 31 to April 6 conference, weekly
Apr 1 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Apr 1 Best Practices Conference – April 1, Day 2 conference
Mar 30 Weekly report weekly
Mar 27 Morning pages
Mar 26 Three tips for long flights travel
Mar 26 Morning Pages writing
Mar 25 Optimizing my day kaizen
Mar 24 Vision + Value + Voice = Connection social
Mar 24 Jetlag-assisted wakefulness travel
Mar 24 Wicked Cool Emacs: BBDB: Use nicknames and custom salutations bbdb, emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Mar 8 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Mar 8 Vacations are essential sketches
Mar 8 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Mar 8 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Mar 8 Generational differences gen-y
Mar 7 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Mar 7 Wow. Physics can be phun. geek
Mar 7 Wow. Physics can be phun. geek
Mar 6 Working on the book wickedcoolemacs, writing
Mar 5 He loves his new white hat sketches
Mar 5 It is the choices we make that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities sketches
Mar 5 What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose sketches
Mar 5 Trying out the high-flying lifestyle sketches
Mar 3 Weekly review – week ending March 2, 2008 weekly
Mar 2 Internet experiment #2: Ordering clothes – success! life
Mar 1 Wicked Cool Emacs: BBDB: Keeping track of contact dates emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Mar 1 Notes from "Networking 2.0: Blogging Your Way Out of a Job and Into a Career"; the experience of speaking connecting, speaking
Mar 1 Why DemoCamp is one of my favorite networking events connecting
Feb 29 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 28 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 27 Networking 2.0: Blogging Your Way out of a Job… and Into a Career blogging, connecting
Feb 26 Headless chicken impression conference
Feb 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 25 Speaker’s block sketches
Feb 25 Doodling sketches
Feb 25 New rule for presentations sketches
Feb 23 Weekly review – Week ending February 24 sketches, weekly
Feb 20 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 19 Spontaneous outbursts of baked goods sketches
Feb 19 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 19 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 18 Weekly report – February 17, 2008 weekly
Feb 17 Geni – Your family tree online connecting, family, social
Feb 16 Trying out virtual assistants life
Feb 16 BBDB: Filtering by Mail Alias bbdb, emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Feb 15 Software as a service, high tech startup :: Morph Code :: Schedule of Events entrepreneurship, philippines
Feb 15 BBDB: Show a phone list bbdb, emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Feb 14 BBDB: Show an address list emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Feb 14 Chapter 6: Being Big Brother (plan) emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Feb 13 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 13 Sketch: My first writing group sketches
Feb 13 Taking quick notes for books notetaking, reading
Feb 13 Making arrangements for my cat
Feb 12 Rumor has it that Dragon NaturallySpeaking works under WINE linux
Feb 11 I love you library! library
Feb 11 Building relationships: 10 ways to get the most out of social networking sites connecting
Feb 11 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Feb 11 Writing and "Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance" blogging, reading, writing
Feb 11 Rough guide to getting an existing Windows XP partition to boot as a VMWare guest under Linux geek
Feb 10 Linux and Windows playing nicely together geek, linux
Feb 10 Weekly review – Feb 9, 2007 weekly
Feb 4 Upcoming events blogging, speaking
Feb 4 Chapter 7: Managing Your Notes in Emacs – done! emacs, notetaking, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Feb 3 Library Elf is awesome library, reading
Feb 3 I so rock =) wickedcoolemacs, writing
Feb 2 Testing from Emacs blogging, emacs
Feb 2 Juggling; paperwork work
Feb 2 Two tweaks = a great writing day writing
Feb 1 xkcd: Real programmers use Emacs emacs
Feb 1 Notes along the way life
Feb 1 When it rains, it pours: query letter on personal finance accepted by Linux Journal writing
Feb 1 Microsoft Excel – Alt-Enter geek
Jan 31 10 tips for new bloggers blogging, tips
Jan 31 Sketch: Editing sketches
Jan 31 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 31 Passed it on! blogging, connecting, social, story
Jan 31 Blogging works in mysterious ways blogging, connecting, story
Jan 30 From Lifehack: How to Make Yourself INSANELY Useful tips
Jan 30 I love open source
Jan 30 Changed to excerpts on the main page – What do you think? blogging, wordpress
Jan 29 Windows Live Writer and blogging blogging
Jan 27 Time management and work boundaries book, career, time
Jan 27 Speech recognition – a month of fun
Jan 27 Taking it Offline weekly
Jan 27 Library book reminder script – Perl geeking required geek, library
Jan 27 Yak shaving with OpenOffice.org
Jan 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 26 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 25 Today work
Jan 24 Sand and snow sketches
Jan 24 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 23 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 23 More books reading
Jan 22 Editing writing
Jan 21 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 21 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 21 On second thought… writing
Jan 21 Weekly review weekly
Jan 20 10 Terrific WordPress Plugins blogging, wordpress
Jan 20 What gets measured gets managed writing
Jan 19 Book notes reading
Jan 19 Reading Isn’t Dead Yet! reading
Jan 19 Donated $110 through Kiva, a microcredit site
Jan 19 Outlining Your Notes with Org emacs, notetaking, org, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 18 Fast-forwarding through small talk sketches
Jan 18 Glasses, glasses decision
Jan 18 social networking connecting, social
Jan 18 Emacs: Searching your notes emacs
Jan 17 Inching away, 1000 words at a time writing
Jan 16 Mike Moran: Writer, Search Marketing Expert, Distinguished Engineer! work
Jan 16 Planning a talk! =) “”Networking 2.0: Blogging Your Way Out of a Job… and into a Career” connecting
Jan 16 geek
Jan 16 Not much writing today… writing
Jan 16 My head is buzzing life
Jan 15 (In the presence of) Mentors mentoring
Jan 14 Weekly review: Week ending January 13, 2008 weekly
Jan 13 Capturing Notes with Remember emacs, org, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 13 Lego Star Wars geek
Jan 12 How I got hooked emacs, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 12 Someday like seas sketches
Jan 10 Yes, I write too much writing
Jan 10 The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence
Jan 10 Note-taking: Random notes, journal entries, outlines, and hyperlinks emacs, notetaking, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 10 Writing plans for the chapter on managing notes emacs, org, planner, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Jan 9 Quick book notes book, entrepreneurship, writing
Jan 9 Caag yaaa daawaamee life
Jan 9 Maybe people really are generous with their wisdom blogging, story
Jan 8 You have received a painting from Sacha sketches
Jan 8 Book triage reading
Jan 8 January – Chapter 7: Taking Notes emacs
Jan 7 Teaching the attitude teaching
Jan 6 You have received a painting from sacha sketches
Jan 5 zomg, another chapter up! writing
Jan 5 Working two jobs writing
Jan 5 Tagging in Org – plus bonus code for timeclocks and tags! emacs, org
Jan 3 More progress writing
Jan 3 Projects in Emacs Org emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Jan 2 Working on section on Org and projects life