Dec 31 More writing is possible writing
Dec 31 If you throw enough pots writing
Dec 31 Writing progress wickedcoolemacs, writing
Dec 31 Awesome articles on leadership leadership
Dec 31 Clocking Time with Emacs Org emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 30 Oh no! Version dependencies… emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Dec 30 Procrastination productivity
Dec 30 5 ways to deal with writer’s block writing
Dec 30 Pizza is the mind-killer sketches, writing
Dec 30 I need new glasses sketches
Dec 29 How to use Emacs Org as a Basic Day Planner emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 29 Dictate blind sketches
Dec 29 Darling… sketches
Dec 29 Writing, writing, writing writing
Dec 29 Planner, basic configuration emacs, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 28 Emacs: Getting Things Done with Org – Basic emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 28 Everything looks better photography, sketches
Dec 26 Emacs: Choosing between Org and Planner emacs, org, planner, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 26 Bugfix: Time estimation emacs, org
Dec 26 Not quite the same sketches
Dec 26 Some of my favorite quotes
Dec 25 Publishing my Org agenda to my blog emacs, org, wordpress
Dec 25 Get a grip on your tasks emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 25 Just ordered Dragon Naturally Speaking – Preferred geek
Dec 24 Yay, I finished Me and My Katamari sketches
Dec 24 Weekly review: Week ending Dec 22 weekly
Dec 23 Random cat moment cat
Dec 23 One day with Planner emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 23 2 geeks, 4 laptops sketches
Dec 23 A day in a life with Org emacs, org, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 22 How do you change the rules of the game? sketches
Dec 21 Why I use Emacs to manage my tasks emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 20 A great workday career, sketches, work
Dec 20 Dec 19: Awesome sketches
Dec 20 Dec 19: Waking up was hard, but things got better sketches
Dec 19 How to talk to execs and clients about social media enterprise2.0, web2.0
Dec 19 Dec 17: Awesome! sketches
Dec 18 Rethinking II life
Dec 18 Rethinking productivity
Dec 18 The commute up sketches
Dec 17 The Tick sketches
Dec 17 Gnus multi-pane tricks, or I heart Planet Emacsen emacs
Dec 16 Outline for task management chapter emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Dec 16 Weekly report weekly
Dec 16 Status report: Dec 16 sketches
Dec 16 Oh, the weather outside is frightful sketches
Dec 16 A good reason to check out the WordPress version of my blog blogging, sketches
Dec 16 Salmon steak with dill sketches
Dec 16 Sketchblogging with the Nintendo DS Lite sketches
Dec 16 He loves to cook sketches
Dec 16 So close! sketches, wordpress
Dec 15 That took more hacking than expected sketches
Dec 15 Hello world sketches
Dec 14 Tips for conference bloggers blogging, conference, tips
Dec 14 Quick update: purse found life
Dec 13 The evils of blur
Dec 12 Story: Connecting through social computing connecting
Dec 11 Christmas carols life
Dec 11 Reading books reading
Dec 8 Finding out if I’m overscheduled emacs, org
Dec 6 Convocation party pics event
Dec 6 Re-centering work
Dec 5 Low energy day life, sad
Dec 3 Weekly review weekly
Dec 2 Keeping in touch friends
Dec 2 My convocation; or how my mom’s a much better blogger than I am family
Dec 1 When you’re new to the job and everyone knows more than you do career
Dec 1 Wicked Cool Emacs: get in on the action! emacs, wickedcoolemacs, writing
Dec 1 Workrave, or why frequent breaks help you go full speed ahead productivity
Nov 30 With five years of blog posts, there’s a lot to discover blogging, wordpress
Nov 29 Prying eyes privacy emacs
Nov 29 Optimizing your action loop emacs, org, planning
Nov 29 Add joy to your job title career
Nov 29 Learning how to tell stories book
Nov 29 Lost some comments in the shuffle wordpress
Nov 28 I’m too lazy not to program emacs
Nov 28 Okay, we’re in business – 5 years of my life in WordPress blogging, emacs, planner
Nov 26 Yay, I got to talk to my dad today family
Nov 26 Feedwordpress and Planner blog = awesome emacs
Nov 26 Last week weekly
Nov 26 Weekly review weekly
Nov 26 Sent the first chapter of Wicked Cool Emacs emacs
Nov 25 Career statement: Helping companies help people connect career
Nov 25 Another day, another blog emacs
Nov 23 First accumulated snowfall canada
Nov 23 Manage from your calendar, not from your task list productivity
Nov 13 Kaizen: meetings kaizen
Nov 11 My worrying is useless emacs
Nov 10 Other stuff life
Nov 10 Kaizen: Tweaking my schedule kaizen
Nov 9 Emacs in the news emacs
Nov 8 Setting up appointment reminders in Org emacs
Nov 8 Planning my career – first stages career
Nov 7 Brown-bag cooking
Nov 5 Weekly review weekly
Nov 4 Shopping life
Nov 4 Pizza cooking
Nov 2 Generating a table of projects and their actions emacs, org
Nov 2 Sharing 101 goals in 1001 days plans
Nov 1 Halloween life
Oct 29 Weekly review 2007.10.21 – 2007.10.28 emacs, weekly
Oct 28 Org: Changing the task states emacs, org
Oct 28 Clocking work time under Planner emacs
Oct 28 Clocking work time under Org emacs
Oct 27 Choosing a daily schedule in Emacs emacs
Oct 27 Tweaking day-specific planner pages emacs
Oct 27 Emacs: managing schedule emacs
Oct 26 Business practice maven-wannabe work
Oct 26 Emacs: The difference between a task and an appointment emacs
Oct 24 Why Emacs emacs
Oct 24 Practice evangelist work
Oct 21 Eshell redirection emacs
Oct 21 Weekly review weekly
Oct 21 Best laid plans of mice and men kaizen
Oct 20 My first week of work work
Oct 18 Learning kaizen
Oct 17 stretch life
Oct 16 First day of work work
Oct 15 Things that make my day emacs
Oct 14 Work like you’re showing off: Be the best you can be career
Oct 14 LEGO life
Oct 13 Weekly review emacs, weekly
Oct 13 Notes from Mentors: Technology evangelism work
Oct 13 How to make a complete map of every thought you think notetaking
Oct 13 Happiness evangelist work
Oct 13 Setting priorities emacs, weekly
Oct 13 Through the fear life
Oct 12 Taking portraits of people photography
Oct 12 Chapter is taking shape emacs
Oct 12 How I came to love Emacs emacs
Oct 12 Switching mindsets emacs
Oct 12 Circus school
Oct 12 A quick note before I go to bed life
Oct 10 Planner and Org emacs
Oct 10 Finding ways to IBM work
Oct 10 Up and over life
Oct 9 Food photography attempt photography
Oct 9 Conversations with bookworms connecting
Oct 8 Remembering what should go in the book emacs
Oct 8 Weekly review emacs, weekly
Oct 7 Took the IELTS canada
Oct 5 Remembering to Org and Planner emacs
Oct 5 Emacs multi-tty is sweet emacs
Oct 5 Very odd – caring about the nitty-gritty life
Oct 5 Time to exercise health
Oct 4 PostReach’s ClickComment blogging
Oct 4 Sorted out Emacs problem emacs
Oct 3 Categorizing Contacts connecting
Oct 3 okay, so what’s involved in this trapeze thing? health
Oct 3 Can’t type health
Oct 2 Switched to PCFinancial for savings finance
Oct 2 planner-appt emacs
Oct 2 Emacs and Google Calendar; writing for a moving target emacs
Oct 2 Reading about Enterprise 2.0 enterprise2.0
Oct 2 Wow. Lots of stuff done today. life
Oct 1 Meet Enterprise 2.0 enterprise2.0
Oct 1 The return on investment of social computing enterprise2.0
Oct 1 Chapter outline draft: Planning your day in Emacs emacs
Oct 1 Weekly review emacs, weekly
Sept 28 The Kitten-ful Life cat
Sept 28 When there’s more than one way to do things emacs
Sept 28 Work permit on its way canada
Sept 28 My SecondLife interviewbot is coming along nicely geek
Sept 27 Rediscovered words emacs
Sept 26 Net worth report finance
Sept 26 Advertise to yourself! geek
Sept 26 Library run library
Sept 25 ARGH, Second Life scripting is driving me nuts geek
Sept 23 Weekly review: 2007.09.17 – 2007.09.23 weekly
Sept 20 Revised my website design wordpress
Sept 18 I’m going to write a book! writing
Sept 18 Early morning walk health
Sept 16 Weekly review weekly
Sept 16 Attack of the killer tomatoes cooking
Sept 12 Woohoo! school
Sept 11 Out of my control school
Sept 11 Emacs -Uncategorized
Sept 11 Highrise HQ emacs
Sept 9 Made it across the monkey bars! health
Sept 9 Driving lessons life
Sept 9 Sk8r boiz health
Sept 7 Emacs: sorting contacts by timestamp emacs
Sept 7 As me as I could be plans
Sept 5 Okay, I can solve that canada
Sept 5 Paperwork hassles canada
Sept 4 Paperwork progress canada
Sept 3 Weekly review weekly
Aug 31 More cooking cooking
Aug 30 Speaking of fitness landscapes… life
Aug 28 Not panicking about paperwork canada
Aug 28 First day of driving lessons learning
Aug 27 Weekly review weekly
Aug 24 zomg, I have to go to the Toronto International Film Festival… life
Aug 21 Life shouldn’t be this complicated life
Aug 17 Fishing random things out of my head life
Aug 17 Brrr canada
Aug 17 Should track library subjects library
Aug 16 What to do, what to do… plans
Aug 16 Thinking about September life
Aug 15 Barkada party barkada
Aug 14 Looking back life
Aug 13 Fitness landscapes life
Aug 12 Cream meringue tart cockaigne cooking, cookordie
Aug 12 A fantastic year yearly
Aug 11 Quick summary life
Aug 10 At the Toronto Circus School health
Aug 8 I survived my defense! school
Aug 8 Thesis defense is tomorrow school
Aug 7 Preparing for defense school
Aug 6 Weekly review weekly
Aug 5 Moving back to PCFinancial finance
Aug 5 No plans yet friends
Aug 4 What do you do on holidays? life
Aug 4 Got my study permit extended canada
Aug 3 Can’t help but teach teaching
Aug 3 Plywood boxes emacs
Aug 2 So I’m on Second Life geek
Jul 30 If I don’t go and do something, I’ll go mad school
Jul 30 Postponing driver’s ed learning
Jul 30 I heart the Toronto Public Library library
Jul 30 GTD in Emacs emacs
Jul 29 Croissants and tea happy
Jul 29 Weekly review: July 23 to July 29 weekly
Jul 29 Park play; A Midsummer Night’s Dream life
Jul 28 I am going to have it all plans
Jul 28 A Midsummer Night’s Dream life
Jul 28 I’m going to run away and join the circus health
Jul 27 Another day, another revision; Exercising in the park; Pinakbet and cherry pie life
Jul 26 Being in the right place at the right time canada
Jul 25 Announcing: Book Snake blog! writing
Jul 24 Learning languages learning
Jul 23 Am I really almost done? school
Jul 23 Weekly review: 2007.07.16 – 2007.07.21 weekly
Jul 22 Learning how to wok cooking
Jul 22 Happiness happy
Jul 16 Emacs tidbit: DVI and LaTeX interaction emacs
Jul 16 Parry Sound travel
Jul 15 Buying books reading
Jul 15 Dynamic Earth travel
Jul 14 Science North travel
Jul 13 Sudbury travel
Jul 12 Progress school
Jul 11 Geek… geek
Jul 8 Week in review weekly
Jul 7 Eoin Colfer! reading
Jul 3 Monthly book-checking finance
Jul 3 Flew a kite today health
Jul 1 Weekly review weekly
Jun 24 Expertise is more than meets the eye research
Jun 21 How do you know if an idea is innovative? school
Jun 20 zomg, I’m a graduate student school
Jun 18 Monday rituals life
Jun 15 Raw book notes: Outside INnovation by Patricia B. Seybold: 15:56 book
Jun 14 Business cards connecting
Jun 11 Week in review weekly
Jun 3 High school school
Jun 2 Global opportunities in software development: talk by Winston Damarillo: 21:37 geek
Jun 1 Party friends
May 31 Plodding away on my thesis school
May 31 Roadtrip! travel
May 29 Charting my life on index cards – Saturday afternoon goal-setting workshop? planning
May 27 Intramuros philippines
May 25 Pinball geek
May 25 Driving me crazy learning
May 25 Exercise health
May 24 Women women
May 22 It’s good to be back travel
May 21 Boo travel
May 21 At the airport travel
May 19 For Robyn family
May 18 Technical interview geek
May 18 Events in the Philippines? event
May 18 Curing Mail Madness with GNU Emacs emacs
May 16 Family first family
May 13 Week in review: May 6 to May 13 weekly
May 12 Much done research
May 12 Finished writing Emacs mail article! emacs
May 8 Boo! Skype unlimited, limited geek
May 8 Money management for the next stage in your life finance
May 7 Week past, week next weekly
May 6 Hiking health
May 4 Songs within us family
May 4 The end is near! school
May 2 Why do people cry at airports? travel
Apr 30 Okay, this is really annoying now life
Apr 28 Windmills of Your Mind life
Apr 27 Okay, I can stop working now! life
Apr 27 Javascript workaround geek
Apr 27 AHA! life
Apr 27 Augh, I want my life back! life
Apr 26 Thoughts on anxiety life
Apr 26 Tired life
Apr 25 Writing writing writing school
Apr 25 OFF FOCUS by Lina Rodriguez and Rita Kamacho philippines
Apr 23 What an intense week! life
Apr 21 More food for thought philippines
Apr 21 Knowing people connecting
Apr 21 The Reading Solution, and thoughts on education education
Apr 21 Quiet time life
Apr 19 Steel-cut oats cooking
Apr 19 Geek! geek
Apr 19 Multi-modal learning learning
Apr 19 Arroz caldo cooking
Apr 19 Lasagna cooking
Apr 19 Thesis research
Apr 19 Adventures with J: Rhyme time family
Apr 19 Bruised knuckle life
Apr 19 Lost pictures geek
Apr 17 How to use Emacs to keep track of your bibliography and notes: anatomy of an Emacs hack emacs
Apr 17 Oooh! The banig is so pretty! family
Apr 17 Book recommendation: The Ten-Minute Trainer reading
Apr 17 Book recommendation: Light Their Fire reading
Apr 17 Looking at the puzzle pieces career
Apr 17 Falling in love with poetry: Viva Shel Silverstein! reading
Apr 17 Being Filipino philippines
Apr 16 Week in review weekly
Apr 16 Expensive running shoes considered harmful health
Apr 15 Shoe shopping Saturday life
Apr 15 Wahoo! Inbox zero! geek
Apr 13 Strange wikindx error geek
Apr 13 Don Marti’s e-mail productivity hack productivity
Apr 12 Filed my taxes finance
Apr 12 Priming my brain learning
Apr 12 I actually have a project school
Apr 11 Immigration points canada
Apr 11 Mens sana in corpore sano health
Apr 11 Entertainingly educational books reading
Apr 8 Lasagna cooking
Apr 8 Massages life
Apr 8 Field trip! learning
Apr 8 Falling in love with words reading
Apr 8 Lasagna cooking
Apr 7 Sick and happy life
Apr 4 I miss my family family
Apr 4 Krav and Evil Dead health
Apr 4 Pinakbet cooking
Apr 3 Books, books, books reading
Mar 30 Collaboration career
Mar 30 Sorting out my schedule life
Mar 27 Tea time should be for everyone friends
Mar 27 Ethics approval! school
Mar 27 Tea Party 2: Attack of the Eclairs friends
Mar 27 My own place life
Mar 26 Sunday tea and developing my personal style friends
Mar 26 Tea friends
Mar 25 Eclairs friends
Mar 23 Blogging: not just for extroverts blogging
Mar 23 The magic of connection connecting
Mar 23 It’s spring life
Mar 23 Sharing my life life
Mar 20 Sweet, caching works geek
Mar 20 Argh, deliveries life
Mar 19 Steadycam friends
Mar 19 Tea party friends
Mar 19 Mmm… life
Mar 15 Laundry life
Mar 15 My very own place! life
Mar 14 Woke up late life
Mar 12 I love my life life
Mar 9 The tension between research and research research
Mar 7 So that’s why people work hard during the day… life
Mar 5 Pot. Kettle. Onyx. love
Mar 5 Sore throat health
Mar 5 Futurama life
Mar 5 Developing a taste for opera love
Mar 5 Downtown today life
Mar 4 Cute socks! friends
Mar 4 Happy happy
Mar 4 Keys to my first apartment! life
Mar 4 Smile before you punch health
Mar 4 So I watched the opera last night… love
Mar 4 No, I’m not dead yet… life
Mar 2 Wish my parents were here… family
Mar 2 Furniture decisions life
Mar 1 OMG, found my sofa life
Mar 1 Freezing rain canada
Mar 1 All of my books are once again balanced… finance
Mar 1 Wow life
Feb 27 For the win! life
Feb 27 Nightmares life
Feb 27 Walking science museum life
Feb 27 Krav maga health
Feb 27 Adhesion life
Feb 27 Tango health
Feb 24 No more Crane? life
Feb 24 Quick thoughts before I go to bed life
Feb 22 Yes to social networking, no to MLM connecting
Feb 22 Gratitude life
Feb 21 At the social media and public relations event connecting
Feb 20 Much progress! school
Feb 20 Edgy life
Feb 20 Rediscovering the Graduate House reading room school
Feb 20 Toronto Technology Week! canada
Feb 20 Emacs: 15 times multiplication table emacs
Feb 20 Toast cookordie
Feb 19 The water boar life
Feb 19 Fine, I’m on Facebook life
Feb 18 Barter Network Toronto canada
Feb 18 Weekly report weekly
Feb 18 A place to live life
Feb 18 Permission to be sad, sir! love
Feb 18 My computer is groaning! geek
Feb 18 Clarity love
Feb 17 Movie seating for geeks geek
Feb 16 The bin-packing problem geek
Feb 16 Matter resolved life
Feb 15 Tough decisions decision
Feb 15 Time to be selfish life
Feb 14 No flights into New York today… travel
Feb 14 At the terminal travel
Feb 13 Gwah life
Feb 13 Help getting on my feet = priceless friends
Feb 13 Crafting day at the Gorey friends
Feb 10 I have the awesomest friends friends
Feb 10 Snuggle friends
Feb 10 What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done? life
Feb 10 Is this what a trapeze artist feels? life
Feb 10 Also, positive thinking means that… life
Feb 10 Found my checkbook… life
Feb 10 I just have to ride out the panic… life
Feb 9 Borrowed some time from my thesis… life
Feb 9 Okay! I’ve got it! plans
Feb 8 New plan life
Feb 8 Housing life
Feb 8 The paperwork is easy! canada
Feb 8 Competition and cooperation geek
Feb 8 I have finally caught up with LJ life
Feb 8 Progress! school
Feb 7 Torture philippines
Feb 7 Fully booked life
Feb 7 Scored a power adapter! life
Feb 7 Off the phone network travel
Feb 7 Level up! life
Feb 6 What was I thinking? school
Feb 6 Day 1 school
Feb 6 Made my own lunch today! cooking
Feb 6 I have so much reading to catch up on! school
Feb 6 Hmm. Problem. life
Feb 6 Democamp was lots of fun democamp
Feb 5 I can afford to raise my rent finance
Feb 5 They’re just material things… life
Feb 2 At the Hong Kong International Airport travel
Feb 2 All my bags are packed travel
Feb 1 Job search? Company search! career
Feb 1 I won’t be part of the brain drain philippines
Feb 1 Home family
Feb 1 My cat cat
Jan 29 Sorted out my pictures! life
Jan 29 Yay! Sorted out my pictures for 2006! life
Jan 28 Welcome to the world, Alexander Nolan! friends
Jan 28 It’s almost time to leave travel
Jan 24 Upon further reflection, I don’t hate my thesis after all research
Jan 24 Meeting the European Chamber of Commerce
Jan 23 Life in a parallel universe life
Jan 21 Love life
Jan 20 Learning how to shoot photography
Jan 20 Stories from my dad: Politics and passing the torch family
Jan 19 Motivation life
Jan 19 Melt love
Jan 19 Mirroring energy life
Jan 19 An examined life… life
Jan 19 Grazing in the bookstore reading
Jan 19 Sometimes the universe gives you a sign… life
Jan 18 I love to make people’s lives better family
Jan 18 Creating Rainmakers book
Jan 18 Driving lessons II learning
Jan 17 PhDcomics guy in Toronto, and I’m not there! life
Jan 16 Hey! I still know how to drive! learning
Jan 16 What people don’t know about me life
Jan 16 Returning to chess learning
Jan 16 My sister’s in love! love
Jan 16 On the road to growing up life
Jan 16 BBDB: Print birthdates bbdb, emacs
Jan 15 Salesdogs: I’m a Chihuahua!
Jan 14 I am everyone and no one life
Jan 14 My mom, the blogger family
Jan 12 Aha! life
Jan 11 I should meet more people in Canada canada
Jan 11 Can’t work on map-enabled prototype geek
Jan 10 A tale of two houses life
Jan 10 Orange and Bronze has discovered the secret to low employee turnover! friends
Jan 10 Good day life
Jan 9 The universe does not tolerate a chocolate deficiency sad
Jan 8 Score! life
Jan 8 Problems are easy to solve once identified school
Jan 8 Argh. Schedule slippage. school
Jan 7 Getting to know you love
Jan 7 Inflection point: on the up and up school
Jan 6 Neko cat
Jan 6 On hold love
Jan 6 You know, things aren’t so bad life
Jan 6 All that is precious life
Jan 5 Missing travel
Jan 5 Trudging along school
Jan 5 Deja vu travel
Jan 4 Hate is as useful as love school
Jan 4 Working through the funk travel
Jan 4 Whatever gets the job done travel
Jan 4 It’s nice to be missed! life
Jan 3 Ay, my dad… Fireworks! family
Jan 3 Checking my financial course finance
Jan 3 You only live once! life
Jan 3 Still getting horrible packet loss for international sites geek
Jan 2 My alma mater is t3h c00l school
Jan 2 The secret to waking up early life
Jan 2 No ACM! school
Jan 2 Big, hairy, audacious goal research
Jan 1 My books are balanced finance
Jan 1 Making things happen life
Jan 1 Yay me! life