Dec. 31 Figuring out my CSS workflow development, geek, kaizen, work
Dec. 30 Learning from CSS tweaking development, kaizen
Dec. 30 Yay more food containers! cooking, organization
Dec. 29 Reducing clutter in the kitchen kaizen, life, organization
Dec. 27 How I used the 5-day holiday quantified, review
Dec. 26 Quantified Awesome: Building my own time tracker quantified
Dec. 26 Weekly review: Week ending December 23, 2011 review, weekly
Dec. 24 Getting through the beige days life
Dec. 23 Investing in awesomeness life, reflection
Dec. 23 Comparing Plan B Organic Farms with Cooper’s Farm CSA cooking, decision, review
Dec. 21 Getting ready for the next project work
Dec. 20 Rails experiences: Things I learned from project O development, geek, kaizen, rails, work
Dec. 19 Decision review: Decision review decision, review
Dec. 18 Monthly review: November 2011 monthly
Dec. 17 Weekly review: Week ending December 16, 2011 review, weekly
Dec. 16 Emacs, artbollocks-mode.el, and writing more clearly blogging, emacs, writing
Dec. 15 Learning plans and time budgets: packing things into 2012 analysis, learning, planning, quantified, time
Dec. 14 Growing as a developer: Automated tests development, kaizen, work
Dec. 14 Reviewing my archives blogging
Dec. 13 Quantified Awesome: Thinking about what I want to build next development, geek, quantified
Dec. 11 2011 in review review, sketches, yearly
Dec. 10 Weekly review: Week ending December 9, 2011 review, weekly
Dec. 9 Blog analysis for 2011: 173,363 words so far; also, using the Rails console to work with WordPress analysis, blogging, geek, review
Dec. 8 Transcript: Blogging (Part 15): Tools to help you get started blogging, tips, writing
Dec. 7 Geek tidbits: Postfix configuration for development and testing development, geek, ibm, rails, work
Dec. 6 Busy, busy, busy week work
Dec. 6 Quantified Awesome: How I’m starting to use Tap Log for Android android, geek, quantified
Dec. 4 Clearing out the basement life
Dec. 3 Weekly review: Week ending December 2, 2011 review, weekly
Dec. 2 Upcoming decision: Considering different cellphone plans for J- decision
Dec. 1 Transcript: Blogging (Part 14): Writing for yourself and writing for others blogging, tips, writing
Nov. 30 Things I’m learning from tracking quantified
Nov. 29 Rails experiences: Building an interactive tutorial development, geek, rails, work
Nov. 28 Quantified Awesome: 116 web resources for Quantified Self braindump, quantified
Nov. 27 Thoughts from helping with homework family, life
Nov. 26 Weekly review: Week ending November 25, 2011 review, weekly
Nov. 25 Decision review: Scheduling posts and using themes blogging, decision, review
Nov. 24 Transcript: Blogging (Part 13): On frequency blogging, tips, writing
Nov. 23 Ruby on Rails: Extending ActiveRecord::Base to define your own ActiveRecord association methods development, geek, rails, work
Nov. 22 From the feeds: Development, food, connecting with people, e-books, finance Tidbits
Nov. 21 Quantified Awesome: Why I track quantified
Nov. 20 Learning how to model with Google Sketchup geek, learning
Nov. 19 Weekly review: Week ending November 18, 2011 review, weekly
Nov. 18 Decision review: Lenovo X220 tablet PC (with graphs!) decision, geek, laptop, review
Nov. 17 Transcript: Blogging (Part 12): Two homes blogging, tips, writing
Nov. 16 Massages, physical feedback, and behaviour modification kaizen, life
Nov. 15 From the feeds: Friendship, planning ahead, and crossroads Tidbits
Nov. 14 Quantified Awesome: A place for everything, and everything in its place geek, kaizen, life, quantified
Nov. 13 Stories from the trip: Terminal 3 life, travel
Nov. 12 Weekly review: Week ending November 11, 2011; thinking about the temptation to work review, weekly
Nov. 11 Decision review: Metropass instead of biking to work in November decision, travel
Nov. 10 Transcript: Blogging (Part 11): Looking back at the year blogging, tips, writing
Nov. 9 Thinking about how to get even better at bulk-cooking cooking, kaizen, life, productivity
Nov. 8 Visualization resources
Nov. 7 Quantified Awesome: How much music do you have? geek, quantified
Nov. 6 Monthly review: October 2011 monthly, review
Nov. 6 Quantified Awesome: Development-driven behaviour and integrated tests for life development, geek, quantified
Nov. 5 Weekly review: Week ending November 4, 2011 review, weekly
Nov. 4 Decision review: Cat boarding cat, decision, review, travel
Nov. 3 Transcript: Blogging (Part 10): Difficult situations blogging, tips, writing
Nov. 2 Planning an Emacs-based personal wiki – Org? Muse? Hmm… emacs
Nov. 1 From the feeds: Selling benefits, not features; caramel apples; graphic novels for kids Tidbits
Oct. 31 Quantified Awesome: Data from waking up 3 hours earlier than normal kaizen, life, quantified
Oct. 30 Stories from our trip: Furry caterpillar family, life, travel
Oct. 29 Weekly review: Week ending October 28, 2011 review, weekly
Oct. 28 Decision review: Switching from Rackspace Cloud to Linode decision, geek
Oct. 27 Transcript: Blogging (Part 9): Learning from others blogging, tips, writing
Oct. 26 Practising drawing: variations on a theme drawing, kaizen, sketches
Oct. 25 Thought roundup: Podcasts, drawing, cats, and towels Tidbits
Oct. 24 Geek travel update: Mostly as planned geek, quantified, travel
Oct. 23 Weekly review: Week ending October 21, 2011 review, weekly
Oct. 22 Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto Oct 21 2011 quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Oct. 22 Stories from the trip: Making my peace with endings life, reflection, travel
Oct. 21 Figuring out how to plan for a month kaizen, life, planning
Oct. 20 Transcript: Blogging (Part 8): Slow life down and speed it up blogging, tips, writing
Oct. 19 Jetlag-assisted early days life, travel
Oct. 18 From the feeds: Writing, more writing, journalism, and automation
Oct. 17 Monthly review: September 2011 monthly
Oct. 16 Passioneer survey (Submit your answers by Oct 18) passion
Oct. 16 Weekly review: Weeks ending October 7 and October 14, 2011 review, weekly
Oct. 15 The joys of development with Selenium web-testing development, geek
Oct. 14 Decision review: Working at IBM career, decision, ibm, review, work
Oct. 13 Transcript: Blogging (Part 7): Learning how to write blogging, tips, writing
Oct. 12 Working with FTP sites geek, linux
Oct. 11 From the feeds: Ramen, personal assistants, productivity, co-schooling, and being yourself
Oct. 10 Geek travel: Planning outfits using matrices geek
Oct. 9 Monitoring multiple WordPress sites for comments using Yahoo Pipes blogging, geek, wordpress
Oct. 8 Tweaking my Windows 7 setup more: Emacs on all virtual desktops! emacs, geek
Oct. 7 Decision review: Marrying W- decision, life, review
Oct. 6 Transcript: Blogging (Part 6): Looking back blogging, tips, writing
Oct. 5 Learning browser-based testing with Selenium development, geek, work
Oct. 4 From the feeds: Saving money, making money, balancing life, reading books, and making rainbows
Oct. 3 Tracking and organizing my clothes: substituting mathematics for fashion sense analysis, clothing, geek, organization, photography, quantified, rails
Oct. 2 Weekly review: Week ending September 30, 2011 review, weekly
Oct. 1 It turns out that “I suck” moments are more negotiable than I thought happy, life
Sep. 30 Converted my Arduino foot pedal into a Teensy foot pedal! geek
Sep. 29 Transcript: Blogging (Part 5): Getting started blogging, tips, writing
Sep. 28 Getting better at working at the office kaizen, work
Sep. 27 From the feeds: entrepreneurship, teaching, biking, riding
Sep. 26 Quantified: How I spent seven weeks analysis, geek, quantified
Sep. 25 Weekly review: Week ending September 23, 2011 review, weekly
Sep. 24 Batch cooking, community-supported agriculture, and gardening cooking, gardening
Sep. 23 Working with the Editorial Calendar plugin for WordPress; on scheduling posts blogging, geek, tips, wordpress
Sep. 22 Transcript: Blogging (Part 4): Parenting blogging, tips, writing
Sep. 21 Planning for currency conversion decision, travel
Sep. 20 Update on typing: Added AutoCorrect hotkey script, now clocking in at 118wpm kaizen
Sep. 19 IBM Comic: Watson on helpdesk duty; variants ibm, sketches, work
Sep. 18 Weekly review: Week ending September 16, 2011 review, weekly
Sep. 18 Monthly review: June, July, and August 2011 monthly, review
Sep. 17 Back to school, back to study groups life, teaching
Sep. 16 Learning new tricks about learning: maps and history learning, life, sketches, teaching
Sep. 15 Transcript: Blogging (Part 3): Blogging and other social tools blogging, tips, writing
Sep. 14 Free Geek Toronto: Notes from the build session geek
Sep. 13 Deliberate practice, typing faster, and Emacs emacs, geek
Sep. 12 Thinking about getting better at decisions analysis, decision
Sep. 11 Weekly review: Week ending September 9, 2011 review, weekly
Sep. 10 Tweaking the fingerprint settings on my Lenovo X220T geek, laptop
Sep. 9 Dusting off my Sony Vaio U1 geek
Sep. 8 Transcript: Blogging (Part 2): Growing into blogging blogging, tips, writing
Sep. 7 Decision: Not getting an Ontario Science Centre family membership analysis, decision, life
Sep. 6 Drupal: Finding nodes through autocomplete drupal
Sep. 5 Thinking about improving our freezer use cooking, kaizen
Sep. 4 Weekly review: Week ending September 2, 2011 review, weekly
Sep. 3 Starting up my experiments in delegation again; the difference between what I want to do and what I want to see delegation
Sep. 2 Notes on transcription with and without a foot pedal analysis, decision, kaizen, review
Sep. 1 Transcript: Blogging (Part 1): Blogging and introverts blogging, tips, writing
Aug. 31 Getting rid of the “I can’t draw”s drawing, sketches
Aug. 30 Batch cooking cooking, kaizen
Aug. 29 Drupal debugging story: Rules defined in multiple Features drupal, geek, story
Aug. 28 Weekly review: Week ending August 27, 2011 review, weekly
Aug. 27 Code and circuit for a six-function Arduino-based USB footswitch geek, sketches
Aug. 26 Practising drawing sketches
Aug. 26 Mailing non-Emacs users your Org notes emacs, org, tips
Aug. 25 Re-setting up my computer geek
Aug. 24 How to set up more frequent merge replications in SQL Server 2000 geek, work
Aug. 23 Built a USB foot pedal using the Arduino Uno geek
Aug. 22 “Hello, Monday!” comic series launched on IBM intranet home page; now I’m a comic artist! ibm, sketches
Aug. 22 Thinking about outsourcing transcription or doing it myself analysis, decision, kaizen, speaking
Aug. 21 Weekly review: Week ending August 19, 2011 review, weekly
Aug. 20 Kids’ cartoons and learning piano learning, life
Aug. 19 Git bisect and reversing a mistaken patch development, geek
Aug. 18 Thinking my way through a tough MS SQL Server 2000 replication problem geek, ibm, work
Aug. 17 Session follow-up #1: Discovering Yourself through Blogging blogging, presentation, speaking
Aug. 16 Discovering Yourself through Blogging (free teleconference Aug 16, 6 PM PDT, 9 PM EDT, 9 AM Philippine time) blogging, life, sketches, writing
Aug. 15 Volunteer notes: Free Geek Toronto geek
Aug. 14 Reflections on creativity life
Aug. 13 Weekly review: Week ending August 12, 2011 review, weekly
Aug. 12 Living an awesome life as a 27-year-old: a year in blog posts blogging, review, yearly
Aug. 11 Thinking about blogging and planning ahead blogging, planning, writing
Aug. 10 Lessons learned from project M drupal, ibm, kaizen, review, work
Aug. 10 Decision: Piano lessons? analysis, decision
Aug. 8 Drupal: Overriding Drupal autocompletion to pass more parameters drupal, geek
Aug. 8 Jalapeño jelly cooking, life
Aug. 7 Weekly review: Week ending August 5, 2011; thoughts on discretionary time review, weekly
Aug. 5 Drupal, HTML Purifier, and embedding IFRAMES from YouTube drupal, geek, work
Aug. 4 Drupal and JQuery 1.5: Fixing the JSON encoding of ampersands drupal, geek, work
Aug. 4 Learning by imitation: getting inspired by Exploding Dog sketches
Aug. 3 Rhetoric and advocacy: the value of a different approach
Aug. 2 Looking back at life as a 27-year-old review, yearly
Aug. 1 Weekly review: Week ending July 31, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 31 Software and making pots geek, sketches, work
Jul. 30 Mornings at our house cat, sketches
Jul. 30 Long weekend ahead sketches, work
Jul. 29 Piano lesson week 2 learning
Jul. 28 Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto meetup: Conferences, pollution sensing, and growing old at home quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Jul. 27 Cats in high places cat
Jul. 26 Weekly review: Week ending July 24, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 25 Public transit day life
Jul. 23 Rhetoric and the Manila Zoo; reflections on conversations and a request for insight
Jul. 22 Starting piano again learning
Jul. 21 Dealing with a heat wave in Toronto life
Jul. 20 Weekly review: Week ending July 16, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 20 Dealing with web development and stress work
Jul. 19 Piano lessons life
Jul. 17 An elephant love story: Real stories of Manila Zoo life
Jul. 17 Cake was not a lie cooking
Jul. 16 A zucchini a day keeps the vegetable drawer okay cooking
Jul. 14 The first blueberries from our garden gardening
Jul. 14 Love, web development, and imaginary friends geek
Jul. 12 On cherry tomatoes, frugality, and wanting life
Jul. 11 Monthly review: June 2011 review
Jul. 10 Weekly review: Two weeks ending July 9, 2011 review, weekly
Jul. 9 Thinking about activities to share with others analysis, kaizen, life, reflection
Jul. 8 In an imperfect world life, reflection
Jul. 7 Planning for summer education, life, planning
Jul. 6 Hacking Drupal views and taxonomy: looking for 100% matching of terms drupal, geek
Jul. 5 Organizing my digital life geek
Jul. 4 Embracing Pollyanna happy
Jul. 4 Fifty kilometers on my bicycle
Jul. 2 Getting a grip on a large database migration drupal, geek
Jul. 1 How I organize my personal finances finance
Jul. 1 Four-day weekend ahead planning
Jun. 30 Context-switching and a four-project day drupal, geek, rails, work
Jun. 30 Meaning and acknowledgement book, education, learning, teaching
Jun. 28 Drupal notes from helping a client improve her development environment drupal, geek
Jun. 28 Learning from the speeches of grade seven students learning, speaking
Jun. 27 Writing your way past “What have I been doing with my life?” blogging, kaizen, life, reflection, writing
Jun. 26 Weekly review: Week ending June 25, 2011 review, weekly
Jun. 26 Strawberry rhubarb baking cooking
Jun. 25 Mindful spending, experiments, and living in line with your values analysis, decision, kaizen
Jun. 24 Portal 2 geek
Jun. 23 Portal 2 and teachable moments in argument communication, life, teaching
Jun. 21 (500) days of salad cooking
Jun. 21 Switching back to Linux as my development host development, geek, work
Jun. 19 Thinking about speaking topics braindump
Jun. 19 Weekly review: Week ending June 18, 2011 review, weekly
Jun. 18 An abundance of cilantro, now freezing in cubes; strawberries and peas cooking, gardening
Jun. 17 Gardening notes: Cut-and-come-again lettuce gardening
Jun. 17 Getting the hang of community-supported agriculture cooking, cookordie
Jun. 16 Personal projects decision, kaizen, life, productivity
Jun. 16 Make-ahead meals cooking
Jun. 15 Kaizen in the little things: The way the door opens kaizen, sketches
Jun. 14 Cook Or Die Season II: Community-Supported Agriculture cooking, cookordie
Jun. 14 Decision review: Kitchen counter computing (ad hoc standing desk) decision, geek, kaizen, review
Jun. 13 This is what my blog looks like on paper blogging, life, reflection, writing
Jun. 13 Getting things ready for the next week: cooking and gardening gardening, kaizen
Jun. 12 Weekly review: Week ending June 11, 2011 review, weekly
Jun. 10 Managing configuration changes in Drupal development, drupal, geek, work
Jun. 10 Sketchnotes from Democamp Toronto 29, June 2011 democamp, geek, sketches, sketchnotes
Jun. 9 Drush, Simpletest, and continuous integration for Drupal using Jenkins (previously Hudson) drupal, geek
Jun. 8 Thinking about our development practices development, geek, kaizen
Jun. 7 Negative optimization geek, rails
Jun. 7 Made a stuff sack for J- life, sewing
Jun. 6 Plans for summer: Relationships, work, gardening, biking, drawing and photography, making, and finances planning
Jun. 6 Weekly review: Week ending June 3, 2011 review, weekly
Jun. 4 Bike ride in the rain
Jun. 4 Decision review: calendars, development, standing desks, toe shoes, Kindle, bike, CSA, Autodesk Sketchbook, blogging decision, kaizen, review
Jun. 3 Monthly reviews: April and May 2011 monthly
Jun. 2 It’s Bike Month in Toronto!
Jun. 1 Hungry hungry compost and other garden updates gardening
Jun. 1 VMWare, Samba, Eclipse, and XDebug: Mixing a virtual Linux environment with a Microsoft Windows development environment development, drupal, geek
May 31 Learning from Mr. Collins: Practice, conversation, and what to do when someone says something mean communication, life
May 30 Seasons and salad days cooking
May 30 Made a kitty soap holder sewing
May 30 Dealing with a bad calendar week geek, kaizen, life
May 30 May 29, 2011: bagels, banana bread, bok choi, bath stuff, and books life, sketches
May 29 Weekly review: Weeks ending May 20, 2011 and May 27, 2011 weekly
May 27 Developing a workflow with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro drawing, sketches, speaking
May 26 Taking a break while working on presentations speaking
May 25 The flow of opportunities in a large company ibm, work
May 25 Experimenting with standing desks geek, kaizen, life
May 23 Gardening: Horticultural investments, social dividends connecting, gardening
May 22 Victoria Day weekend: back to the garden gardening
May 21 Notes from the airport: Missed my flight; not the end of the world after all travel
May 21 Presentation draft: Mentoring on the Network mentoring, presentation, speaking
May 20 Waiting for my Kindle geek
May 20 Travel updates: GPS, Pearl Street, Vibram toe shoes geek, kaizen, travel
May 18 Ordered a Kindle with free 3G geek, kaizen, travel
May 17 Walking outside my comfort zone – bike? push/kick scooter? analysis, decision, kaizen, travel
May 17 Finding the bright side of business travel travel, work
May 16 Rails: Preserving test data development, geek, rails
May 15 Weekly review: Week ending May 13, 2011 weekly
May 14 Cattus Petasatus learning
May 13 First foray into community-supported agriculture cooking, kaizen, life
May 12 Weekly review: Week ending May 6, 2011 weekly
May 11 Back from the Netherlands family, life
May 10 Rails: Paperclip needs attributes defined by attr_accessible, not just attr_accessor development, geek, rails
May 9 On kids and the learning of tangible things life
May 8 Condensing requirements into use cases ibm, learning, work
May 7 Rails: Exporting data from specific tables into fixtures geek, rails
May 5 Tweaking married life for everyday happiness life
May 4 On people changing companies career, work
May 3 Cucumber, Capybara, and the joys of integration testing in Rails geek, rails
May 2 Thoughts from marriage: Learning together learning, life
May 1 Negative productivity and learning from oopses geek, productivity, tips, work
Apr. 30 Weekly review: Week ending April 29, 2011 weekly
Apr. 30 "An Easy Method for Beginners in Latin" and macron-insensitive search for Tiddlywiki geek
Apr. 29 Study group: Flashcards and the Leitner method education, geek, learning, life, teaching
Apr. 28 Giving a presentation using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and a web conference kaizen, presentation, sketches, speaking
Apr. 28 Remote training that rocks ibm, presentation, speaking
Apr. 27 The enemy of your enemy is your friend: mnemonics and negative integers education, learning, life, teaching
Apr. 26 Stuff or experiences analysis, decision, finance, life, reflection
Apr. 25 Writing macrons in Linux for Latin pronunciation emacs, geek, learning
Apr. 24 Monthly review: March 2011 monthly
Apr. 23 Weekly review: Week ending April 22, 2011 weekly
Apr. 22 Back in the garden, the perennials are coming back gardening, life
Apr. 21 Mr. Fluffers: Stray or not stray? analysis, cat, decision, life
Apr. 20 Compost magic and happiness gardening, life
Apr. 19 Making better use of travel time kaizen, life, time, travel
Apr. 18 Learning from my mood data geek, quantified
Apr. 17 Study group update: negative numbers, exponents, and awesomeness learning, life, teaching
Apr. 17 Weekly review: Week ending April 15, 2011 weekly
Apr. 15 Three cat life cat, kaizen, life
Apr. 14 Using behavioural economics to motivate yourself when working on risky projects analysis, career, work
Apr. 13 Still cold? Wear a hat to bed life, tips
Apr. 12 Math study group: Positive and negative numbers education, learning, life, teaching
Apr. 11 On developing a reputation for project work ibm, mentoring, work
Apr. 10 Weekly review: Week ending April 8, 2011 weekly
Apr. 10 Writing more about life blogging, decision, writing
Apr. 9 Decision review: Battery geek
Apr. 7 Spousonomics: Using economics to master love, marriage, and dirty dishes analysis, book, love, reading, research
Apr. 6 Why we use more than math textbooks and general-purpose resources learning, teaching
Apr. 5 Helping kids learn algebra learning, life, teaching
Apr. 4 Setting up Ruby on Rails on a Redhat Enterprise Linux Rackspace Cloud Server development, geek, rails, ruby, work
Apr. 4 The Busy Person’s Guide to Learning from the Network (a guide for IBMers) ibm, learning, presentation, tips, work
Apr. 3 Starting up our garden gardening
Apr. 2 Weekly review: Week ending April 1, 2011 weekly
Apr. 1 Running the Selenium IDE testing plugin with Firefox 4 development, geek
Apr. 1 Quid est nōmen tuum? Nōmen meum est “Sacha” learning
Mar. 31 Becoming a faster developer development, geek
Mar. 30 More thoughts on time analysis: correlations and revealed preferences analysis, geek, quantified, time
Mar. 30 Helping kids learn about automation teaching
Mar. 29 On typing in Dvorak geek, tips
Mar. 28 Filling in the learning gaps sketches, teaching
Mar. 27 Weekly review: Week ending March 25, 2011 weekly
Mar. 24 The three argumenteers sketches
Mar. 23 Shanghaippy birthday, John Grimme! Recipe: Lumpiang shanghai cooking, family, sketches
Mar. 22 Learning more about Websphere and web service development development, geek, ibm
Mar. 21 Pirate kitties cat, sketches
Mar. 20 Weekly review: Week ending March 18, 2011 weekly
Mar. 20 Spring! gardening, life, sketches
Mar. 19 Cats: 0, toilet paper monster: 1; also, ArtRage and Autodesk Sketchbook Pro cat, drawing, family, life, sketches
Mar. 18 Decision trees and self-challenges: how my laptop’s recent battery failure is a great excuse to think analysis, decision, geek, kaizen
Mar. 16 Thinking about a developer setup template geek, ibm, kaizen, work
Mar. 15 Recipes: Coconut cocktail bun recipe cooking, cookordie
Mar. 14 Continuing experiments with Slideshare’s Zipcast web conferences speaking
Mar. 14 Coconut buns and the economics of home awesomeness cooking, family, life, love, reflection
Mar. 13 Get More Value from Blogging, Part VII: Inspiring Yourself and Inspiring Others blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar. 12 Weekly review: Week ending March 11, 2011 weekly
Mar. 12 Math and energy learning, life, teaching
Mar. 11 Trying MemoLane (social timeline) web2.0
Mar. 9 Leveling up as a developer! geek, ibm, work
Mar. 9 Quick notes from Emacs Org-mode talk at GTALUG emacs, presentation, speaking
Mar. 8 Can’t see cross-domain images in your Flash file? Make a crossdomain.xml geek
Mar. 6 Monthly review: February 2011 monthly
Mar. 5 Weekly review: Week ending March 4, 2011 weekly
Mar. 5 Presentation experiment: Shy Connector, Six Steps to Sharing, and other presentations in March! presentation, speaking
Mar. 4 Get More Value from Blogging, part VI: Let’s Get Down to Business blogging, business, career, tips, web2.0, work, writing
Mar. 3 Questions and answers from #infoboomSC tweetchat on blogging blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar. 2 Get More Value from Blogging, part V: Communication Matters blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Mar. 1 Dealing with intimidating projects career, ibm, work
Feb. 28 Get More Value from Blogging, part IV: Connecting with People blogging, connecting, tips
Feb. 27 Get More Value from Blogging, part III: Sharing Makes the Blog Go ‘Round blogging, tips
Feb. 26 Weekly review: Week ending February 25, 2011 weekly
Feb. 26 Trying out Slideshare’s new Zipcast feature presentation, speaking
Feb. 25 Get More Value from Blogging, part II: The Compounding Value of an Archive blogging, tips, web2.0, writing
Feb. 24 Get More Value from Blogging, part I: The Immediate Benefits of Thought blogging, life, reflection, tips, web2.0
Feb. 23 Posted revised “Remote Presentations That Rock” presentation presentation, sketches, speaking
Feb. 22 Kaizen: Thinking about presentations kaizen, life, speaking
Feb. 22 How I spent my Family Day weekend sketches
Feb. 21 ITSC guide to conference awesomeness conference, connecting, event, presentation, sketches, speaking
Feb. 20 Waking up: looking at my data geek, life, quantified, sketches
Feb. 19 Weekly review: Week ending February 18, 2011 weekly
Feb. 19 Decision review: Limiting my blog to one post a day blogging, kaizen, reflection, sketches, writing
Feb. 19 LinkedIn tip: Customize your profile URL connecting, tips, web2.0
Feb. 18 Book: Daddy Long Legs, and letters book, reading, writing
Feb. 18 On friendship and becoming more social connecting
Feb. 16 Imagine success for social media blogging, connecting, kaizen, story, web2.0, writing
Feb. 16 From zero to hero: a newbie’s guide to learning and building a reputation along the way blogging, learning
Feb. 15 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Webinar: Energy, Interaction, and ROI presentation, speaking, tips
Feb. 14 More about getting 27″ washers and dryers down 26″ hallways life
Feb. 14 On presenting, anxiety, and moving forward speaking
Feb. 13 On friendship and getting better at it kaizen, life, reflection
Feb. 12 Weekly review: Week ending February 11, 2011 weekly
Feb. 11 Books to write plans, writing
Feb. 11 Hackbuzzbuzzbuzz geek, life
Feb. 9 Thinking about personal random moment studies geek, productivity, quantified
Feb. 9 Things to write about: questions for your blogger’s block blogging
Feb. 8 Working on estimates geek, ibm, learning
Feb. 7 Disagreement and the road to trusting yourself kaizen, life
Feb. 6 Monthly review: January 2011 monthly
Feb. 5 Weekly review: Week ending February 4, 2011 weekly
Feb. 5 On appearance and bias: thoughts from the Nerd Girls panel at Lotusphere 2011 reflection, women
Feb. 5 A story of pi geek
Feb. 5 Lotusphere 2011 wrap-up conference, ibm, lotus
Jan. 29 Weekly review: Week ending January 28, 2011 weekly
Jan. 28 Pre-conference networking tips for the Instructional Technology Strategies Conference conference, connecting, sketches, speaking, tips
Jan. 28 A braindump of tips for other new immigrants from the Philippines canada, philippines, tips
Jan. 27 Draft Lotusphere BoF on working with the Connections API conference, ibm, lotus, presentation
Jan. 26 Cross-posting between Lotus Connections blogs and a personal blog blogging, ibm
Jan. 25 Tweaking fun and nudging myself out of procrastination kaizen, life, productivity
Jan. 25 Unbaffled sketches
Jan. 24 Sketches: What index cards are teaching me about drawing presentation, sketches
Jan. 22 Weekly review: Week ending January 21, 2011 weekly
Jan. 21 Sketchnotes from Quantified Self Toronto meetup #3 quantified, sketches, sketchnotes
Jan. 20 Monthly review: December 2010 monthly
Jan. 19 Fun and rational economic theory: reflections on the book “The Logic of Life” book, life, reflection
Jan. 18 Of recipes and memories cooking
Jan. 18 Sketchnotes: Gretchen Rubin, Happiness Project book tour happy, sketches, sketchnotes
Jan. 17 Batch baking for fun and awesomeness cooking
Jan. 17 Switched my Fido plan
Jan. 15 Emacs 24 and the package manager emacs
Jan. 15 Weekly review: Week ending January 14, 2011 weekly
Jan. 15 13,705 steps and counting android, life
Jan. 13 Book: Let’s Get Real About Money: Profit from the Habits of the Best Personal Finance Managers book, finance
Jan. 13 Three tips for cheerful chores life, productivity
Jan. 11 Wrapping up projects and preparing for the next one career, ibm, work
Jan. 10 Work on the business from the outside, not in it – Book: Effortless entrepreneur book, entrepreneurship, reading
Jan. 10 Snippets from life life
Jan. 8 Weekly review: Week ending January 7, 2011 weekly
Jan. 7 Emacs, BBDB, and getting your contacts on the Android or iPhone android, bbdb, emacs
Jan. 6 Moving my book notes online emacs, reading
Jan. 5 Marking up books book, reading
Jan. 5 Sketches: If you want to make the most of your next conference, you should blog blogging, sketches, tips
Jan. 4 Momentum and holidays life, productivity
Jan. 3 Sick days life, sketches
Jan. 1 Weekly review: Week ending December 31, 2010 weekly