Dec 31 Emacs Org: Display a subset of tasks by context emacs, org
Dec 31 Stocking up on chicken stock stock stock cooking
Dec 30 Visual book review: Running Lean–Ash Maurya visual-book-notes
Dec 29 Weekly review: Week ending December 28, 2012 weekly
Dec 28 Experience report: Designing my logo business, marketing
Dec 27 2012 as a sketch sketches, yearly
Dec 26 Blog analysis for 2012: ~133,000 words so far blogging, quantified
Dec 25 Decision: No Illustrator CS6 for now decision, drawing
Dec 24 Year in review: 2012 review, yearly
Dec 24 Emacs: Strike through headlines for DONE tasks in Org emacs, org
Dec 23 Weekly review: Week ending December 21, 2012 weekly
Dec 22 Experience report: Naming my company! entrepreneurship, experiment
Dec 21 Understanding how I’m changing as a speaker kaizen, speaking
Dec 20 Delegation: Being clear about what you value delegation, kaizen, reflection
Dec 19 Quantified Self: Learning from a year of time data and planning what to tweak in 2013 quantified
Dec 18 Imagining sketchnotes as a business business, planning, sketchnotes
Dec 17 Tips for growing as a sketchnoter drawing, kaizen, sketchnotes
Dec 17 Decision review: Art class (includes sketches) decision, drawing, review, sketches
Dec 16 Weekly review: Week ending December 14, 2012 weekly
Dec 15 One to three, that’s all business, reflection
Dec 13 Monthly reviews: October and November 2012 monthly, review
Dec 13 My digital sketchnoting workflow process, sketchnotes
Dec 13 Sketchnotes: #ENT101 Meet the Enterpreneurs: Social Innovation – Izzy Camillieri, IZ Adaptive; Kaela Bree, AussieX; Dessy Daskalav, Greengage Mobile sketchnotes
Dec 12 Experiment pre-mortem: Imagining and dealing with causes of failure experiment, sketches
Dec 11 Visual book review: The Sketchnote Handbook–Mike Rohde visual-book-notes
Dec 11 Visual book notes: Best Practices Are Stupid: 40 ways to Out-Innovate the Competition–Stephen M. Shapiro visual-book-notes
Dec 10 Delegation: How I hire and manage my virtual team delegation, kaizen, management
Dec 10 Weekly review: Week ending December 7, 2012 weekly
Dec 8 Investing time into building sketchnotes as a business business
Dec 7 Poach my assistants, they’re awesome delegation
Dec 6 Sketchnotes: The Very Versatile Drip–Mathew Sweezey (Pardot) sketchnotes
Dec 6 Sketchnotes: ENT101 Business Plan and Other Communication Tools–Veronika Litinski sketchnotes
Dec 5 Sketchnotes: Visual Problem-solving–Dan Roam (DAN ROAM!) drawing, sketchnotes
Dec 5 Delegation update: Scheduling! delegation
Dec 4 Sketchnote reflection: conference intensity drawing, kaizen, reflection
Dec 4 Business update: Tax update business
Dec 4 Sketchnotes: Lean Startup Day sketchnotes
Dec 3 Weekly review: Week ending November 30, 2012 weekly
Dec 2 Sketchnotes: Angel Hack Toronto pitches! sketchnotes
Dec 2 Networking with notes – and sketchnotes, in particular connecting
Nov 30 Sketchnotes: The 5 Key Elements of a Better B2B Content Marketing Strategy–Nolin LeChasseur sketchnotes
Nov 30 Awesome Foundation Toronto pitch night: Kensington Mesh Network, Women and Tech, Lovecraft TO, 360 Screenings sketchnotes
Nov 29 Sketchnotes from #ENT101: Business Model Canvas–Mark Zimmerman sketchnotes
Nov 28 Getting ready for my Hardlines Dealer Conference talk: So You Don’t Have an Army of Online Marketers speaking
Nov 26 Growing into an artist
Nov 24 Weekly review: Week ending November 23, 2012 weekly
Nov 23 Made my largest sketchnote ever! Painting the MaRS Lean Startup Day banner sketchnotes
Nov 23 Sketchnotes: Venus Ventures Town Hall sketchnotes
Nov 22 Sketchnotes from #ENT101: IP Management – Creating Value by Protecting Knowledge-based Assets – Nathaniel Lipkus, Matthew Powell, Ashlee Froese sketchnotes
Nov 21 Tweaking my scheduling process for delegation delegation, process
Nov 21 Capturing my sketchnotes with Camtasia Studio Pro; organizing the digital workflow drawing
Nov 20 Sketchnotes: Girl Geeks Toronto: Vexed in the City sketchnotes
Nov 19 When your personal value proposition shifts life
Nov 18 New: Quantified Self Meetup Map! quantified
Nov 18 Weekly review: Week ending November 16, 2012 weekly
Nov 17 Investing time–and money—to help make good things happen life
Nov 16 Sketchnotes from #torontob2b: Dragging an Organization into the Digital Age; 7 Steps to Social Media Success sketchnotes
Nov 15 MaRS ENT101: Meet the Entrepreneurs: Life Sciences & Healthcare – Peter Adams, Joel Ironstone, Trevor Van Mierlo, Alex Hodgson sketchnotes
Nov 13 Validating ideas and working with other people business
Nov 10 Weekly review: Week ending November 9, 2012 weekly
Nov 10 Buying time: Experimenting with scheduling business, delegation
Nov 9 Sketchnotes: ENT101: Value Proposition–Joe Wilson sketchnotes
Nov 8 Sketchnotes: #INNOTalkTO Innovatively Speaking – Joanna Track, Justin Raymond, David Nam, Brenda Rideout sketchnotes
Nov 7 Discovering the MaRS #startupbookclubTO: The $100 Startup reading
Nov 6 Weekly review: Week ending November 3, 2012 weekly
Nov 5 Sketchnotes from WordCamp Developers Toronto 2012 Day 2 #wcto conference, sketchnotes, wordpress
Nov 4 Coming up with a three-word life philosophy learning, reflection, sketches
Nov 3 Sketchnotes: WordCamp Developers Toronto 2012 Day 1 (#wcto) conference, sketchnotes, wordpress
Nov 3 Business experience report: Filing taxes! entrepreneurship
Nov 1 Figuring out how to get better at following up with people in person connecting
Nov 1 Sketchnotes: SOHO SME Expo 2012 sketchnotes
Nov 1 Sketchnotes: Startup Communities and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems sketchnotes
Oct 30 Thinking about wild success business, entrepreneurship, planning
Oct 29 Sketchnotes: TEDxToronto 2012 sketchnotes
Oct 29 Business adventures: Accounting business
Oct 28 Weekly review: Week ending October 26, 2012 weekly
Oct 26 #SMref panel: Changing Nature of Influence–Moderator: Terry Foster–Panel: Matt Juniper, Patrick Thoburn, Ron Nurwisah, Eric Alper sketchnotes
Oct 26 Sketchnotes: AndroidTO–The Business of Mobile sketchnotes
Oct 26 Business card kaizen business, connecting, kaizen
Oct 25 Sketchnotes: #ENT101 Entrepreneurial Management–Jon E. Worren sketchnotes
Oct 24 Quantified Awesome: Grocery update – Oct 2012 quantified
Oct 23 Pub nights and thinking about networking at events connecting
Oct 23 Planning how to learn about validating business ideas business, entrepreneurship, planning
Oct 22 Celebrating my fiscal year end; planning how to improve business, entrepreneurship, planning
Oct 21 Weekly review: Week ending October 19, 2012 weekly
Oct 19 Planning for retirement when you don’t know where you’ll be finance, planning
Oct 18 Sketchnotes: Different Types of Entrepreneurship, Kerri Golden, Allyson Hewitt (MaRS ENT101) entrepreneurship, sketchnotes
Oct 17 Monthly review: September 2012 monthly, review
Oct 17 Sketchnotes: Small Business Forum [Enterprise Toronto] entrepreneurship, sketchnotes
Oct 16 Sketchnotes: Quantified Self Conference 2012 quantified, sketchnotes
Oct 15 Weekly review: Week ending October 12, 2012 weekly
Oct 14 A long reflection on getting more out of each hour learning, reflection
Oct 11 ENT101: Startup Law 101: Legal Launchpad (Arshia Tabrizi) sketchnotes
Oct 10 Cameron Lewis at the Toronto Small Business Network meetup sketchnotes
Oct 7 Weekly review: Week ending October 5, 2012 weekly
Oct 6 Learning how to bring people together connecting
Oct 5 Sketchnotes: #torontob2b: Free trials, cold-calling, brainstorming sketchnotes
Oct 4 Sketchnotes: ENT101: Lived It Lecture – Bruce Poon Tip (G Adventures) on Social Enterprise business, entrepreneurship, sketchnotes
Oct 3 Packing review: Things I used and didn’t use on my trip life
Oct 3 Toolmaking reflection
Oct 1 Weekly review: Week ending September 28, 2012 weekly
Oct 1 Sketchnotes from WordCamp Toronto 2012 Day 2: Case studies conference, sketchnotes, wordpress
Sept 30 Sketchnotes from WordCamp Toronto Day 1: Marketing, giving back, multilingual sites, security, SEO & analytics, e-commerce conference, sketchnotes, wordpress
Sept 27 Answering questions about the Quantified Self quantified
Sept 27 Sketchnotes: ENT101: Finding and Validating Your Idea, Keri Damen business, entrepreneurship, sketchnotes
Sept 26 Tech report: Living on the T-Mobile 2G network android, geek, travel
Sept 25 Weekly review: Week ending September 21, 2012 weekly
Sept 19 Thinking about a Quantified Self directory quantified
Sept 18 Weekly review: Week ending September 14, 2012 weekly
Sept 18 Notes from the Quantified Self 2012 conference (Palo Alto) conference, quantified
Sept 17 Quick braindump after Quantified Self 2012 conference, quantified
Sept 11 Raiding San Francisco’s Japantown for bento accessories and pens travel
Sept 8 Weekly review: Week ending September 7, 2012 weekly
Sept 8 Having fun with code geek
Sept 5 Visual book review: Help Your Kids Get Better Grades book, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Sept 4 Paper, Tablet, and Tablet PC: Comparing tools for sketchnoting drawing
Sept 3 Monthly review: August 2012 monthly, review
Sept 3 International cooking cooking, life
Sept 2 Weekly review: Week ending August 31, 2012 weekly
Aug 31 Taking a month off from consulting experiment
Aug 30 Process: Keeping notes of conversations connecting, kaizen, process, sketches
Aug 29 Process: Reading nonfiction books process, reading, sketches
Aug 28 Thinking about a visual process library drawing, kaizen, process, sketches
Aug 27 Paint-the-shed weekend life
Aug 26 Weekly review: Week ending August 24, 2012 weekly
Aug 25 Making myself create space business
Aug 24 Sketchnotes from #torontob2b (antispam, mobile websites, marketing programs) sketchnotes
Aug 23 Coverage-mapping business models, or thinking of this like a business tasting menu business
Aug 22 Thinking about how to learn how to manage others business, delegation, management
Aug 21 Learning how to tweak my Android devices to fit me android
Aug 20 Getting together
Aug 18 Weekly review: Week ending August 17, 2012 weekly
Aug 18 Thinking about ways to help people who are in between life, work
Aug 17 Thinking about what wild success at 29 looks like life, planning
Aug 16 Discovery: I like making sketched animations drawing
Aug 15 Centre for Social Innovation – Small Business Network meetup at the Toronto Reference Library sketchnotes
Aug 14 Sketchnotes: Girl Geeks Toronto – Adventures in Arduino meetup, sketchnotes
Aug 12 Twenty-nine; life as a 28-year-old review, yearly
Aug 11 Weekly review: Week ending August 10, 2012 weekly
Aug 11 Submitted my application for Canadian citizenship! canada
Aug 9 Backyard updates: New shed, garden happiness gardening
Aug 8 Learning more about Android development android
Aug 7 Monthly review: July 2012 monthly, review
Aug 6 How to build MobileOrgNG for Android android, emacs, geek
Aug 6 Building MobileOrg for Android android, emacs, geek
Aug 5 Weekly review: Week ending August 3, 2012 weekly
Aug 3 More gadget changes geek
Aug 3 No longer worried about flat tires
Aug 2 zomg, Evernote and Emacs emacs
Aug 1 Slowly figuring out how to use my tablet geek
Jul 31 Breaking down something that’s intimidating to learn learning
Jul 30 524 wontons cooking
Jul 30 Tablet adventures: Using my TF700 as a second monitor with AirDisplay android
Jul 28 Weekly review: Week ending July 27, 2012 weekly
Jul 28 Sketchnotes from MobileDevTO: Android development, social apps sketchnotes
Jul 26 Sketchnotes: Marketing in the Round, Gini Dietrich marketing, sketchnotes
Jul 25 80% and tweaking kaizen
Jul 24 Work is love made visible life
Jul 23 Learning from the basics learning
Jul 22 Things I would like to see fixed business
Jul 21 Weekly review: Week ending July 20, 2012 weekly
Jul 20 It’s okay if you don’t do everything life, reflection
Jul 20 Sketchnotes: Custom Post Types & Custom Fields (Wes Bos, #wpto) blogging, meetup, sketchnotes, wordpress
Jul 18 Trusting myself with making time business, time
Jul 17 Experience report: Editing, formatting, and publishing an e-book business, writing
Jul 16 Waiting for technology geek
Jul 15 Building the foundation for a shed life
Jul 15 Weekly review: Week ending July 13, 2012 weekly
Jul 13 Thinking about pricing and consulting business
Jul 12 Helping startups business
Jul 12 Quantified Self Toronto: July 11, 2012 meetup, quantified, sketchnotes
Jul 11 Sketchnotes: Christine Steiger, Christine’s Fitness and Personal Training @ Small Business Network, Toronto Public Library business, meetup, sketchnotes
Jul 9 Quantified Awesome: Tracking clothes, groceries, and other everyday things geek, meetup, presentation, quantified, sketchnotes, speaking
Jul 8 Weekly review: Week ending July 6, 2012 weekly
Jul 8 Monthly review: June 2012 monthly, review
Jul 6 Business notes: Working with a virtual accountant business
Jul 6 “So, what do you do?” connecting
Jul 4 Building my skills and getting ready for the next steps business
Jul 4 Quantified Awesome: Grocery update! quantified
Jul 2 Transcript: Emacs chat with John Wiegley emacs, Emacs Chat, org, podcast
Jul 2 A day of gardening gardening
Jun 30 Weekly review: Week ending June 29, 2012 weekly
Jun 29 #torontob2b: Sean O’Donovan on managing content for lead generation + Q&A with Ben Harrison and Scott Armstrong marketing, meetup, sketchnotes
Jun 28 Business update: Four months in! business
Jun 27 Emacs: Chatting with John Wiegley about the cool things he does with Emacs emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Jun 26 Experiment! Stories from My Twenties PDF blogging, writing
Jun 25 The Virtual Self: Nora Young at Third Tuesday Toronto quantified, sketchnotes
Jun 25 Making GNU Emacs play well on Microsoft Windows 7 emacs
Jun 25 Making progress on my book of highlights! writing
Jun 23 Weekly review: Week ending June 22, 2012 weekly
Jun 23 Still working on that shift from services to products business
Jun 22 Not getting overwhelmed by learning, no siree life
Jun 21 Emacs braindump from John Wiegley =) emacs
Jun 19 Using Emacs Org for grocery lists and batch cooking cooking, emacs, org
Jun 18 Quantified Awesome: Analyzing my cellphone data quantified
Jun 18 The weekends are just packed life
Jun 16 Weekly review: Week ending June 15, 2012 weekly
Jun 15 Making lists of things I do so that I can learn more about delegation business, delegation
Jun 14 Things that I’ve used Emacs for emacs
Jun 13 Numbers from rereading more than ten years of my blog blogging, writing
Jun 12 Sketchnotes: Sandra Emilia Calderaro, Multilingual Kids; Andres D’Imperio, Creative Design (Small Business Network @ Toronto Reference Library) business, meetup, sketchnotes
Jun 11 Tips for making the most of the Toronto Public Library library, tips, toronto
Jun 10 Weekly review: Week ending June 8, 2012 weekly
Jun 8 Literate programming and my Emacs configuration file emacs
Jun 7 Monthly review: May 2012 monthly
Jun 6 Working on getting better at calendars geek, kaizen
Jun 5 Relearning QWERTY geek
Jun 4 How I track my time, and how I’d like to quantified, time
Jun 3 Quantified Awesome: Back to buying our own fruits and vegetables quantified
Jun 2 Weekly review: Week ending June 1, 2012 review, weekly
Jun 1 The Shy Connector: Thinking about the difficulties people encounter connecting
May 31 Thinking about the next mini-experiment life, planning
May 30 Scanning my notebooks notetaking
May 29 Where I am in terms of Emacs emacs
May 28 Quantified Awesome: Blogging, WPM, and the speed of reflection kaizen, quantified, reflection, writing
May 27 Making polvoron cooking, philippines
May 26 Weekly review: Week ending May 25, 2012 review, weekly
May 25 A perspective on outsourcing delegation
May 24 Starting up my delegation experiments again: data entry from receipts delegation
May 23 Decision review: Logitech H800 wireless headset decision, sketches
May 22 Visual metaphors: Success visual
May 21 Added new gallery views so that you can review sketchnotes easily wordpress
May 21 Getting Started with Quantified Self quantified
May 21 Planning my life life, planning
May 19 Weekly review: Week ending May 18, 2012 review, weekly
May 18 Taking stock of the way I take notes organization, writing
May 17 Drawing studies drawing
May 16 Responsive web, responsive life business
May 15 Org-mode and habits emacs, org
May 15 Sketchnotes: Jeremiah Owyang @ Third Tuesday Toronto (#3TYYZ) on the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs sketchnotes, social
May 14 Pizza pizza pizza pizza cooking, kaizen, life
May 13 Decision review: Razor A5 Lux kick scooter family, life
May 12 Weekly review: Week ending May 11, 2012 review, weekly
May 11 Quantified Awesome: Analysis of the winter/spring season for the Cooper’s Farm community-supported agriculture program quantified
May 10 Sketchnote workflow drawing
May 9 Sketchnotes: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future book, business, entrepreneurship, sketches, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
May 9 Maintaining a manual topical index for my blog using Emacs blogging, emacs, organization
May 9 Sketchnotes: Red Rocket Coffee, Toronto Public Library Small Business Network meetup business, sketchnotes
May 8 Gardening with herbs and exercising the senses gardening
May 7 Tweaking my introduction, focusing on sketchnotes connecting
May 7 Monthly review: April 2012 monthly
May 6 Weekly review: Week ending May 4, 2012 review, weekly
May 4 Looking forward to watching the Avengers life
May 4 Sketchnotes: Designing content so that it works – Carl Friesen (#torontob2b) blogging, sketchnotes, writing
May 4 Sketchnotes: Building a Social Enterprise – Andrew Jenkins (#torontob2b) marketing, sketchnotes
May 4 Sketchnotes: Marketing Automation, Jeffrey Yee (#torontob2b) sketchnotes
May 3 Optimism, happiness, and being young happy
May 2 Visual metaphor: Danger visual
May 1 Learning more about what I want to learn learning, planning
Apr 30 Digital uncluttering: my backup and clean up plan geek, organization
Apr 30 From maker time to learner time business, learning, life, planning, time
Apr 29 Weekly review: Week ending April 27, 2012 review, weekly
Apr 27 Learning about business finances business, finance
Apr 26 Garden update gardening
Apr 25 Why I’m temporarily unhireable business, planning
Apr 24 Visual metaphors: Trust visual
Apr 23 Learning how to manage time business, life, planning, time
Apr 22 Monthly review: March 2012 monthly
Apr 21 Weekly review: Week ending April 20, 2012 review, weekly
Apr 20 Waking up with barcodes android, geek, life
Apr 20 Visual metaphors: Change
Apr 18 Thinking about the time/money swap business, decision, life, time
Apr 17 Sketches: People-watching at High Park sketches
Apr 16 Optimizing for weather and other thoughts about self-employed time business, life, time, toronto
Apr 16 Getting the hang of making time for business development business, entrepreneurship
Apr 15 On why I don’t want to work on a tech startup (yet) business, entrepreneurship, sketches
Apr 15 Weekly review: Week ending April 13, 2012 review, weekly
Apr 13 Learning how to say no business, learning
Apr 13 Decision review: Got the Lenovo battery slice for my X220 tablet decision, geek, laptop
Apr 10 Getting ready for my “The Shy Entrepreneur” talk at the Toronto Reference Library tomorrow (Apr 10 Tue, 6 PM) business, entrepreneurship, presentation, sketchnotes
Apr 7 Weekly review: Week ending April 6, 2012 review, weekly
Apr 5 Back to biking life
Apr 4 Unstructured time update, now that I have my own business life, planning, reflection, time
Apr 3 Visual book review: Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us about the Art of Persuasion book, communication, visual, visual-book-notes
Apr 2 Visual metaphors: Argument drawing
Apr 1 Practising faces drawing
Mar 31 Weekly review: Week ending March 30, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 30 Trying out MindManager 2012 – Almost but not quite the right fit for me review
Mar 29 Visual metaphors: Balance drawing, tips
Mar 28 Sketchnotes: William Mougayar (engagio) at Third Tuesday Toronto entrepreneurship, meetup, sketches, sketchnotes, social
Mar 27 Visual book review: Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In communication, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 27 Six ways I’m learning how to get better at drawing sketchnotes drawing, kaizen, learning, tips
Mar 25 Weekly review: Week ending March 23, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 23 Ice cream season and the first seeds in the garden gardening, sketches
Mar 22 Visual book review: Enough, by Patrick Rhone book, life, reading, reflection, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 21 Happy monthsary to me! business, life, sketches
Mar 20 Visual book review: Critical Inquiry: The Process of Argument book, communication, reading, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 19 What I want from visual notetaking; imagining wild success notetaking, planning, sketches
Mar 18 Taking up hobbies again: photography and gardening cat, gardening, photography
Mar 18 Weekly review: Week ending March 16, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 16 Making space to plan for visual summaries business, entrepreneurship, planning
Mar 14 Sketchnotes: Dave Ley, Jen Nolan, Leo Marland and me at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information’s career panel career, sketchnotes
Mar 14 Sketchnotes: Sal Sloan of Fetching! at the Toronto Public Library: Small Business Networking Event business, connecting, delegation, entrepreneurship, sketchnotes
Mar 11 Mapping my blog archives blogging
Mar 11 Weekly review: Week ending March 9, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 11 Meetup sketchnotes: The Publishing Side of WordPress, Andy McIlwain blogging, sketchnotes, wordpress
Mar 9 The confidence of non-expertise life, reflection
Mar 8 Adjusting life, work, writing
Mar 7 Visual book notes: How to Read a Book book, reading, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Mar 5 Visual book notes: The Start-up of You (Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha) book, career, connecting, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Mar 4 Celebrating rejection and failure business
Mar 3 Weekly review: Week ending March 2, 2012 review, weekly
Mar 2 Visual book notes: 6 Secrets to Startup Success book, business, entrepreneurship, reading, sketchnotes, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 1 Organizing resources for Quantified Self Toronto quantified
Feb 29 Visual book notes: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries book, reading, sketchnotes, visual, visual-book-notes
Feb 29 This is what five years looks like business, entrepreneurship, experiment, planning
Feb 28 Experience report: So much for having a virtual bookstore entrepreneurship, experiment
Feb 27 Experience report: Applying for a Harmonized Sales Tax account business, entrepreneurship, experiment
Feb 25 Weekly review: Week ending February 24, 2012 – One week into my experiments with entrepreneurship! review, weekly
Feb 24 Experience report: A brief chat with an accountant business, entrepreneurship
Feb 23 Experience report: Opening the RBC Small Business eAccount business, entrepreneurship, experiment
Feb 22 People-centered entrepreneurship business, entrepreneurship, experiment
Feb 21 Experience report: Renting a business mailbox business, experiment
Feb 21 It’s okay to not know entrepreneurship, planning, reflection
Feb 20 Experience report: Incorporating a federal numbered corporation in Canada business, entrepreneurship, experiment
Feb 18 Weekly review: Week ending February 17, 2012 review, weekly
Feb 16 Analyzing my Lotus Notes sent mail since January 2011 analysis, ibm, lotus
Feb 15 Estimating the impact of the Community Toolkit, or how the company got an incredibly good deal when they hired me ;) ibm, work
Feb 15 Sketchnotes: Small business network meetup with Kristina Chau at the Toronto Reference Library entrepreneurship, library, sketches, sketchnotes, toronto
Feb 14 Five things I’ve learned from five awesome years at IBM career, ibm, learning, tips, work
Feb 14 Pre-experiment potluck career, ibm, work
Feb 13 High school acceptance, yay! life
Feb 12 Weekly review: Week ending February 10, 2012 review, weekly
Feb 11 Bridging from intrapreneurship career
Feb 9 Drupal 6: Adding color support to your theme drupal
Feb 8 Helping kids build their vocabularies: spell-offs and bedtime stories learning, life
Feb 7 Notes from my exit interview with IBM career, ibm, work
Feb 6 Learning research skills learning
Feb 5 Weekly review: Week ending February 3, 2012 review, weekly
Feb 4 What to do when you have a hard time listening to lectures: adapting as a visual learner learning
Feb 3 Squeezing another project in work
Feb 2 Thinking about how to experiment with business and what I might want to do business, entrepreneurship, experiment, life, planning
Feb 1 Notes from the Ontario Science Centre field trip life, reflection
Feb 1 Mapping out what I’ve learned at IBM work
Jan 31 My CSS theming setup development, drupal, geek, tips, work
Jan 30 Weekly review: Week ending January 27, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 28 High school application season life
Jan 27 Fourteen kids and an impromptu pie party life
Jan 26 Setting things in motion career, work
Jan 25 Getting ready for my next experiment! career, experiment, ibm, sketches
Jan 23 Thinking about Quantified Awesome, meetups, and DemoCamp planning, quantified
Jan 23 January 22, 2012 life, sketches
Jan 21 Weekly review: Week ending January 20, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 20 Quantified Self Toronto #9 quantified, sketchnotes
Jan 19 Emacs: Telling external processes about terminal capabilities, and watching over other people’s shoulders emacs
Jan 17 Brainstorming breakdowns, assumptions, and possibilities
Jan 16 January 15, 2012 life
Jan 15 Weekly review: Week ending January 13, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 14 January 13, 2012 life
Jan 12 Work, extracurriculars, and measuring time: an epiphany decision, quantified, reflection, time, work
Jan 11 Tip: Use visibility to motivate new habits kaizen, life, tips
Jan 11 Things I want to learn more about through work planning, work
Jan 10 Making good progress on theming the site work
Jan 9 Moving time around reflection
Jan 7 Weekly review: Week ending January 6, 2012 review, weekly
Jan 7 LEGO and Indiana Jones: nuking the fridge got a lot more fun geek
Jan 5 Thinking about reviewing archives geek, kaizen
Jan 4 Quantified Awesome: Squishing my excuses analysis, decision, development, planning, quantified
Jan 4 CSS theming, magnification, and foot pedals development, geek, kaizen
Jan 2 Quantified Awesome: Community-supported agriculture with Plan B Organic Farms, fall 2011 analysis, cooking, quantified
Jan 1 Weekly review: Week ending December 30, 2011 review, weekly