Dec. 31 Learning from online role models learning, tips
Dec. 31 Sharing Google Docs: One link to edit, one link to view geek, tips
Dec. 28 Weekly review: Week ending December 27, 2013 weekly
Dec. 27 Exploring the idea of advice connecting
Dec. 26 A year of drawing my own content drawing
Dec. 25 Daily blogging and different interests blogging
Dec. 24 Making the most of paper notes organization
Dec. 23 Semi-custom messages with text expanders geek, tips
Dec. 21 Weekly review: Week ending December 20, 2013 weekly
Dec. 21 HHO004: Irresistible Helpouts Helpers Help Out
Dec. 20 Exploring limiting beliefs life
Dec. 19 Doodle Thursday: BrainDoodles.net lesson 3 and 4 drawing
Dec. 18 Pens are not the limiting factor for writing writing
Dec. 17 Read more effectively by asking yourself questions while you read learning, tips
Dec. 17 Automating bulk web stuff with iMacros geek
Dec. 15 Monthly review: November 2013 monthly, review
Dec. 15 Weekly review: Week ending December 13, 2013 weekly
Dec. 13 On introversion and friendships friends
Dec. 12 Doodle Thursday: Going through BrainDoodles’ lessons drawing
Dec. 11 Check out these getting started guides – suggest more! learning, sketches, tips
Dec. 10 Make the most of a day of lectures learning, tips
Dec. 9 Decision review: Clipboard managers, and why you should get one geek, tips
Dec. 8 Weekly review: Week ending December 6, 2013 weekly
Dec. 7 HHO003: Building a Brand Helpers Help Out
Dec. 6 Making decisions that don’t matter that much to me decision
Dec. 5 Update: Developing thoughts further drawing, writing
Dec. 4 Think about your delta: increasing the difference you want to make learning, plans
Dec. 3 Rock those meeting minutes productivity
Dec. 2 Setting up virtual machines with Vagrant geek
Dec. 1 Quick show update: Learning Together #01, Helpers Help Out #02 podcast, podcasting
Nov. 30 Weekly review: Week ending November 29, 2013 weekly
Nov. 30 HHO002: Communicating with Customers Helpers Help Out
Nov. 29 Simplifying my event commitments; tips for people looking for event sketchnotes business, life
Nov. 28 Sketchnote: Visual Thinkers Toronto – Mapping sketchnotes
Nov. 27 Google Helpouts update: Helping people learn, thinking about business strategies connecting
Nov. 26 How I review my notes learning, tips
Nov. 25 Emacs Chat: Magnar Sveen (Emacs Rocks) emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Nov. 25 Weekly review: Week ending November 22, 2013 weekly
Nov. 23 HHO001: Strategies for free and paid listings Helpers Help Out
Nov. 22 Decluttering and reimagining the house life
Nov. 21 How to cheat when animating sketches drawing, geek, process, tips
Nov. 20 Google Helpouts update: Building the community connecting
Nov. 19 Finding the right balance between thinking, learning, doing, and reviewing learning
Nov. 18 My new Google Hangouts On Air checklist, plus upcoming Nov 29 Q&A on learning process
Nov. 17 Weekly review: Week ending November 15, 2013 weekly
Nov. 15 Making the most of Standard Time as the days grow shorter life, productivity, time
Nov. 14 It’s okay to draw simple visual notes drawing
Nov. 13 Google Helpouts Update: People like it, so how do we scale this up? connecting, teaching
Nov. 12 Thinking about how to get better at asking questions learning
Nov. 11 Current state of my backups geek
Nov. 10 Weekly review: Week ending November 8, 2013 weekly
Nov. 8 High energy and low energy activities productivity
Nov. 7 Handwriting drawing
Nov. 6 Experience report/invitation: Pick my brain through Google Helpouts connecting, teaching
Nov. 5 Mapping what I’m learning drawing, learning
Nov. 4 Emacs Org Mode Customization Survey emacs, org
Nov. 4 Monthly review: October 2013 monthly, review
Nov. 2 Weekly review: Week ending November 1, 2013 weekly
Nov. 1 How I organize and publish my sketches blogging, drawing, organization, sketches
Oct. 31 Integrating visual outlining into my writing process drawing, writing
Oct. 30 I don’t write about everything; How do you manage your private notes? blogging, writing
Oct. 29 Mindmapping chat with Billy Waters (@vitaminsludge) notetaking, podcast
Oct. 28 Next steps for system administration geek
Oct. 27 Gardening plans for 2014 gardening, plans
Oct. 26 Sysad stuff – Weekly review: Week ending October 25, 2013 weekly
Oct. 25 Daily drawing update: So far, fantastic! drawing, process
Oct. 24 Sketchnote Lesson: Metaphors drawing
Oct. 23 Jetpack subscribers: Terribly sorry about the test posts! Disabling, please use Feedburner to subscribe instead blogging
Oct. 23 Visual book review: How to make a complete map of every thought you think (Lion Kimbro) learning, visual-book-notes
Oct. 22 Growing slowly, adjusting the speed life
Oct. 21 What do I want to learn about learning? kaizen, learning
Oct. 20 Weekly review: Week ending October 18, 2013 weekly
Oct. 18 Growing this blog blogging
Oct. 17 Visual thinking: build your visual library drawing
Oct. 16 When it comes to juggling multiple interests, it helps to limit your expectations planning, productivity
Oct. 15 Learning more about illustrating my blog posts drawing, learning
Oct. 14 What’s on your back burner? decision, planning, productivity, sketches
Oct. 13 Weekly review: Week ending October 11, 2013 weekly
Oct. 11 Monthly review: September 2013 monthly, review
Oct. 10 Drawing practice: Daily drawing drawing
Oct. 9 Test what you know by sharing blogging, learning, tips
Oct. 8 Cheat uncertainty by sweetening the potential outcomes decision, happy
Oct. 7 Thinking out loud about how to help other sketchnoters go professional and how to help people get their ideas sketched business, connecting
Oct. 6 Gardening review: 2013 gardening
Oct. 6 Weekly review: Week ending October 4, 2013 weekly
Oct. 4 Decision review: Seven months at HackLab connecting, decision, review
Oct. 3 Sketchnote Lessons: How do you want to grow as a sketchnoter? drawing
Oct. 2 Blogging tip: Test your ideas and get more feedback in order to make your posts better blogging
Oct. 1 The power of no: being completely* unhireable until 2017 (and possibly longer) career, experiment
Sep. 30 Using Emacs to figure out where I need to improve in order to type faster emacs, geek, kaizen
Sep. 29 Bulk cooking by the numbers: A ton of tonkatsu cooking
Sep. 28 Learning, writing, and growing; Weekly review: Week ending September 27, 2013 weekly
Sep. 27 Growing authority learning, planning
Sep. 26 Sketchnote Lessons: Adding Emphasis drawing
Sep. 25 The learning machine: How I turn what I learn into blog posts learning, writing
Sep. 24 Poll: Planning a weekly topic-focused blog – what would you like to read more about? blogging, planning
Sep. 23 Setting up dynamic DNS with Tomato and Namecheap, and limiting SSH geek, linux
Sep. 22 Ten years of learning how to cook cooking, review
Sep. 21 Sketchnotes, commitments, cooking, plans, blogging – Weekly review: Week ending September 20, 2013 weekly
Sep. 20 Thinking about hard commitments and soft commitments, and adapting my life accordingly business, decision
Sep. 19 Sketchnote Lesson: Adding color drawing, podcast
Sep. 18 Sketchnotes: Conversations About Social Business (Jennifer Okimoto, IBM) sketchnotes, social, web2.0
Sep. 17 Help me figure out how I should reinvest business profits business, decision, planning, review
Sep. 16 When I blog with Emacs and when I blog with other tools blogging, org
Sep. 15 Sewing: Made a PS Vita case! sewing
Sep. 15 Weekly review: Week ending September 13, 2013 weekly
Sep. 13 Balancing writing with other things blogging, life, quantified, writing
Sep. 12 Sketchnote Lessons: Having fun with words drawing, sketches
Sep. 11 Dealing with SIGSEGV in php5-fpm and Nginx geek
Sep. 10 Sketchnote: Reboot Your Business, Reboot Your Life: Your Future Depends On It – Mitch Joel (Third Tuesday Toronto) business, marketing, sketchnotes
Sep. 10 How I prepare for professional digital sketchnoting business, drawing
Sep. 9 Reorganizing WordPress categories with Term Management Tools and other tweaks blogging, geek, wordpress
Sep. 8 Monthly review: August 2013 monthly, review
Sep. 8 Weekly review: Week ending September 6, 2013 weekly
Sep. 6 What keeps you from taking notes? 9 excuses and how to get past them learning, notetaking, tips
Sep. 5 Sketchnote lessons: Stick figures drawing, sketches
Sep. 4 4 steps to a better blog by planning your goals and post types blogging, planning
Sep. 3 Sketchnote: Managing Oneself (Peter Drucker) career, sketchnotes
Sep. 2 How to learn Emacs keyboard shortcuts (a visual tutorial for newbies) emacs, sketches
Sep. 1 Emacs, link roundup, books, and more – Weekly review: Week ending August 30, 2013 weekly
Aug. 30 Helping someone get started with Emacs and Org Mode through Org2Blog and LaTeX; troubleshooting steps emacs, org
Aug. 29 Sketchnote Lessons: Speech bubbles and thought clouds drawing, sketches
Aug. 28 Making bulk cooking easier cooking
Aug. 27 Emacs: How I organize my Org files emacs, org, organization
Aug. 26 Reflecting on a month of experimenting with Proper Retirement experiment
Aug. 25 Weekly review: Week ending August 23, 2013 weekly
Aug. 23 Write about what you don’t know: 5 tips to help you do research for your blog blogging, research, tips, writing
Aug. 22 Resources for getting started with sketchnoting drawing
Aug. 21 My next delegation experiment: coaching and editing delegation, writing
Aug. 20 Working around the limits of digital sketchnoting drawing
Aug. 19 Thinking about how to type faster than 110wpm kaizen
Aug. 18 Monthly review: July 2013 monthly, review
Aug. 17 Weekly review: Week ending August 16, 2013 weekly
Aug. 16 Learning how to work with stock photos: Can you help me? blogging, photography, sketches, visual
Aug. 15 Sketchnote Lessons: Arrows and Connectors drawing
Aug. 14 Thinking about how I can use Evernote more effectively kaizen, notetaking
Aug. 13 Writing, drawing, and coding while tired life, writing
Aug. 12 Year in review: Life as a 29-year-old life, yearly
Aug. 11 Turning 30: A review of the last decade life, sketches
Aug. 10 Weekly review: Week ending August 9, 2013 weekly
Aug. 9 Quantified Awesome: Analyzing my non-fiction reading, and why I don’t mind paying taxes quantified
Aug. 8 Sketchnote Lessons: Quick Lettering drawing
Aug. 7 Slim pickings from the garden, and that’s all right gardening
Aug. 7 Sketchnote: Fun With Dead Languages: Damian Conway geek, sketchnotes
Aug. 6 On making big, scary decisions, and how I left an awesome job to do my own thing; or how to be a Builder Lemming decision, experiment
Aug. 5 Planning what to do at home, thinking about pull-driven systems for blog posts, and outlining books I want to write life, writing
Aug. 4 Thinking about how to celebrate my 30th birthday life
Aug. 4 Weekly review: Week ending August 2, 2013 weekly
Aug. 2 My evolution as an “artist”, or why there’s hope for you yet drawing, sketches
Aug. 1 Sketchnote Lessons: Banners and ribbons drawing, sketches, visual
Jul. 31 How to manage a large blog archive blogging, organization
Jul. 30 Visual metaphors and layouts for planning your life drawing, planning, sketches, visual
Jul. 29 Sometimes you don’t know what you know until someone asks; why I like preparing talking points for podcasts and chats connecting, drawing, learning, sketchnotes
Jul. 28 Homebodies life
Jul. 27 Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2013 weekly
Jul. 26 Not about not wasting time productivity
Jul. 25 Quantified Awesome: Adding calendar heatmaps to categories quantified
Jul. 24 I still don’t know what to call this post blogging, writing
Jul. 23 Thinking about business cards business, connecting, decision, experiment
Jul. 22 How I learn: 16 things I’ve learned about mindset and process kaizen, learning, tips
Jul. 21 Setting e-mail expectations: Roughly once a week communication, connecting
Jul. 21 Weekly review: Week ending July 19, 2013 weekly
Jul. 19 Business experience report: Setting up payroll and benefits business, experiment
Jul. 18 Choosing openness and scale business, decision, experiment
Jul. 17 Mural.ly and Evernote: Redesigning my landing page geek, visual
Jul. 16 The Heisenberg uncertainty principle of learning japanese, learning
Jul. 15 Visual book review: The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything… Fast (Josh Kaufman) blogging, learning, tips, visual-book-notes
Jul. 14 Replacing my lost Philippine passport (part 1 of…?) life
Jul. 13 Weekly review: Visual thinking, time management – Week ending July 12, 2013 weekly
Jul. 12 Sketchnote Lessons: Drawing Emotions drawing, sketches, visual
Jul. 11 What do I want to do right now? Understanding my algorithm for discretionary time life, planning, productivity, time
Jul. 10 Quantified Time: Comparing notes quantified
Jul. 9 Redesigning the Visual Thinkers Toronto Show & Tell meetup, visual
Jul. 8 Making the day count life, passion
Jul. 8 Slice of life: Meowrnings cat, life, sketches
Jul. 6 Weekly review: Week ending July 5, 2013 weekly
Jul. 5 Visual book review: Leading Out Loud: A Guide for Engaging Others in Creating the Future (Terry Pearce) visual-book-notes
Jul. 4 Virtual hang-out experiments: Notes on AnyMeeting connecting
Jul. 3 Emacs Chat: Sacha Chua (with Bastien Guerry) emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Jul. 2 Monthly review: June 2013 monthly
Jul. 1 Wontonomics: Dumpling numbers cooking, quantified
Jul. 1 Wonton movie marathon cooking, family, life
Jun. 29 Tools and tracking: Week ending June 28, 2013 weekly
Jun. 28 Planning a Quantified Self workshop on time tracking quantified, teaching
Jun. 27 Thinking about small talk at networking events connecting, kaizen
Jun. 26 How I use Emacs Org Mode for my weekly reviews emacs, geek
Jun. 25 Mohiomap: A visual way to browse your Evernote notebook geek
Jun. 24 Quick question: What would you prefer for shorter URLs? blogging
Jun. 23 Webinars and hangouts; Weekly review: Week ending June 21, 2013 weekly
Jun. 21 How hacking my wants helped me experiment with early retirement experiment, finance, life
Jun. 20 Getting to know people who read this blog–hooray for hangout experiment #1! blogging, connecting, learning
Jun. 19 Here’s the recording from “How to use Evernote to improve your visual thinking” process, visual
Jun. 19 Visual Book Review: Customer CEO: How to Profit from the Power of Your Customers (Chuck Wall) visual-book-notes
Jun. 18 Oooh, Camtasia Studio 8.1 now has green-screening–which means awesome sketch videos just got easier! drawing, geek
Jun. 17 Web experiments this week: Webinar on “How to Improve Your Visual Thinking” and a Google Hangout on blogging; would love to connect with you! blogging, connecting, visual
Jun. 16 Backyard work; Weekly review: Week ending June 14, 2013 weekly
Jun. 14 Priming the idea pump idea
Jun. 13 Quantified Awesome: Analyzing time data–the questions I ask and how I answer them quantified
Jun. 12 Getting started with blogging when no one’s reading blogging, writing
Jun. 11 Sketchnotes: How to Live an Amazing Life (C.C. Chapman, Third Tuesday Toronto) life, sketchnotes
Jun. 11 Animating things in Emacs emacs
Jun. 11 So that’s what three tons of stuff looks like… life
Jun. 10 Unstructured time, shaping your wants, and giving yourself permission life, productivity, time
Jun. 10 Sketchnotes, life – Weekly review: Week ending June 7, 2013 weekly
Jun. 7 Turn your unfair advantages into more unfair advantages kaizen
Jun. 6 Back to the joys of coverage testing: Vagrant, Guard, Spork, RSpec, Simplecov rails
Jun. 5 Using Google’s In-Page Analytics to understand how people use a site blogging, wordpress
Jun. 4 Announcing this 2012 Sketchnotes collection! (free/PWYC) drawing
Jun. 3 Monthly review: May 2013 monthly, review
Jun. 2 Good influences in partnerships family, kaizen, life
Jun. 2 Drawing, blogging, and semi-retirement: Weekly review: Week ending May 31, 2013 weekly
May 31 On blogging and platforms, and experimenting with Google Hangout blogging, writing
May 30 Sketchnote: Visual Thinking (Patricia Kambitsch) drawing, sketchnotes
May 29 How I draw presentations drawing
May 28 Thinking about a pro-bono policy; being deliberate about what I do for free, discount, or barter business, life
May 27 How I set up Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for sketchnoting drawing, process
May 26 Things I’m learning about semi-retirement experiment, life
May 25 Home improvements, drawing, blogging; Weekly review: Week ending May 24, 2013 weekly
May 24 How to make a hand-drawn highlighted web page header drawing, sketches, wordpress
May 23 Visual book review: The Visual Marketing Revolution (Stephanie Diamond) marketing, visual, visual-book-notes
May 22 First impressions of Artrage 4 drawing, review
May 21 How I use Feedburner to give people the option of different blog update frequencies blogging, wordpress
May 20 Emacs Chat: Bastien Guerry emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
May 20 Slice of life: Home improvements family, life
May 19 Emacs, drawing, and blogging: Week ending May 17, 2013 weekly
May 17 How to Learn Emacs: A Hand-drawn One-pager for Beginners / A visual tutorial emacs, sketches
May 17 Thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go with this blog blogging, sketches, writing
May 16 Poll: How often would you like to receive e-mail updates? Also, quantifying my blog posting history blogging, quantified, wordpress, writing
May 15 From cats to keystrokes geek, life
May 14 Learning update May 2013 learning
May 13 Stepping sideways into Alternate Universe Sacha family, kaizen, life, sketches
May 12 Cherry blossoms in High Park, and playing with digital watercolour in Artrage 4
May 12 Weekly review: Week ending May 10, 2013 weekly
May 10 Monthly review: April 2013 monthly, review
May 9 Use the weekly review to give yourself permission to do things you want to do planning, writing
May 8 Quantifying my habit of writing, and things I’ve learned along the way blogging, quantified, writing
May 7 Hacking my motivation for workouts life
May 6 Sketchnoting: Finding a balance of details and diagrams, and calibrating your writing to time drawing
May 5 Thinking about movies decision, finance
May 4 Weekly review: Week ending May 3, 2013 weekly
May 3 Visual book review: Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation (Debra Kaye with Karen Kelly) visual-book-notes
May 2 Keeping in touch
May 2 Sketchnote: Solving Wicked Problems with Dialogue Mapping (Chris Chapman, Toronto Agile Support Group) sketchnotes
May 1 Learning how to deal with mild panic kaizen, reflection
Apr. 30 How I got started in investing finance
Apr. 29 Quantified Self: a year of grocery data quantified
Apr. 29 Sunday gardening, life
Apr. 28 Weekly review: Week ending April 26, 2013 weekly
Apr. 27 Why and how I’m (re)learning Japanese japanese, learning
Apr. 25 How I use Evernote to support my sketchnoting practice process
Apr. 24 Things I learned from sketchnoting the FITC design conference business, drawing, kaizen
Apr. 23 Emacs chat intro emacs
Apr. 22 Squishing my excuses: idea edition planning
Apr. 21 Crossing worlds life
Apr. 20 Weekly review: Week ending April 19, 2013 weekly
Apr. 19 Impatient for spring gardening
Apr. 18 Practice Perfect: Calling your shots kaizen, learning, tips
Apr. 17 Towards wonderful new normals life
Apr. 16 Building bridges to geekiness geek
Apr. 15 How to present using Org-mode in Emacs emacs, org
Apr. 14 Time enough for friends connecting, life
Apr. 13 Weekly review: Week ending April 12, 2013 weekly
Apr. 12 Things I’m learning about sharing other people’s knowledge, or why you should show me what you’ve been meaning to teach others kaizen, learning
Apr. 11 Emacs Conference 2013 videos emacs
Apr. 10 How I read books and do visual book reviews reading
Apr. 9 Visual book review: The Culture Blueprint (Robert Richman) business, visual-book-notes
Apr. 8 Emacs Conference 2013 Sketchnotes (also, PDF!) emacs, sketchnotes
Apr. 8 Weekend cooking life
Apr. 7 Weekly review: Week ending April 5, 2013 weekly
Apr. 5 Monthly review: March 2013 monthly, review
Apr. 5 Understanding my procrastination kaizen, reflection
Apr. 3 Analyzing my London trip decisions: What worked well? What can I improve? kaizen, travel
Apr. 2 Brainstorming ways to help build the Emacs community emacs
Apr. 1 Weekly review: Week ending March 29, 2013 weekly
Mar. 31 Quantified Self time-tracking: Choosing your buckets quantified
Mar. 31 After Emacs Conf 2013; ideas for Sunday and Monday emacs, travel
Mar. 29 Getting ready for the Emacs Conference emacs, life, travel
Mar. 27 Quantified Self Toronto: Where the Time Went quantified
Mar. 27 Emacs: Use function keys for custom keyboard shortcuts emacs
Mar. 25 Emacs Chat: Carsten Dominik emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Mar. 24 Debugging my brain: typos (write-os?) in my sketchnotes drawing, kaizen
Mar. 23 Weekly review: Week ending March 22, 2013 weekly
Mar. 22 Emacs chat: Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Mar. 21 Listening to the clues about what’s working well: writing life, writing
Mar. 20 Quantified Awesome feedback quantified
Mar. 19 Deliberate performance decision
Mar. 18 Identifying my reactions to stress reflection
Mar. 18 Hacking my way around networking connecting
Mar. 17 The Sketchnote Challenge: Those Algorithms That Govern Our Lives (Kevin Slavin) kaizen, sketchnotes
Mar. 16 Weekly review: Week ending March 15, 2013 weekly
Mar. 15 Passion and uncertainty life, passion
Mar. 14 Less Wrong meetup notes: Goal factoring, fight-or-flight, and comfort zones meetup, reflection
Mar. 13 Learn Emacs Lisp by reading Emacs Lisp emacs
Mar. 12 Sketchnotes: Building my visual vocabulary drawing
Mar. 11 Managing uncertainty planning
Mar. 10 Weekly review: Week ending March 8, 2013 weekly
Mar. 9 Taking advantage of a bad cold kaizen, life
Mar. 7 Visual book review: To Sell is Human (Daniel Pink) visual-book-notes
Mar. 6 Got Emacs questions? Let’s try Emacs tutoring / pair programming! emacs
Mar. 5 Monthly review: February 2013 monthly
Mar. 4 Emacs Chat with Avdi Grimm (Org-mode, Ruby, etc.) emacs, Emacs Chat, podcast
Mar. 3 Weekly review: Week ending March 1, 2013 weekly
Mar. 1 Building my visual vocabulary: Breaking down other people’s sketchnotes into component parts drawing
Feb. 28 Rediscovering Emacs features, or what to do after you get carried away installing packages emacs, org
Feb. 27 Appreciating people
Feb. 26 Lists and actions: Learning how to hack my way around the impostor syndrome life
Feb. 25 Decision update: HackLab.TO decision, review
Feb. 23 Weekly review: Week ending February 22, 2013 weekly
Feb. 22 Seeing the futures planning, plans
Feb. 21 Things I learned from the GenArtHackParty geek, kaizen
Feb. 20 Transcript of my chat with Mike Rohde (The Sketchnote Podcast) on digital sketchnoting drawing
Feb. 19 Business experience report: Passing my first annual resolutions business
Feb. 18 Weekly review: Week ending February 15, 2013 weekly
Feb. 17 Dealing with distractions productivity
Feb. 15 Dealing with presentation block presentation, speaking
Feb. 14 Dealing with professional envy career
Feb. 13 Starting from scratch with Windows 8 geek
Feb. 12 Developing a sense of time with Tasker alerts on my Android phone geek
Feb. 11 Weekly review: Week ending February 8, 2013 weekly
Feb. 9 What I’m learning from the sketchnote index learning
Feb. 7 Thinking about joining HackLab.to decision
Feb. 6 Monthly review: January 2013 monthly, review
Feb. 5 Quantified Awesome: Time and building mastery quantified
Feb. 4 Disabling touch on Windows 8 on a Lenovo X220 tablet geek
Feb. 3 Weekly review: Week ending February 1, 2013 weekly
Feb. 1 Moving my memory outside my brain life
Jan. 31 Reflections on sketchnoting TEDxOCADU drawing, kaizen, process
Jan. 30 First thoughts on Windows 8 geek
Jan. 29 Imagining an index of sketchnotes drawing, geek, sketchnotes
Jan. 28 Experiment notes: Accounting, sales, and marketing–all the other parts of a business experiment
Jan. 27 Things I value unequally
Jan. 27 Weekly review: Week ending January 25, 2013 weekly
Jan. 25 Planning my code/development learning development, experiment, geek, learning
Jan. 24 Accelerating my business learning: setting a goal for a new business every month entrepreneurship, experiment
Jan. 23 Helping people learn more about programming business, development, idea
Jan. 22 An embarrassing failure is the result of a series of unfortunate decisions, and that’s a good thing decision, kaizen, life
Jan. 21 Weekly review: Week ending January 18, 2013 weekly
Jan. 21 It’s my dad’s 65th birthday today family, life
Jan. 18 In which I do the same thing again and again business, learning
Jan. 17 Figuring out my guidelines for time decision
Jan. 16 Visual book review: Cool Time: A Hands-on Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time–Steve Prentice visual-book-notes
Jan. 15 Quantified Awesome: Taking inventory of stuff in closets and drawers organization, quantified
Jan. 14 Sketchnote about mindmapping: Rock the Monkey: Visual Facilitation Skills and Brain-based Learning–Chuck Frey sketchnotes
Jan. 14 Emacs Org: Task-related keyboard shortcuts for the agenda emacs, org
Jan. 13 The smugometer life
Jan. 13 Weekly review: Week ending January 11, 2013 weekly
Jan. 11 Reading old letters and relearning how to write friends, life, writing
Jan. 10 Business experience report: Amending my T2 corporate tax return business
Jan. 10 Sketchnote: ENT101 Lived It Lecture–Kunal Gupta, Polar Mobile sketchnotes
Jan. 9 Visual book review: The Art of Pricing: How to Find the Hidden Profits to Grow Your Business–Rafi Mohammed visual-book-notes
Jan. 8 Planning by the numbers: Checking the length of my runway finance
Jan. 7 Emacs Org: Display projects with a few subtasks in the agenda view emacs
Jan. 6 Cooking: Warm lentil salad with sausages cooking, life
Jan. 6 Weekly review: Week ending January 4, 2013 weekly
Jan. 5 Monthly review: December 2012 monthly, review
Jan. 4 Imagining the next five years and planning 2013 planning, plans
Jan. 3 Web app idea: Stamp mix calculator geek, idea
Jan. 3 Sketching twelve business ideas business, entrepreneurship, planning, plans
Jan. 2 Visual book review: Blue Ocean Strategy–W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne visual-book-notes
Jan. 1 Looking back and looking forward reflection